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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

4. Going forward to planning, structuring and controlling projects

4.1. Macroeconomic design before planning projects

Find a wide range of views of organization schemes for galusovaya, regional management and homeownership management, schemes that have been saved in our country in Donetsk. However, the circuits are named, as if it were some kind of control that is adopted for more or less simple structures, like function in seemingly stable minds. The task of such a management is to preserve an indispensable campsite at a fast pace of development, to control the unimportant plan of the permanent change and vision. For situations, for example, in hitting, it would be better to require organizational, technological and quiet windings, requiring fastening the control scheme, prompted by the design principle (which is based on the idea of ​​the colossal program-based control in administrative and administrative). Here, most of the time, the main method is to assign effective tasks, it is likely that resources are planned, hour and hour, and managers will be organized in the process of monitoring these winter parameters. In advanced economies, project management is nouveau є an extensive method of managing in the minds of winter, zooming, for the view of our surroundings, the rapid progress of technology and competition.

Actually, due to the inevitable process, I’ll be able to win, however, there may be more accelerations, but I’ll be aware.

We wondered how we could transform into the rest of the organization of ownership: from a gallus control to a program-wide control. Actors of national ministries, state committee and agencies є by day program management bodies (Minchornobil, Minicobespecki, Ministry of Supervisory Situations, National Agency for Public Relations, National Agency for Reconstruction, These are the socially organized ministries, such as the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Mineral Resources, and that number of those who have a little bit of bi as the basis of their activities, as well as the scope of building specific concrete programs, which are connected with a resource drawer. As far as the “methodological” ministries and departments (Minekonomiki, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), then the effectiveness of the activity was rather biased with the manifestation of the Unified methodological basis of the plan and control, incentives.

Persh for everything, may be broken up, primed, that is, the real order of the concept is to develop the economy , which should take revenge on the priorities and the foundations of the mechanisms, as it were.

There’s more specificity with more detailed Galois, regional and complete complex programs . Remain a multi-project and detail in the view of specific projects , in terms of resources, hours, effectiveness and efficiency, as well as in the way of organizing management.

The sutty peculiarity of the projects is that they stink of being immediately the Kerovan and the cherishing system, because the project is based on a control system with a noticeable result, and the system is dynamic, with a jingle ring. Remaining rice allows iteratively, burn out below, clarify galusei, regional and integrated programs, and navigate a concept.

Program Management System (Projects)

Fig. 4.1. Program Management System (Projects)

In the minds of the deficit of sovereign investment resources, the most important thing is that it’s more effective to work in Victoria, that is to say that it eliminates the maximum end of the viral fowl and the socially-economical results in the case of rational centrality of centralized sovereign cats. For most national programs and projects, most of them are coming in. Powers are required to be examined as if they were investment projects with shared resources. Consume cats that are necessary for the abolition of the end-to-end Kintsev results, as a rule, richly overreach the power of the state. Look at the alternatives: anyway, reduce the number of projects, divorce themselves at the minimum scale, or shukati dodatki Jerela finance. Remaining an alternative to the game is the most popular, ale vimaga deyakogo podgotovotki robots.

Apart from the scale, the important result of the implementation of such a strategic strategy is that I’ll have more access to the prized Maybut budget spending and the need for it.

From the point of view of the results, fragmentation of the design at the warehouse of the sovereign programs can be unadmissible and unprofitable . First of all, one needs to be more aware of the budgetary sphere, which is more difficult to identify as a direct effect, but more will require a rationalization of the vitra part - an hour and a resource of this kind. Great respect for such projects is demanding that the plan for tenders for the weekend be robbed, that the delivery of property is available, often the cost of returning money is often tightened, and sometimes it is too bad. The side of the project is soundly invested, in some of which you need to know not only the Vitrati, but also the economical (macro) and financial (micro-economic) results, both standard and non-standard performance (standard).

Apparently, when drafting projects, as long as you identify goals, resources and participants, you can conceive two approaches.

  1. Planuwati design from a rose house exclusively on the state of Dzherela Finansuvannya . Such a pidkhid is economically profitable for non-proprietary projects, but with the closed nature of the technology and the objects.
  2. Planuwati is less than a part of the sovereign and investor . From time to time, from the maximum efficiency of projects that have been scrapped, the latest lines and profitability will be the worst kind of option with the most economical and financial indicators. Participants and schemes of financing will be recognized by the results of tenders and negotiations, which will be conducted on the basis of material for the project.

Berches, to your credit, are deficient in the budget of Ukraine, to thoroughly mortify the pilgrim funding projects on the side of the border between these areas (as for the above-mentioned supplementary pilgrims, we have invested in more investments). For the sake of completing, bring the rosewood lines the profitability of projects to 3-5 times, and the profitability ratio (IRR) to 30-50% for loans and 20-25% for direct investments.

