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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

3.2. Sutnist and tipi organizatsionnyh governance structure

"Organization management structure", or "organization management structure" (OSU) - is one of the keys to understand management, it’s easy to understand the goals, functions, process of management, the work of the manager and the manager are more important to them. Within the framework of the price structure, the entire management process (the flow of information and the adoption of management decisions) is to take the fate of the managers of all the risks, the category and the professional specialties. Sounds of respect, which are the curvatures of the organization, give principles and methods to incentivize the management structures, the vibrations of the types and the views, the tendency to change the assessment objectives of the organization.

In order to manage the structure of cooperation, ordering of the interdependent elements is ordered, so as to protect the functions and development of the organization as a whole. OSU is also identified as a form of cooperation and management of activities, within the framework of a healthy process of management of functions, hints for the achievement of tasks and achievement of goals. A given position management structure is presented at the visual system of optimal functional functions, rights and individuality, order and forms of interaction between the management bodies and people in them.

The key understandings of the management structures є elements, sounds (visibility), privacy and remuneration. The OSU elements can include but are not limited to (service providers, service providers, servicemen), as well as the service or the organization of the office, which will help you understand the meaning of the functional requirements. Є two straightforward special OSI elements :

a) at the deposits in the warehouse of structural and technical organizations viralization of the structure of the management, which will help marketing, management of technology, scientific and technological progress;

b) on a regular basis depending on the nature of the external functions, on having control over the processes, organizing themselves, forming plans, organizing and controlling the virobnitz.

The management structure of the organization is divided into linear and functional functions. Linguistic feedback is the sole responsibility of the drive to accept and implement control and information technology, as well as to communicate with them in advance. Functional functions are obtained with these and any other functions of management. Vіdpovіdno vikoristovuetsya understanding and, as a result, respect: to the linear staff, staff and functional staff. Likewise, the loyal employees shall be entitled to grant all the rights to power to the organization, as well as to provide additional rights to the members. In order to encourage staff to take advantage of the right to plan, recommend, please give additional assistance, and do not punish the remaining members of the organization for the completion of the order. As a matter of fact, the general public manager is given the right to accept the decision and the work of the person, as well as to have a good taste of the on-line managers, so I can support the so-called functional functions.

Prior to the management structure, it is possible to have no problems, as well as to be guided by the principles of formulating the OSU, as many bullets as possible have been attributed to more than the authors of the pre-reform period. To the main principles to establish:

1. Organizational management structure is guilty of the obligation to forward the image of the organization and the organization, and later, to ensure that the requirements are met.

2. Varto to transmit the best possible experience to the governing bodies and the environment, to protect the creative nature of the robot and the normal operation, as well as to specialize.

3. The form of the structure of the management of the following is due to the important principles of the management of the skin of the skin and the organ of management of the installed system of vertical and horizontal links between them.

4. Intermediate functions, from one side, and more importantly and more efficiently, moreover, impaired performance should result in a dysfunction of the control system as a whole.

5. Organizational structure of management is guilty of being adequate to the social and cultural medium of the organization (project), there is no need to reduce the number of centralized details, the degree to which the most important This means that, please try to copy the governance structure, successfully function in your current social and cultural minds, and not guarantee a bazhan result.

Tipi structures management organizations. Two types of management theory have two types of organization management: bureaucratic and organ. The stink is inspired by the fundamentally new ways and the specific features, which allow you to see the realms of the future regional and future development.

Historically, the bureaucratic type has formed. Vidpovidnuyu concept of approach to encourage organizations to cut structures on the cob of the XXth side nіmetsky sociologist Max Weber. Winning over the normative model of a rational bureaucracy, as a cardinal rank, I was able to understand the system at that time, the system of communication, pay, pay, the structure of the work, the code for the work. Basically, the model is presented about the production of yak about the "organization of organization", which means that I can firmly speak to people, so to structures, within the framework of such stinks. The keys to the conceptual position of the regulatory model of the regional bureaucracy are:

  1. a clear file of pracis, vikoristannya at the leather factory kvalіfіkanovany fakhіvtsіv;
  2. hierarchical management, when there is a lower-level rivie pіdkoryaetsya and control vyschіm rіvnem;
  3. the presence of formal rules and norms, which is important to keep the same identity as managers of their tasks and obov'yazkiv;
  4. the spirit of formal zneosobolenosti characteristic of the weekend with the official persons of their obov'yazkiv;
  5. hiring a robot vidpovidno until kvalіfіkatsіynyh vimog to the next planting, and not for sub-active estimates.

The main understanding of the bureaucratic type of governance structure is rationality, independence and independence.

Bureaucratic management structures showed their effectiveness, especially among the great organizations, and for some who need to be secure, I would like to read a robot to the great collectives of people, which can be praised for one meta. Due to the structure, you can mobilize human energy and cooperate with people when realizing folding projects in large and large-scale projects. However, it’s the power that is short-lived, especially remembering in the context of extraordinary minds and tasks of economic development. Obviously, in front of us, the bureaucratic type of structure is not in spite of the growth potential of people, the skin of some kind of victorious people, that part of their health, and the most demanding work for a robot. It is also clear that if there is a need for strategic strategy and tactics, the development of organizations is more important than the other, and all of them are more likely to be less and less important.

One more kind of structures of a bureaucratic type is the impossibility of having an auxiliary cherubati process with a zmin, hidden on an extremely robotic robot. The functional specialization of the elements of the structure should be brought before the new development is characterized by irregularity and shvidstviyu. The result is winding up with the surrounding parts of the structure, bad weather in the future and interest, and progress in the organization.

Another guess is organizational — the type of governance structures is most severely lacking in history and cynicism as the antipode of bureaucratic organization, the model of cessation has ceased to satisfy a lot of business, because of the need for better structure. New pidkhid vidkidaє presented about the effectiveness of organization as for "organization" and practicality of reading one-year mechanism; on the other hand, get involved, with the model of allowing you to conduct radical activities, and in order to secure the organization’s organization before actual activities. Those who have come to know the problem are better able to progressively, the lowest type of organization, in the case of higher prices, lower plan; the yak is curled up by abilities more and more, more clearly, the will knows new ones, and not to swear for the old; a yak a better price of discussion, less concern, more care and protection, and no more.

There is a rosy-looking type of structure of the allowance ст permanent relief in the middle of the organisation - inwardness in need of functional enhancement, improvement in the quality of cutaneous skin due to ignition success.

The real transition to the organic type of the structure of the management of the vimaga of serious and ready-made robots. Nasampered kompanії vzhivayut zahodіv to rozshirennya uchastі pratsyuyuchih at rіshennі problems organіzatsії (Shlyakhov navchannya, pіdvischennya rіvnya informovanosti, zatsіkavlenostі toscho) lіkvіduyut funktsіonalnu vіdokremlenіst, rozvivayut іnformatsіynі tehnologії radically pereglyadayut character vzaєmin of іnshimi kompanіyami (vstupayuchi of them Union abo utvoryuyut vіrtualnі kompanії, de realizable partner partnerships).

There is a need for greater importance, an organic type of control structure is less needed in the cob phase of its development, and in the “pure” form, it is poor organization. But the elements of the approach to the management structure were won up to reach a wide range of income, especially in quiet companies, who want to touch to dynamically ambitious means and constantly realize a special project.