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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

3. Understanding the importance of project management systems

On the cob of dyalnosti, povyazano іinvestuvannyam є poshuk іinvestitsіynih concepts. This stage can be a cob for mobilizing money for investing and writing an investment project.

“Code of Knowledge on Project Management” Yes to the date of the project:

A project is a task with the desired results and results, so as to identify the ways of development. The project includes the problem (purpose), cob the implementation project (help solve the problem) and the results of the project.


An investment project - the contribution of material, financial, human and intellectual resources to be-yak will help me by denying the planned result from the terminology.

Obviously, all projects must be invested, ale vini can be commercialized (nonprofit) or non-commercial.

In literature and investment, design and classify in deposits of types of information, lines, complexity, resources, scale, degree of interaction, areas of interest.

Klasifіkatsіya investment projects

Mal. 2. Klasifіkatsіya investment projects

Small projects - up to 10 million dollars.

Middle design - a project of 10 to 50 million dollars.

Great projects - from 50 to 100 million dollars.

Over-sized projects - ponad 100 million dollars.

Monoproject - Tse okremiy project of singing sight and scale.

A multiproject is a complex project that can be stocked up on a monoproject design, and a project management project.

Megaproject is a complex project for developing regional, economic sectors, which can be stored in a single monoproject and one multi-project.

Defect-free design - such as in a dominant factor є yakіst (for example, for example, everyday electricity).

Korotkostrokovі design - trivial_styu to 3 rock_v.

Middle- line - trivial 3 to 5 rock_v.

Dovgostrokov_ - trivial_stad ponad 5 rock_v.

Obov'yazkovі project - a contract-based project, in order to protect contractual goiter'yazannya, for example, design protection of the dovkill.

Neobov'yazkovі project - be-yakі project, the weekend can be transferred to the last period, for example, deputy ownership.

Industrial projects - types of projects that are directly linked to VIP sales and sales of new products, up-to-date technology, expansion of the range of products.

INNOVATSION PROJECTS - Responses to science and technology, development of software, information, technology, and design.

Organizational projects - aiming at reforming the management system, creating new organizational structures, and restructuring so much.

To economically design - to rely on the privatization of state-owned enterprises, development of the capital market, reform of the system and the support of macroeconomic remodeling.

Social projects - related to the reform of the management system, the establishment of the social protection system, the protection of healthy health care for the natural, environmental and social shocks and the latest officials of a social character.

The main methods of project management are the victorious methods of graded planing, and fragmentation, for example, of the 50s of rock in the USA. At 1956 p. M. Walker from the DuPont company, half an hour before the most efficient victories of the Univac calculating machine, learning from D.Kelly's group of plans for the remittance business fund Remington. The stench tasted the victorious EOM for ordering the plan-graph-graphs of the great complexes of the robotic and modern factories of the DuPont company. As a result of the development of a rational and simple method, I will describe the project for the EOM. Concurrence of winnings of names by the Walker-Kelly method, and having won a better name I will call the Critical Path Method - MCP (or CPM - Critical Path Method).

At the same time, it is independent of the US forces of the United States of America using the PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) method of analysis and evaluation. The Danish method of breaking up Lockheed Corporation and the Buz, Allen & Hamilton Consulting Firm for the implementation of the Polaris rocket system development project, which has completed 3800 basic programs and includes 60 thousand. operation. Victoria allowed the PERT method to allow programs to know for sure what you need to do at the skin time and at the same time do the same thing, and mother also can complete the okremich operation. We are managing the program of the success of the previous year, which is the draft project for completing two rockies of the beginning of the planned term. Zavdyaki such a successful ear of Denmark, the method of controlling the fun of becoming vikoristovuvatsya for planning projects in all the forces of the United States. The methodology recommended itself to itself in coordination with others, in order to achieve greater success in the framework of great projects for the development of new types of development. The great industrial corporations felt the need to establish a better management methodology almost immediately for developing new types of products and modernization of technology.

Widely stagnant methodology of planing robots based on the project was won in Budivtsvy. For example, to manage the project of work on hydroelectric power plants at Churchill and Newfoundland (labrador). The project’s profit became 950 million dollars. Hydroelectric power station was from 1967 to 1976 p. Tsei project Mistiv more than 100 weekly contracts, and more than 76 million dollars reached them. In 1974, the project was completed and the project was overpowered for 18 months and more than once in the planned planning period. Churchill Falls Labrador Corp. , for the sake of development, the project and management of budgets took over Acress Canadian Betchel. In fact, a significant wigrach after an hour of having assured ourselves of learning the exact mathematical methods in managing folding robot systems, it’s become possible to start learning about obsolete technology.

This way, a hint, great companies welcomed the development of software protection for the best projects, as well as the great system of project management appeared on the market for software protection. The system will be managed by highly professional managers who will manage the work of great projects, know more about the algorithms of the planning plan and the specific terminology. As a rule, the development of the project and the consultations on project management were appreciated by special consulting firms. The stage of finding the most fastidious development of systems for project management seemed to come with the appearance of personal computers, if the computer became a working tool for a wide number of clients. Significantly, the expanding stake of coristic management systems has given rise to the need for new systems for managing projects of a new type, one of the most important indicators of such systems is simplicity victorious. The management systems of the new generation were broken up as a project management, a visual manager, I don’t need special training and more easy integration into the work. Time Line to lay down to the very class of systems. Rosrosniki of new versions of systems of the same class, have been tempted to protect the simplicity of systems and the increase in functionality and functionality. At the time, the lowest prices were overlooked, and the system was almost completely accessible for companies that were practically the same level.

