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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

2.1.3. Payback period for the project (Payback Period - PBP)

The period of project payback is an hour, a lot of money is needed to ensure that the project is implemented and the project has been completed with a sum of vitrats for the first time. The period of payback is soundingly vimіryєєsya in the rocks of the abo mіsyatsyah.

Butt. For the implementation of the project, there is a need for cobs for investment in the amount of 250 million hryvnias. Managers plan to make the project realizable for the project over 90 million hryvnias. Rows of payback to the project can be carried out as follows:

de II (Initial investment) –sum іinvestitsіy (vitrat); ACI (Annual cash inflow) –shchorichn_ nadhodzhennya.

The rule of thumb is to accept projects for PBP criteria: from alternative projects, take up a project that has a lesser payback period.

Evaluation of the payback period є the appearance of the rosette of the point of no-beat points, therefore, if you close the payback line, the project is fixed to bring the lead. And only one indicator is one short - win can not be done for the world, there are no fraudulent streams, there is no need to go to the line for the project, so when the project is short, there is no way to go.

In order to have fun, let’s have a look at the discount rate of the payback period (DPB). When there is a lot of love for health, there are discounted grocery streams in the country.

Butt. The investment in the investment in the hotel 40 UAH in the plan and the plan for the operation of the hotel:

1st rik - 35 million UAH;

2nd river - 60 million UAH;

3rd rik - 80 million UAH;

4th rik - 100 million UAH

For rozrahunku period per investment and investment, the discount rate in rozmіr 100%. The discount of groshih streams is visible behind the formula:


СFt - groshiy potik (pure groshі nadhodzhennya) for rіk t;

r is the discount rate;

t - рік, for a penny penniless.

Table 2.2.

Rosrachunok discount period per project

Groshov flows

Pochatkovі Investment (Vitrati)







Clean groshiy potіk

- 40 million

35 million

60 million

80 million

100 million

Pure discount groshovy potіk

17.5 million

15 million

10 million

6.25 million

Accumulation of pure discount groshiy potіk

-22.5 million

-7.5 million

+3.5 million

Discount period

2.75 roku

The accumulation of pure discount groshiy potik is an unapproachable part of the cob investment. Kozhen rіk, in the world I’ve rejected an investment in investment, the value is much smaller. It can be seen from the table that, for the sake of another rock, 7.5 million hryvnias have gone unshakable, there is no need for it, and two discount periods and two third part.

Rozrahunok hello this rank:

DPB = 32.5 million + = 2 + 0.75 = 2.75roc

Indicators of PBP and DPB are worthy of a world to characterize a project and give the manager important information and a stretch of such pennies to be involved in this project.