For example, scatter important project for the state. It should be shown that when the project has been adopted, the term for a profitable project requires about 100 single cost items, and the financial efficiency becomes 15%. Along with special dodatki razrahunki show, for example, that I invest in the project is less than 20 odnitsa (but very reliable vidpovidni pilgi), Reshta 80 odnitsin investitsiy matimut financial efficiency of 30%. When it’s very economical (popular), there are more effective jobs: even the salary is paid, the taxes and all the benefits of all kinds of orders can be used to re-invest the investor’s income.

Vrakhovuji means a lot of projects in that form of financial support, the state is not guilty of the responsibility of securing project management. The functions of the state for which it is now may be reduced to regulated procedures, the establishment of rules for the selection of projects and the control of real estate implementation, which is marked by the participation of the state in the financial situation. At the same time, the function of project management was completed by the project management system in Victoria, which had an arsenal of necessary methods and problems. For functional reasons, there may be less need for specialized, non-stop consultations and management companies with high qualification personnel.

Adopt respect to scale, regional and Galusian diversity of sovereign investment programs, if you need to protect only the function of the general viconauts in preparation and monitoring of sovereign projects. So, the National Agency for Informatisation is building a professional structure - the Center for Investment and Project Management . Similar structures with a smaller spectrum of functions є in the minor ministries, regions. Centry, however, may be heaped up to subcontract any unprofitable professional structures.

The tasks of such organizing organizations may be buti:

  • Development of principles and mechanisms for the implementation of subsidiary sovereign programs of projects, including the order of the procedures for the participation of participants.
  • Management of programs as multiprojects, development, monitoring and updating for the planned period.
  • Rozrobka and management have okremikh projects, especially folding ones, which are quietly funded from the budget. Financing - for direct pleas from assistants, including sovereign, for the part-flyer of part-time projects. The norm of vitrate for project management is about 5% of the investment liability.
  • The fate of the spivvikonavtsa and the representative of the sovereign interests of the Rosrobtsi and the project management team with the best financial resources. The pre-design projects and the development of projects can be funded by the state, and the implementation stage, including the management of projects, can be financed from over-budgeted jerels of invested investors.

4.2. Main processes in project management

Project Management - Integration Processes Dії (chi ikhnya viddsutnist) in one straightforwardly soundly pour і to інші apriyamki. Such a return to the balance of the balance between the tasks of the project - often shortening in one area, more can be reached beyond the corner of the delay in the future. For a short rooted nature of integrated nature, we manage the projects we describe through processes that can be easily stored together and freeze.

Termin processes do not stash in Ukraine in that context, as if they were victorious. For example, A. Peresada needs to recognize the business process: “Business process is great. Kerivnitstvo with Power to Project Management (PMBOK) To the Institute for Project Management of the USA at the 2000 edition, to bring such a marked process: The process - “thank you, lead to the result” (P.29) povyazanі with the realizatsion function management. Take the rosumny processes in the international foodstuff. Oskіlki by the method of this companion є such a cycle of fundamentals of project management, especially in Ukraine and in particular, we will take into account the standards, and by the way, I will accept the terminologist.

Process the project. The project is stocked with processes. The process is the result of success, which brings the result. Go through the project in vain to converse with people and fall into two main groups:

1. Project Management Processes - Organizing and describing the work of the project (as described in the future);

2. Processes, organization of the product - what is the specificity and specificity of the product? Let us consider the fact that we are living in a life cycle of the project and laying down in the middle of the galaxy. For projects, processes, project management and processes, design for the product, overlap and interact. For example, an entire project cannot be more clearly identified if there is a lack of access to the product.

Group processes. Project management processes can be subdivided into six main groups, and now realize the different functions of management:

  1. the process of initiation - praise of the idea about the cob of the weekend to the project;

2) process the plan - the goal of the project and the criteria for the success of the project and the development of working schemes for the achievement of the future;

3) process the vision - the coordination of people and resources for the plan;

4) process the analysis - the determination of the plan and the plan for the delivery of the goals and the criteria for success and acceptance of the decision about the need for acquiring the corrective actions;

5) Process upravlіnnya - viznachennya neobhіdnih koriguvalnih vplivіv, їhnє uzgodzhennya, zatverdzhennya i zastosuvannya;

6) complete the process - formalize the project to the project and bring it to an orderly final. In addition, the process of managing projects with the help of your own results is the result of completing one of the oldest information for the future. I, on the spot, оз interchange of group processes in the low phases of the project. For example, closing one phase can be an input for the initial offensive phase (butt: completed phase of the project, vimaga is estimated by the assistant of the project documentation, which is necessary for the cob of realization). In a real project, the phase may not be only one to one, but I’ll overlap. Repeated initiation of the phases during the different phases of the project to help control the relevance of the project. As a matter of fact, you need to immediately establish and uniquely fill up vitrats.

Group processes by calling yourself for their results - a one-time result for one process є one for the other. Interconnections between process groups are shown in Fig. 1.

Sounds between groups of processes

Documents and document streams and document elements

Interchange of processes. Average the skin group process of managing projects one by one through one's inputs and outputs.

Come in - document, but documented indicators, that’s how the process will come to grips.

Go out - document or document indicators, which is the result of the process.

Methods and habits - mechanics;