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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

3.3 Organizational project management structures

Realization of the project is realized within the framework of the designated organizational forms, the structure of the suttural influences on the project itself.

Organizational structure - the whole warehouse and the interchange of cargo management. Існє Velikiy rozma тtytya organizational forms of realizing projects in deposits:

  1. see that hto whistupє project manager;
  2. We are pleased to announce that the project and specific working procedures, which are related to the distribution zones of the participating parties.

In the management of a realization project, we can see the offensive, find the most appropriate structure of the project:

  • The structure of the allowance is functional, and the governing body for special operations on leather is leather; the function is on all management levels:

Organization of functional type

Fig 3.1. Organization of functional type

Vikonannya vkazovok skin functional organ in the range of competency obov'yazkove for viral companions. Rishennya on zagalnye nourishment take in kolegialno. Such a structure is aimed at completing the routine tasks, so as not to promptly accept the decision. Vikoristovuyutsya in organizations with masovim type virobnitzstva.

2. The divisional form of the organizational structure of the control of the vinyl at the top of the page is limited to the diversification, diversification of the process, the accelerated process, and the principle of the process.

Organization of functional type

Fig 3.2. Organization of functional type

(Chorny blocks are represented by staff, a kind of viscous robots for the project)

Relocation of that subtle organization functional type



Stimuluє dіlovu and professional specialization

Им є им ц ц є нез нез є є

Zmenschuє duplicated zusil and pidvishchu efektivnost vikoristannya resource_v

Zbilshuє kіlkіst mіzhfunctional_conflictconflicts

I will shorten coordination in the functional areas

Підвищує кількість of the majority of hundred participants among the participants in the processes, such a rank is a change in efficiency

Driving a technological weekend operation in functional areas

Effectiveness of complex problems

Specialists may read the prospect of professional growth

Znizhuє motivation іn spіvrobіtnikіv, so take a share from the project

Organization of divisional type

L - lіnіyny kerіvnik; Ф - functional kerivnik; B - Vikonavets

Fig 3.3. Organization of divisional type

3. The matrix structure. There may be such types of matrix structures as 1) the matrix is ​​weak , for the umpteenth time the project coordinator is vidpovid for the project robots, but I can share resources; 2) the matrix is ​​balanced, as the manager of the coordinator є all robots and rozpodіlya іdpovіdalnіst for the achievement of the values ​​with the core of the functional pidrozdіlіv; 2) hard matrix , as a project manager, maximum rewarding and reluctance for completing project robots.

Organizational Balance Matrix

Fig. 3.4. Organizational “balanced matrix”

The key features in the management of organizations with this structure are not the curvatures of the functional code, but the managers who want to endeavor to understand the code.

Relocations and subtle organizations of the matrix type



The project that is located in the center of respect

Vinikayut configurations between design and functional structures

See all the overhauls of functional structures with vikoristannі resources for decіlkoh projects

Vinikaє Necessity of coordination of activities on decile projects in such nourishment, as a resource

Suttvo to be reduced sturbovanie schodo kar'єri pіslya zakіnchenchennya to the project

Існує the problem of increasing the priority among the project developers and the projectors of functional functions

Є the ability to vary the structure from weak to strong matrices

The principle of the Unified Curse will be violated, which will make you bagato conflict

4. Design structure. The design organization team members often pratsyut at once. The greater part of the organization’s resources has been earned before the work on the project, and the project managers are here more and more important. The design and organizational organizations often have their own organizations (representatives), so that they can be called to the project manager without any delay before they give additional services for the latest projects.

Organization type design

Figure 3.5. Organization type design

Relocation of that subtle organization design type



The project will ensure horizontal horizontality, so you should take care of the wide responsibilities of the project manager

Duplicated functional functions and lower efficiency of resources

Directly to the project manager, project manager, staff commitment

The project manager is a formє, as a rule, a supplementary stock of resources, so that you don’t have to

Short communication between the partners and the project, and all the way to the mother company

Imperfection in the implementation of organizational procedures and the main principles of the function

Sluggishness in project management, training in preparation and management

At the time of the one-day weekend, the decile projects can be negatively competitive with the projects and teams, which will help them