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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

3. The main form of the organizational structure of the projects

3.1. Motivational models in management

There is a great deal of diversity among organizations, which are different, the nature of dyalnosti, treasury, yak otchuє, starting minds. The skin of such an organization can achieve just the right features, according to the rules of procedure, you must be guilty of having to form a control system and, more often, use the initial control model.

The management system is guilty of the incidence of psychological psychology, qualification of a specific curriculum, authoritativeness for reporting, popularity in terms of organization, and filling in the form of recognition. I want to complete the form of the control system склад with a folding and indivisible process, although I want to, it’s nice, I will be able to follow the singing principles.

Necessity to change the mindset of an effective management system, є the manifestation of clear, clear, clear and transparent (to the hair, management, staff) communication and organization (project).

An accepted system of control can be a model, with:

• Kerivnitsvo and personnel may and may be fully realized their potential;

• Special values ​​for management and personnel are correlated with the goals of the owners and the organization as a whole.

The main lines, as a part of the initiative to encourage an effective system and project management, can be presented in this way:

1. Clearly formulate a meta project.

2. Safeguarding clearer rosumіnnya in order to develop a project for mid-school students, management and personnel.

3. Create clear and understand the motivation model, to ensure that you can find the right staff to reach your goals.

5. Form a team, which is why you need to ensure a synergistic effect in completing the tasks of the project.

One of the key elements in the form of the project management system is the motivation model. The vibration of the theory is the same as the one for the skin organization, the nature of the function, the size, and the other features. From the side, motivation, the model is not guilty of being invariably - it is necessary to constantly develop further and more.

Let’s take a look at the motivational models, which, in our opinion, should become more interesting and practical in practice.

Thank you for encouraging a motivational model, forging MacGregor at a theory of X and U. McGregor of reconnecting, so people get so stinky они, і act like that, stink like that, so it’s got to be heard, to the hitherto viaduct, the behavior of people є on the basis of management methods. I have my own homework, a good way to manage based on business knowledge to the staff.

Magregor has seen two types of ideas about people (the title, Theory X and Theory U). In addition to the category, at the thought of the staff, the staff is introduced, the form is formed, and even this is the motivation model.

Theory X allowance, scho:

• the average person in the nature of ice and namagaєsya praciuvati yaknaimenshe;

• new marriageє ambition;

• win not to love the long distance and overdoing it for someone else’s mustache virishuvalo Kerivnitsvo;

• win of nature self-centered and baiduzhi to the needs of organizations;

• vin vid nature forbid zmіnam;

• Winning is not worse than kilometers.

At his own house, Theory at the allowance, what:

• people aren’t природ due to the nature of the passive and canoe to the point of organization, but such as the result of the robot in the organization;

• people have a need for motivation, prior to development, brotherhood for themselves, willingness to direct their behavior towards achievement of organization. Obov'yazok kerivnika - help people develop in their own knowledge.

• The strongest effect of the activity of people in the realization of the organization’s goals is that they reach the goal of meeting the goals of the organization.

Theory X and Theory U have a glimpse of polar glances on motivation and encouragement of the organization to the organization of the management system. In the first place, there is a special respect for the methods of firm control, often often to win. In another vipadok - the emphasis is on trying to self-control with the mind on the occasion of periodic sounds about the weekend.

It’s necessary to tell you, why don’t you wait for the curvatures to be able to tell you clearly, having a glance at the people and the first day’s stench, you’ll be able to touch. Moreover, deyak people are more and more cunning to the type that is described by theory X, and those who are before the type described by theory of W. Deaky are in the middle. But one thing is necessary to say that the theory of X is not suitable for organizing intellectual and creative teams, including for organizing a project type. At the end of the incentive motivation on the basis of theory X, bring to the ruling processes in the organization.

Pidhid before prompting the system management organization to lay down is not only that, to a certain category of employees, to bring in personnel, but also special features of the core and the style of the core. Існує кілька підходів before the appointment of the type of the leader in the presence of the style to the style of the church.

So, for example, R. Likert’s respect, what’s the "ruffle of human cruelty" of the leader-clerk guilty of the lack of control, with all the main types of leadership:

• operator-authoritarian;

• paternalistic authoritarianism;

• advisory;

• democratic (inquiries on the so-called their pidleglikh and formovanny working groups).

At the thought of F. Fiedler, by means of formulating a system and controlling an organisation and a motivating model, who will be victorious in it and have two tipi leaders see through:

• Orthodontic for the weekend

• orntovany on people vidnosini.

Regardless of what kind of approach to graduate leaders, we will need to touch, importantly, the character of the curvature (leader) is more important in which the style and system of motivation are recognized, as well as the principle of vicorientation.

