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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

1. The main characteristic of project management

Busy Plan:

  1. Management of investment projects
  2. This is a significant project in the investment strategy.
  3. Understanding the importance of project management systems.
  4. Organizational project management structures.

Meta busy: Zrozumіti in cooperation with a strategic business and a conceptual project. Ovolodity methodology written strategic plan organization. Vivchiti, the importance of ideas and ideas and the importance of sharing.

Basic terms : investment strategy, strategic plan, message organization (project), project organization (project), SWOT analysis, project investment, project management, strategic plan.

1. Management of investment projects

Lerman’s vidomy law says: "You can overcome the problem technically, last hour and a penny", and I’ll clarify Lerman’s healers: "You won’t be able to fill it at any time, but pennies." For the purpose of the meeting, Lerman’s problems and problems were formulated for a long time, and the management methodology based on the project was fragmented. A wider given method of managing on the separate sphere of activity є additional evidence of efficiency. As a matter of fact, ask the manager to describe how the main task is for the realizing the project, the ones that are most important for the mustache: "Secure the work of the robot." Tseysno is the main task of the kerivnik. If you can ask the same manager’s food for the manager, then you can see the manager’s most important tasks for the project manager: “Secure the work of the terminology, within the framework of the video resource, it’s very technical”. There are three things for you: hour, budget and availability are available on a permanent basis to the project. Їx you can also call it basic obmezhennymi, scho overlap on the project.

Managing the project - all the work is fixed on the project implementation with maximum efficiency when assigning tasks for an hour, resources, and also the results of the project (documents, for example, for a technical manager). For more than thirty years, the project management technology has been stiffened, the development of projects has been broken, a number of techniques and tools have been developed, and after clicking on, help project managers manage these issues. In order to effectively manage the project for the future, get involved and control the calendar graphs of work. To manage resource exchanges, go through a quick method and formulate a financial plan (budget) for a project i, have a good work schedule, do monitoring, so that you don’t have to go to control windows. For the next year’s work, the resource is secure, for the other hand, there are special methods for managing human and material resources (for example, the matrix of the resources, for example, the resources for starting). Of the three main obmezhen is difficult to control the obmezheny on the basis of the project results. The problem is that it’s often important that I formulate and control. For the solution of these problems, work out, secrecy, methods of management and work.

From now on, project developers are interested in three aspects of the project implementation: terms, results and the result. Vidpovidno to the ludicrous principle of project management, to get involved, more effectively managing terminology robots є the key to success on all three indicators. Timchasov obmezhennya project often є most critical. There, de termіnny, the project will be dragged out frantically, a little longer with more tips and tricks, and lack of visibility. In addition, for most project management methods, the main emphasis is to work on the calendar plan and control and control the calendar graph.

However, the project is not going to be successful, but the staff is not matched with sufficient motivation to achieve its goal. For the whole manager, the project is guided by the organization and directly supports the great number of people, there are people who are mostly involved in the project: post-graduates, administrators, bankers, regular employees, and others The managers are also required to provide organizational structures for the development project, in order for them to bring the benefits.

There are no single rules, so that they would be universal for the management of any projects, lay down the type of project, the peculiarities of the region, the level of innovation and the most important factors. Those managers who are guilty should sensitively react to the furnishings (context) in a certain project, and in a certain way, there will be a functional realization. The context of the project itself will be appreciated by the name of the organization of management and the mutual identity of the other individuals.

Ale deyakі funktsії є with files for the management of any project:

  1. viznenchennya project for the project;
  2. Planning
  3. kerivnitsvo robot that help in the robot;

With head skills, yakimi guilty volody managers олод offensive:

  1. komunіkabelіst;
  2. motivation dyalnostі;
  3. Health. Health monitoring of viral needs and resources of the project.

The context of the project is the whole project and the internal environment in a certain plan and the project.

Zovnіshnє middle ground to the project including offensive factors:

  1. physical (mіsce rostasuvannya, climate, geographical features);
  2. economic factors (internal and international);
  3. cultural, social, political, including a third part from the side of the third-party organization;
  4. technology (capacity and type).