At the Danish hour, the United States even accumulated gliboki traditional traditions of project management systems in the baggage halls of the world. Moreover, the main part of the middle of planned projects is to store small amounts of project designs. For example, a survey carried out by an InfoWorld small-handler showed that there are more than fifty corridors in the United States that need to be allowed to be planned, which can be stored at 500 - 1,000 times 28 hours. The result is up to the average size of the graphs of the projects: for small projects - 81 robots and 14 types of resources, for the average - 417 and 47 types of resources, for great projects - 1,198 types and 165 resources. These figures can serve as the right point for the manager, who will be able to switch to the project management form for managing the public authority. Yak bachimo, zasosuvannya systems and project management in practice, but can be more effective and for small projects. Naturally, according to the number of projects involved in project management systems, there are more advanced methods and methods for implementing victorious projects.

Project management - the whole process of managing human, financial and material resources throughout the whole cycle of a healthy project for the help of some extraordinary management methods.

In more developed countries, there is a post-go method of efficiently implementing projects, with a central focus on planning and control functions.

The most advanced tools for managing projects were announced in the mid-1950s, which were based on the critical criticism method (SPU) and evaluation method and review plan (PERT). In today's minds, such a method is victorious in terms of calendar planning, logic, more accurate (standard) planning, structural, resource-based, strategic, strategic planning and expansion.

Critical hat method (SPU) - the whole method of network planning is widespread in project planning. Він має такі overstepping:

  1. I will take care of each other and the last day of work;
  2. vrahovuє obmezhennya that problem;
  3. viznacha vuzkі mіstsya;
  4. the possibility of stagnating methods of optimization.

Estimation method and reviewing plans (PERT) permits approximately the estimated hour of completion. This method is recommended for projects with significant unintentionality.

Managing a project - the whole work of setting up the number of links between the project elements, as well as being regulated and regulated by the project participants. The price of the transfer is the visibility of the organizational forms of the project implementation and the organization structures of the project management .

Organizational forms of realizatsii projects to lay down the following factors:

  1. see that hto whistupє project manager;
  2. We are pleased to announce that the project and specific working procedures, which are related to the distribution zones of the participating parties.

In the management of the realization project, we can see the offensive, find the most suitable form for realizing the project

  1. functional;
  2. dynamical;
  3. subject matter.

Functional transfer piddakє a review of the main functional types of dyalnost - analysis, plan, organization, control, regulation.

To analyze how a robot can fix a project, it is necessary to make progress through the entire investment cycle. Analyze all the elements of the project: the lines of the weekend, the stage of risques, finances, frames, and the parameters.

Planning є the main function in the project management process with the implementation of the project. Planning: end of design robots, procurement of technology, possession, maintenance and installation of robots, task of operating and operating robots.

Najvavlivshim straightforward planuvannya otsotsinka vartostі project. For planning the project, the Chotiri of the otsіnok type is subsequently victorious:

  1. estimation of life-saving - the same way as evaluation, as it is on statistics statistics on analogs;
  2. factor assessment - to scatter on a cob of robots on engineering;
  3. approximate - to sign on a half-hour tribute about robates, the material and property;
  4. concluded assessment - to get around with the visitor about 40% of design robots, more detailed information about information on the availability of material.

All estimates, as a rule, are grounded on statistical information, as received by other projects.

Zagalny vimogi to the system of assessments:

  1. the system is guilty of disobeying all the sight of the eyes;
  2. rіznі vіddіli fіrmi povinnі vіdpovіdati for that Chi otsu otsіnku;
  3. the system is guilty of a constant look at each other, so that you can not forget about your visit, do not show up, but you’ve got a chance.

The plan for the implementation of the project is to be secured by the organization department, and by itself: the personnel selection, the organization participant in the project, and the participants in the project.

Control (monitoring) is a part of the strategic vision of the project. About control є: lines of viscount, vitrati, yakіst, winter in the project, revision of the project. The results of the control are for the assessment of the actual completion of the draft design of the scheduled indicators. To my hometown, to give monitoring a flight on the cob, I’ll regulate the process of realizing the project.

Dynamical pidkhid transfer є review of processes, due to the main task of the project. Tsey piddіd povyazaniyah with the logic of the project, yogo call it "special" management project implementation. Dynamical pіdkhіd meansє:

  1. analysis problems;
  2. development of a concept project;
  3. the base of the detailed project of the bath;
  4. budvnitsvto;
  5. installation;
  6. adjustment;
  7. start;
  8. operation;
  9. dismantling.

Subject pіdhіd - viznachaє ob'єkti project to SSMSC spryamovane upravlіnnya. There are two projects in the project:

  1. virobnichi ob'єkti;
  2. Objective (element), responsibility for securing a realization project (financial, personnel, marketing, contracting, public relations, material resources, information, information).