Searches for the most effective motivational model, healthy co-workers and directing them to reach their goals, ensure that the correctness of the staff in the organization is complete and see the result. In addition to the motivation of mechanics, storing up to the last categories of praxivniks, they can be very strong.

Other management. Naturally, the effectiveness of the management of food production is guilty of paying the bill. Payment pratsі managerіv guilty of deposit of specific results і dyalnostі organizatsії. Ale, most likely all manager’s motivation will be realized only for the payroll bonus and bonus, then I’ll have to rely on riches, but such a manager should respect most of all tactful tasks. That is why the great foreign companies practice the system of motivation for the management of others, which will transfer the manager’s reward to income:

• salary (as a rule, it is insignificant with three warehouses);

• a bonus for reaching results (an hour to reach significant rozmіriv);

• Dovgostrokova compensation (long term compensatіon).

The salary of the manager of the business lanka is guilty of the average payment of the required payments for the salary of the Gali Abo but the trochs lower than it.

The bonus is, as a rule, to be thought out when taking the manager to work, but also on the cob of a good period and to lay down the results, which should be set before the manager (for example,% view the amount of sales or other sales).

Dovgostrokov’s compensation is loudly due to the most significant income, but it’s not crying out for money, but with the valuable partners of the company at the moment of opening hours. In order to compensate the incentive of the manager before the robot over the strategic development of the company, it’s necessary to capitalize.

Remain tendencies in the development of a great business to get away from the most frequent parts of pre-settlement compensation in the income of managers and the reasons for this. Akcioneri want to be up-to-date with the fact that your company’s management is in charge of developing it.

Talking about motivating mechs, which are for the managers of the highest level, it is impossible to forget and about those, having used non-material speech, yak:

• Suspension during the day-to-day reach and merits of the kerivnik;

• Dovіra and Povaga from the side of the hairs;

• Prospects for career growth as part of the prospects for organizational growth;

• the possibility of professional growth and development for the shopping mall, participation in conferences. round tables and professional visits;

• the ability to inculcate on personnel policy in the manager’s complementary education.

As a matter of fact, the hair-lovers should ignore the “non-material incentive” food, then they would be succumbing to a better job for the salaries of the decent salary, bonus and compensation for the caregivers. Requiring to say that scho managers of a high class, as a rule, people are creative, haphazard, tired, have a look at life, they stink at the intuitive way of managing the whole process. Maternal nutrition for them, insanely, important, ale trivial hour of precedence in an atmosphere unfriendly to oneself (in the case of lack of power and power from the side of the head), you won’t be stinky. Being a fakhivtsi of a high class, you’ll want to know how to find an alternative for yourself.

Staff. Naybilsh roznimim with a defined system of motivation є filed personnel in the category. There are three types of categories available to a simple customer, you can accept them (in organizations with a pending administrative structure, up to 10-15 additional categories, for skinny payments, we’ll pay them by themselves):

1. Personnel, which are critical for the weekend of public health and public relations. To spend one of the time, brought up to the last category, can significantly change the ability to organize the work by quietly, but by the last function, you can surely change the speed of the work. Zusilla for a while, preparing and entering the collective of such a partnership, can spend a significant hour and bring up to half the financial resources.

2. Qualification of literate staff, who want a lot of satisfaction, who pre-announced (I want, maybe, not a lot of potential because of the potential effectiveness of motivating models).

3. Fakhіvtsі middle and low kvіlіfіkatsіі, schо easily and shvidko і can bіt zamіnenі.

The principles of motivation of skin and category of guilty but not reznimi.

So, fakhivtsi, it is necessary to be brought to the first category, to obey mothers (for example, pay wages), but certainly at the middle, they formed on the market in this region. Fakhivtsi, scho vdvoditsya to other categories, - at the middle, on a rivny, scho formed on the market pratsі in this region. I, first, fakhivtsi, to keep up to the third category, are already on a regular basis at the present moment.

Speak about how you can think about how you can organize the organization of the skin category, how much you pay for it (and the bonus), although I want to pay the fee for the key to the employee’s motivation. We are guilty of the same reasons for understanding the motivation of mechanics, for example, such as:

• medical insurance spіvrobіtnikіv;

• creation of funds for fixed pension funds;

• the ability to obtain the required travel;

• the ability on a regular basis to conduct professional training for the training trainings carried out on training;

• Visibility at the reception and low-cost rooms, rooms, cleaning of the lower structures, better living for the personnel and the maintenance of the big hour, that is.

These mechanisms often appear even longer for staff and are actively victorious in their organization. If you want to receive more motivation for the staff, there is a salary, and all the more you need to be self-employed.

Thus, a motivation model є one of the key tools in formulating a system of managing an organisation, fractions of the results of being a different organization, which means that people can have a better idea of ​​how to .