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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

4. Organizational project management structures

Whether it’s a serious project in its development, you can go through the decile of the phases, like you can at the zone of the most active participants in the project.

The project managers can benefit from the project manager’s interests in the interests of the deputy, and the project’s third party participants — the contractor, the engineer, the postman, and the skinny. In addition, within the framework of one project, there may be a manager’s december. Thus, the skin phase of the development of the project can be but not at the zone of the specific manager of the project.

For a simplified organization, the project management structure can be represented by such a rank.

Basic organization project management structure

Mal. 3. Basic organization project management structure

As a rule, Maliy scattered, but the middle project, then his manager is the same function:

  1. vikonu є the role of coordinator of the abo management є immediately kіlkoma such projects;
  2. Podilya vdpov_dalnost with architectors, engineers and donors;
  3. є a self-participant in the project, al structurally, you can be attributed to the company deputy or to the contractor, but to be the representative of the consulting company.

A number of functions for the implementation of projects is traditionally set by the participants of the project. They include such functions, as budgets, financial operations, installation, commissioning and start-up. Ale often part of the functions can be shared by participants from one project to another.

All, first for everything, post-project, project-management and project management. Variety of functions among the project participants is presented in the forms of organization among them.

In literary management of malimi and middle projects, organization forms of management and management may begin to classify:

  1. main system;
  2. advanced management system;
  3. system of accelerated bud_vnitstva.

At the official level, to the concept of a “basic system” , the project manager is representative of the deputy and not representative for accepting the decision. The manager’s reassurance to the project is mixed with the minds, as indicated in the contract. Specialities for managing and respecting the concept of the basic system of the most world-wide way to manage the project, so far it is not connected with commercial interests and is most effective.

Practically all the information systems can be transferred, which the manager can see for himself for completing the project between the fixed prices. Thus, a part of the rizika is often transferred to the project manager to the project manager.

To get involved, with the overt shifts of all of the names of the systems є directing to the final result and the concentration of the ideal range for the investment cycle in one month. The skin participant of such a system is a robot, a professional, and a professional, as well as productive and efficient work.

At the time of the implementation of large projects, the scope of the project manager’s project is limited. For example, you can be the director of the project and control the activities of the manager, as well as control the work environment and the work of the project.

Є two main types of structures for a project management group:

  1. working group to the project;
  2. matrix structure

Vikoristovatsya takozh combіnatsіya tsikh dvoh group.

In the time of organizing the work of the group, the staff is working on a project for a new working day. All prazivniki are always in order to the project manager. The principle of a working group is most likely to come, even if the scale of the project and the stability of the project are sufficient to ensure that the entire staff of the project can be started with the robot. In the ideal wipad, all personnel are guilty of the responsibility of one person. Practice will show that there is a need for organizing such a type of ISU at the same time, if there are 50 participants.

In the matrix organization is the project manager, dekhto z kerivnikіv that part of the group is working on the project for a long working day, and the general practitioners will get to know at different times. The matrix structure is a structure with a distinctive sound and a complete visual identity of all individuals. Leather vikonavets maє dvі lіnії vіdpovіdalnost_:

  1. for the completion of his functions as a whole;
  2. for the weekend of okremo functions, as a result of the results of the robot on ok okє okty.

The matrix organization structure is effective in times of small objects, it is impossibly secure to keep the group open for a long working day.

Practically busy №1 “Warehousing strategic organization plan” (2 years)

Busy Plan:

1.Viznachiti miscellaneous, whole and regular organization.

2. Visit the strong and weak organizations.

3. Methods of generating an ideal project.

Case No. 1

Oleksandra and Sergiy

Oleksandra and Sergiy live at the axis of love already have rock. Children have dumb. They stink at the apartment and the center of Kiev. Offending zdobuli I seek sanctification: Sergiy program, Oleksandra ekonomіst. Завm wait for the desire to catch your hand. On completion of the university in 1995, Sergius became a member of the computer industry of the Netherlands company, a representative of a representative office in Ukraine. To a wink of an ocolyu viddіl. You are in good order. Praciuyuchi at the company, Sergiy pomitiv: if you want to, if you want to work on a significant project, you can bring in a few hours of practical time on lines from one day to another.

Stretch the rest of the trio of rock Oleksandra praciuvala an accountant and an office manager in a single Kyiv business. There’s a Veda Region of income and Vitrat for skin care from December design, like a water hour in a company. One hour before one’s day, I’m going out of my way to help new hires, hi-tech, and hi-tech robots to look at those charity jobs.

Sergiy having usadkuvav $ 3000 v_d dad, Yakiy died 1997 rock. A catch with Olexandroi by the stretch of his girlfriend's life, the stinks managed to spare $ 3,000. For the rest of the remaining months, the stinks are negotiable, see the right, and the stink is in the winter. I’m more like to dedicate to myself and my talents of the company for the staff, as I would have secured the right time for the right time in the galaxy of computer services. Stink of guessing, you can know how to qualify computer programs, analytics and technology, if you want to have the opportunity to spend hours at the company.

Oleksandra and Sergiy came to you for joy. You’d like to stink, chi garnna tsya dіlova іdeya. So it’s true, that stinky hotili b, wicked V’s, helped them to get hold of a private property and a cherubat. In order to help you take the right decision, you need to be sure to get more information, you need to get more ideas, take a look at the ideas and opinions of the typical business.

Power for negotiation:

  1. Visnazhte, as I’m stating the idea of ​​one hundred percent product / service, please follow the case “Oleksandra ta Sergiy”.

- Viznachte mіsіyu, tsіlі і zavdannya organizіzatsії.

  1. What can I do for a company?
  2. See the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.

Fill in the table of strong and weak sides



Oleksandra and Sergiy

Competitor A

Competitor B

Competitor C






Zvazhena otsіnka

Basically, you don’t fall into the picture of factors, you can significantly pour on your business information, you can sututally put it on a maybutny, visually put it on the table.

Mozhlivostі that threaten.









  1. What are you buying?
  2. Do stinks know sp_vrob_tnik_v?
  3. What are the resources?
  4. Які додаткові бізнес ідеї Ви can you reserve it?
  5. What are the competitive, technical and financial aspects of the matrimonial proprietorship?
  6. What can you do with the servant for lower competition and competitive competitiveness?
  7. Analyze the overruns and the shortcomings of the various organizational forms of business.
  8. How much can I introduce in my life?

Catering to independent vivchennya:

  1. The legal basis for the introduction of a new business.
  2. Vibir of the structure of the new enterprise.
  3. Visit the website for the case of the case “Oleksandra ta Sergiy”.