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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

4.3. Rozrobka project plan

Planuvannya є is especially important in projects, fragments of the project include singing, so as not to be broken up earlier. If you plan the project for the future, the results of the previous processes for the clear document are clear, so that you can use it to manage the project for the second time and under the complete control of the second weekend.

Logical plan plan for the project

Fig. 4.3. Logical plan plan for the project

The results of the main processes include including basic documents (for example, the structural structure of the robot) and additional details (for example, a forecast about the price of bad money).

Інformationція зanhіvіu - for example, іnformatsіya about the vision of the front-end projects, but the assessment of the basis of the tribute.

Organizational policy - management of staff, personnel management of skinny.

Obmezhennya - dignitaries, scho obmezhut dії team of the project, for example, the budget, think the contract is skinny.

Admitted - officials, as for planning purposes, I look like real ones, but real terms and conditions, for example, project details.

The basic process of planning can be repeated once with a stretch of one phase of the project. The stink is on:

  • planuvannya zmіstu - tse rozrobka document about zmіst project, which will be the basis for maybutnyh design solutions;
  • viznazhennya zmіstu - filed the main component of the project for other components, better components;
  • visualization of dyalnosti - the identification of singing robots, which can be used for the purpose of recognizing the results of the project;
  • enrollment of the latest robots - identification and documentation of the work of robots;
  • otsіnka trivialostі robіt;
  • scheduling of the calendar plan - analysis of the last robots, the triviality of those and the resources to the resources by folding the calendar plan to the project;
  • resource plan;
  • Estimation of resource resources needed for the project to complete the project;
  • vizneshennya budget - folding koshtorisіv for leather robot project;
  • Dropping to the project plan - denying the results of the first processes and the plan and the revision of one document.

The plan for the project will be victorious with the following:

  • Hello, managing the project;
  • a document of approval for planning a project;
  • Documentation plan of planning with alternatives;
  • dying to zv'yazku mizh zatsіkavlennymi persons;
  • vizneshennya main regimes in perevirki schodo zmіstu, vartostі that hour;
  • secure basics for monitoring the project