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Organization of the accounting region, economic control and analysis - Sopko V.

2.2. On the subject of organization of accounting, control and analysis

On the other hand, the subject of the organization is rozumіyut the subject (as a rule, or the process), on which the organisation is clearly marked. From the authorized bodies of the accounting department, the control and analysis of the most probable objects, the technology of the control process and the control process can be performed; pratsya vikonavtsiv; rosette and near the oblast, control and analysis; organization, technology, information, information and security, control and analysis.

Accounting area, control and analysis of the people’s activities violated information (product), which has its own technology, zoom in on principles, goals and objectives. The central warehouse processes viroblennya information є zbіr, processing, transmission of that type of information.

The process of viral information and information transfer technology, from one side, the end of the maximum operations, and from the other, the methodical and technical methods. You should see the operation, methodology and methodology in order to understand the technology of the region, control and analysis, which is organized at the same time as in the open. From now on, with our first organization and technology process, control and analysis.

In any technological process, items will be retouched for the finished product. Subjects of pracі in the regional, control and analitical processes є information (first and foremost), as well as conversion to the result. The particularity of the regional process є those that are subject to the most important assumptions in the most technologically advanced processes as the first documents, the most important ones.

Oblіk, control and analysis of technological technologies, three separate ones.