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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

2. The most significant projects in the investment strategy of the enterprise

Before that, as a matter of writing, the project is Wi-Fi, you can help me, I’ll help you in your life, and your organization. In other words, who can help with the project of organizing the achieved goals? Chi zrobit project organizatsiyu strong_shoyu? Does the project help us to weaken the weakness of the robot's organs? Tilki has already been approved, and the project is precisely designed for strategic plans of the organization, and you can continue to prepare it. If you can show what the project is for and to the plans of the organization, you will easily know the message for the organization. To that, first, fix the project, analyze the strategic plan of the organization.

Investment strategy - a system of pre-contractual goals and investments and the most efficient ways to reach them. The investment strategy of guilty buti is based on the strategic interest of the organization and the realization of a project for the implementation of projects and programs. The form of investment strategy is a folding process, which can be grounded in the forecast of the environment of health and investment in the market.

Strategic planning is the whole process and energy, by stretching out some kind of analysis and internal environment, based on the whole analysis of the whole order for the company.

After the entire strategic plan, specific goals and strategies are scrutinized, and, as soon as possible, the goals and objectives are set.

Strategically planuvannya to stick around the three of GREAT power:

  1. De be a company?
  2. Cudi won want to go?
  3. How do you plan to reach the point?

Strategic plan is a document that is a pre-contractual plan for an organization. A strategic plan to seek information about the organization of organizations, prices and terms and conditions, as a rule, describes the order and rules of duty. You can also find information about the main planting, as well as proper organization, organization, and description of the roles and organs of the organization (glad, correct).

The message of the organization, as a rule, is marked by two or three speeches, which will explain the reason for the suspension and robot organization.

Tsіlі - tse to finish the observance of information, declare about those whose organization plan to reach the hat until the end of his message. Organizational goals, as a rule 3-5. The skin of them is divided by one rececion. I’ve got my own house, I’m skinned to take revenge in my own 2-5 zavdan, so that I can have some specific ones and such, which I’m able to vimiryutsya.

Zavdannya - bіlsh specific_nіzh nіzh tsilі. Stink є with concrete ones, however, they can be but vimiryan. As a rule, leather and leather is 2-5 wound up. Regular ones are important, the fragments are viscous, the organization showing realities, the advancement is reached for the attained goals, and the other is progressive to the end of the weekend.

Wait for memory, rightly set the right to change the SMARTE boot

S - specific

M - specifically, but also, but maybe vimіryane

A - Uzgodzhene z_ all members of the organization

R - realistically

T - obmezhene at the hour

E - otsinyuvane (you don’t want to be so guilty of such as you can do it, you can do it like that, you can do it, you can do it well for a little while you can reach you).

To discuss the idea of ​​your project with the colleagues in the organization and / or in the audience in the group. Relying on the fact that, as an idea of ​​the project, you can help solve the problem, so that your whole organization can be called up. To ascertain the problem and negotiate, as a part of the organization, we can try out the problems. May you respect, why do you need to vibrate that aspect of the problem, such as the message, the purpose and the order of the organization.

Viznazhennya idea is a process, which is even in two separate modalities. For one side, for more information about the project, and for the other side, for the project, ask for more information.

As a matter of fact, the project is trying to establish a new business, then it’s important for the occupant to enter the right organizational form of business.

Organizational forms of business in Ukraine to represent the national specifics. For Ukraine, the characteristics of such a form of organization are:

1. Odnosobova power:

  1. індивідуальне підприємництво;
  2. private pіdprimstvo.

2. Commodities (based on non-partner partnership vidnosin):

  1. outside partnership;
  2. partnership with pre-privatization;
  3. team partnership;
  4. partnership with obmezhenoyu vіdpovіdalnіstyu.

3. Akcіonerne partnership (corporation).

By the interchange form є partnership with an obmezhdenoy vіdpovіdalnіstyu.

You can log in to the business-incentive scheme by the tree of the tree:

Logical scheme of incentive business ideas

Mal. 1. Logical scheme of incentive business

The strategy of the project is based on the assessment of the middle ground of the company. Tsya otsіnka п є є з є є є є виз виз виз тих тих тих тих тих тих тих тих тих тих тих тих тих тих тих. Cross over to buy any kind of carotenium, or maybe you’re not a self-employed person. A simple and effective methodology for assessing internal strengths and weak strengths and strengths and not weaknesses є SWOT - analysis (Strength - strength, Weakness - weakness, Opportunities - weakness, Threats - pollution).

Meta identification of strong and weak organizations ( SWOT - analysis) - to describe the main characteristics, which are important for the organization of public relations. SWOT - an analysis of the systematization of the given audit and presentation of the main strengths and weaknesses of the main advantages and weaknesses of competitors in the competition list and the list of opportunities and threats, which can be penetrated into the macro.

To get caught up to such characteristics as leadership skills, staff, additional resources, material and financial resources, manifest in the organization. Change the characteristics of the order of importance and negotiate their role in reaching the organization’s own message. Describe the life / reputation of organizing one’s own region, on the national, private region. What is the best organization?

To assess the strengths and weaknesses, the key factors for success (KFU) are formulated, as the factors that are more important for achieving success on the markets. The skin factor is the vagina, which is the first step in the importance of the middle of the most important factors. Potimp for business and December of the main competitors affixed estimates on the skin factor and the vibrancy scale and virahova summarized valued.