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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

2.2.2. Description of the ignorant zavadannya project

For preparation, I will describe the project and distribute it to the developers of the project, you need to be familiar with the project. In Ukraine, project management and project management are designed to ensure that you have the necessary processes to ensure that the project is self-guided and robust, so that you can complete them successfully. When I take it, before the main processes of managing the company,

  1. The process of initiation - a decision organization about those who want to get the draft phase of the project.
  2. The process of planning the project - the preparation of a written document about the project on the basis of the Maybutnich solution.
  3. The process of visitor recognition - filed the main component of the project for other components, more components.
  4. The process of conversion to the project - the formalization of the project.
  5. Zmіnu control to zmіstu - control of zmіn at zmіstі to the project.

The term “zmist” is identical to the project:

  1. I will describe the product, which will describe the power and functionality of the Maybout product, but the project’s services;
  2. In addition to the project, a kind of visitor, like robots and some kind of obedience to booty, to deny the product anyhow servants with significant powers.

Rozrobka zmіstu product is repaired from the rozrobki technically technical zavdannya. Technical Assignment є The basis for further development of the project plan, it is possible to complete the project with the latest project, the deputy assistant, agree on the entire project, set up the industrial project and the technical project. From now on, the technical zavdannya guilty of a description of such aspects in the project.

1. Values ​​for the project. Tsіlі - tse to finish the observance of information, declare about those whose organization plan to reach the hat until the end of his message. Organizational goals, as a rule 3-5. The skin of them is divided by one rececion. I’ve got my own house, I’m skinned to take revenge in my own 2-5 zavdan, so that I can have some specific ones and such, which I’m able to vimiryutsya.

Zavdannya - bіlsh specific_nіzh nіzh tsilі. Stink є with concrete ones, however, they can be but vimiryan. As a rule, leather and leather is 2-5 wound up. Regular ones are important, the fragments are viscous, the organization showing realities, the advancement is reached for the attained goals, and the other is progressive to the end of the weekend.

2. Promoting the results of the robot allows you to accurately assess the accuracy of the project and hour of the project, establish the basis for the monitoring and control of the team members for the project during the project.

3. Control points. The milestone in the project is whether it’s meaning that it’s clear, that it’s scheduled at the time of the hour and the completion of the song phase of the project. The graph of the control points of the main image is the main robot for the project, I’ll show in the front, I’ll approximate the estimate per hour, the number of resources needed. Checkpoints of guilty buti zrozumіlі all participants of the project. The graph of control points is guilty of establishing the opportunity for the completion of specific robot work.

4. Technical vimogi. - Tse described the product as a servant of the project, its powers and technical characteristics, so as to burn with the assistant. Dotrimannya this technical vimog є pіdstavoyu for fake accept the product as assistant.

5. Omezhennya to the project - the clerks, how to interleave the second team and to stand up to the hour, the hour to see the product and the quality of the service to the project.


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Nutrition for conversion knowledge:

1. Describe the divergence of maybutnya vartosti pennies and the order of the rosary.

2. Reasons for the loss of money at the hour. Nowadays, there’s a penny.

  1. Methodology for a penny flow penny project.
  2. The role of depreciation in forecasting groshih flows.
  3. Classification of virologic vitrates. The confusion of the operational important.
  4. Describe the static methodology for evaluating investment projects. (Period of project payback. Oblіkova norm of income.)
  5. Give a description of the indicator of a purely cited version of the investment project.
  6. Give a description of the indicators of internal standards of profitability and the index of profitability .

Start-up for self-contained robots:

1. Analyze the news and know the information about the implementation of the project.

2. Describe the statute given to the project.