The internal middle ground , in the main, is signaled to be interchanged by the upcoming participants and customers:

  1. a hairline man, a kind of mogu buti squad, glad to be a director, aktsioneri, private person;
  2. koristuvach, rinok, buyer, customer, consumer, bajanna, need to be sure to do that and z'yasuvati;
  3. the head organization, which may be the Ministry of Economy, but the corporation, is for the work of the project;
  4. a team with project management, including full-time staff and consultants;
  5. post-sleepers, wholesale firms, party contractors, who should protect themselves with materials and services.

In addition to the name of the factors, the project integrates the environmental factors into the context , it’s important to formalize the goal, and you can positively and negatively influence the project, for example:

  1. factors of social systems (premium and livelihoods);
  2. political factors (Vlad, shared resources, ideology);

Project Management Functions

1. Leadership - cleverness of goals and objectives, clear and visible for the team

a) vrahuvannya іnteresіv quiet hto є klієntom that quiet hto be able to take away from the project;

b) the recognition of the system of values, such as the need to corrode in the relationship with customers.

2. Planuvannya

Є two see the plan:

a) a strategic plan, such as establishing a mutual understanding of the key to the social and economic environment of the factors and the risk of alternative alternatives;

b) the plan of the plan, a kind of visibility to the scale of the project and the cost of economic efficiency. For the purpose of denying the most important results, the operational plan is guilty of unbalancing and installing the sounds with the obvious resources, technology, information, skills and service as a product, which probably makes the result of the project.

  1. Kerivnitstvo that help in the robot

a) the correct distribution of resources, the organization of production of materials, the distribution of material and financial resources;

b) competently completing robot programs, organizing and integrating robotic forces, formulating and motivating effective robotic teams and special groups.

  1. Coordination

a) the best news and information: contact, coordination and delivery to the total amount of control, the closed sides and the other;

b) the organization of internal issues with the best organizational arrangements.

  1. Weekend Control

a) the establishment of norms, so as to recognize the priority of the goal and the level of delegation;

b) control over material, financial, accounting and social factors;

c) periodic assessment of the Vicon and Corridor plans.

  1. Organization for the result

a) recognition of the system of premiums at the level of the rules of organization;

b) start for a youthful service.

Navigation Manager

A linkage to management can be examined in the context of three main functions of management - planning, control and control, although there is more to look at below the button can be cinnamon for skin management.

  1. Human Resource Management:
  2. described the nature of the robot and the plan to staff;
  3. staff bath;
  4. form the command of the project;
  5. managing staff consultants and consultants;
  6. Going to the staff and learning about the service.
  7. Management kіlkіsnim that yakіsnim pіdborom frame_v:
  8. competence;
  9. motivation;
  10. bindings;
  11. sumsnitstvo.
  12. Mizhobosistі komunіkatsії:
  13. rozpodil obov'yazkіv that vidpov_dalnost_ for okremich group that robitnik_v;
  14. planing robots of an environmentally friendly robot and methods of assessing them;
  15. a rumor;
  16. vmіnnya otrimuvati and otsіnuvati zvoryotny zv'yazok;
  17. an interview and a conversation;
  18. carried out zborіv;
  19. recognition of the problem;
  20. Planning your time.
  21. Hello:
  22. explanation of plans for the project and programs;
  23. take the plan and control the implementation of the project;
  24. Volodinnya systems and methods of implementation;
  25. management of propositions, contracts and procurement of materials and services;
  26. management of factors of production and production of products;
  27. marketing management.
  28. Financial Planning and Management
  29. Volodіnnya methods otsіnki that rozrahunku vitrat;
  30. Volodinny economic and statistical methods;
  31. Intelligence fund management;
  32. Volodіnnya methods of control and revision.
  33. Management of information systems
  34. volodinnya information systems project management;
  35. control kіlkostі and yakostі;
  36. control graph robot;
  37. Zvitnіst about stan robіt that їх otsіnka.