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Organization of the accounting region, economic control and analysis - Sopko V.

2.3. Poetapna pobudova technology accounting department, control and analysis

The skin-like appearance of the robot is functional as a technological process - the input data is changed to the output.

To the accounting department, control and analysis, how to see the robots of the system are shaped by the gospodar facts (evidence and processes), which have become apparent from the management of the vimogs. To that, the accounting region, control and analysis can be described in detail as a technological system, which can form an organization for a final process. And it means that such a structural unit is skin, that is, phase, but a phase can be violated as a self-organizing object.

First etap - enter the system. For the success of the operation, say, it’s clear for the accountant’s region that I am clearly distinguished for the first time. Proof of water hourly form for healthy accounting records at Maybuty. You can characterize this as the first region . Similarly, I want to receive the data before the control of the analysis of the state gift.

Another step is the system process. At the time of bookkeeping, there is a possibility to get acquainted with the operations of state-owned facts from the system of information on the latest technical information in the area of ​​information (books, cards, magazines, books and magazines, etc.) This step may be of characterization as a precision region . Similarly, coniculate the control, or the analitic processing.

Third etap - vihid system. For the success of the operation, the winding up is the collection of the most recent products of a regional, control and analytical nature. Tsey etap at the accounting region name obzagalnyuyuyim (p_dsumkovim) region .

Set the robots at times of control and analysis, like looking at the system, calling them the same way.

Let me take a look at the accounting region, control and analysis of the state gifts. I can give you a structural aspect of organizational technology (Fig. 2.1).

Technological structure of the accounting region, control and analysis

Fig. 2.1. The technological structure of the accounting region, control and analysis of the process and organization of the organization

From now on, the accounting region, control and analysis of the state dyalnosti yak technologicheskі nіkupnostі і about ob'єkti organizatsії from a cybernetic look I can look at three self-sustaining self-esteem (phases). The basis of such a form is a zmіstov’s characteristic, which is a characteristic of the function of the function. Of course, the protec- tion, which is clear between the two stages of the technological processes is mute - they’re very well intertwined. There is a clear view of this report.

The first organisation organization technology accounting, control and analysis . The first region is the basis of all views in the region, the control and analysis of the state dialnost . All the necessary work is done to confirm the gospodar facts - evidence of the processes, the process of documenting the first steps, the first and the second part of the state, the majority of the state

Prior to the initial region, it’s a good idea to introduce the reception of the original early warning — sprynyattya, vimiryuvannya, fiksatsії, piling and processing of data. But the form of the first tributes, the health of the results of the conversion, the timing, the estimate of the management, the syagh is far beyond the middle of the primary region, the complicated technical, technological, economic, technical requirements are stuck.

However, we don’t have to thoroughly understand the process of the initial region, please wait for the first time to receive the first and second dates, the first call for the specific reasons, the first time for the accounting, the second year analizu.

Imagination of the tribute on the documents will require the first of the previous assessment. It is imperative to ensure the adequacy of the dysny camp (abo zmіn) of the state fact and that of the first informational image. This means that the first regional region to oversee control and analysis. With this first region, you can describe the procedure for formulating the first documents, information and information. The control is the procedure for preparing the first initial oblast, which is more than the forward process, which I want to gain the most important data, for which you can speed up, have a clear view of the documents - the first ones.

At this stage of the initial region, we can conceive and control the function of the tribute. Remain at the nose of information with real facts, evidence, evidence for the legal and legal evidence of such tributes.

Preparation of the data for control and analysis of the technological process - the system of methods (reception) for vibration, visualization, evaluation of the future data regarding the state of the art (process and presentation), and also assessment іх із I look in a glance at the results of duty.

On the first (pre-prepared) stage of control and analysis, characterize the selection of material for falsification testing. Preparation of a tribute to the control of a significant number of priests (such as the factual factual quotas with norms, quotas, and planned tributes) I need to prepare before the tribute to analysis.

Another organization is the technology of accounting, control and analysis . On the whole, this is the most important way to restore the original territory at the highest regional registers, the group and the regrouping of such tributes. As a rule, the first region is a significant world of obligations with pre-production control steps and analysis, and more precisely, with the main vikhid base of the control process of the state dyalnost. In addition, a more accurate service area with the base is the storage of different forms of life, which will form the basis of analitical roses - another stage of the analitical process.

Procedures of another stage of control and analitical processes between yourself. Protect yourself on the whole side of the screen and viduvatsya vidokremlennya control vid analizu.

The third organization is the technology of accounting, control and analysis . Pidum (provincial) region - to process the consolidation of the most recent financial statements, the balance sheet and the most detailed financial statements, it is necessary to state that there is a greater state of this fact.

For the last hour, the results of the monitoring and analysis are wanted and I want to get the same answers, for technology, for the process, they are not the same.

The accounting region, control and analysis as a technological process may be longer than the bagato, I will need a special approach to the organization. The skin of them is і the region, і control, and analysis - ними self-control functions. The water hour is funded in the organizational plan. For example, the accounting region has three functions: information, control and evaluation (on the basis of analysis). And it means that in the accounting region the specific methods of control and analysis of the state d'yalnost are victorious.

The quiet sound of accounting, control and analysis is especially clear at times according to the method of managing the business, the normative method of business monitoring, and the functional analysis of the business.

The water-hour accounting area is limited to specific control functions, as well as the tightening of debited trade, the rules of inventory control, the legality of financial operations, and so on.

Oblique, control and analysis of the technological aspect is not unnecessarily intertwined, and the first one is one. I give the region the basis of the analysis, and often take the test at the control robot, for example, an extra hour of the financial assessment and the results of the state dialnost.

The leather etap of the regional, control and analitical processes, as a result of the organization behind the zmist, is characterized by the singing warehouse of the technological processes.

In order to get to know about the organization of the technological process, you need to look at the correct operation, and form the area (control, analysis) for that. On the skin side, the operation is more important to look at the full function of the accounting department (control, analysis) of an economical system.