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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

2.2. Design Statute

2.2.1. Analysis of micro-project and macro-project

In the minds of a particular investment situation, the task of analyzing the market potentials is awaited, and the analysis of the micro-device and the macro link to the project, the analysis of the distribution and wholesale markets, are conducted.

The context of the project is the whole project and the internal environment in a certain plan and the project.

In the midst of the project, there are such factors and strengths that can be used to help the project team realize the project. Such a factor can be divided into two groups: mikro - (chi mediocre) that macro-order, as shown in Fig.2.3.

On the other hand, the project is designed to be more reasonable, all the common organizations are in stock, as is the most important project, the other are organization, competitors.

The macro-project of the investment project is a factor that will be used to integrate the micro-project of the project into all elements. Among them are the ignoring factors:

  • demographics (people’s indicators, indicators of the economy of the middle homeland, indicators of the economy, holy times);
  • economical (economic growth of the country, social wages, unemployment, the structure of income between the small groups of the population, the structure of living expenses is too thin);
  • natural (manifestation and feasibility of the regional community of those and energy resources, the need to protect the community);
  • science and technology (direct deduction, organizing, who are to conduct prospective progress, the ability to secure the fundamental progress of the applied plan is too thin);
  • political (legislative base, step of control of the state over the content of normative acts, peace of mind on the political situation of large organizations and organizations);
  • social and cultural (tendencies in the cultural environment and the possibility of organizing them in order to relocate to a realization project).

Rinkovo ​​company middleware

Fig. 2.4. Rinkovo ​​company middleware

Analysis about the trends and processes in the macro environment, I can help you to get the most out of realizing the project. Zavdannya managing the project of the league в in order to open up to the minimum uncontrolled factors of the middleware and know the ability to inject on the controlled factors.

The concept of the project is a forward plan for the implementation of the business project, which should be given to the potential owner as a potential investor by evaluating the prospects of the business potential. By the method of assessment є vіdbіr z decіlkoh alternative projects nіbіlsh promising.

The model for the development of the concept of the project can be presented at the foreseeable logical scheme:

Model of concept development for the project

Mal 3. The basic model of incentive project concept

Mіsіya - the general purpose of the project, the reason for the іsnuvannya. There is a business agreement for the upcoming events, as well as for the development of strategies on the other organizations.