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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

Inspection for industrial robots

Case "Company" Anar "

At the beginning of the initial situation, offensive nutrition:

• An autocratic system of cheruvannya, зв зв sounds with nutrition, scho to relieve labor resources from a creatively hidden company

• Corporate strategy for a universal advertising agency

• Creativity for advertising and advertising (product or service)

• Nutrition, which is necessary to relate on purpose / extensive information and service for the achievement of good

Січень, 2001 рік

About company

Anar is an advertising company with a comprehensive service team. Anar, at once with the Media Club (an independent company, especially for advertising), we offer a number of services, such as marketing advice, creative development methods, and vibrations for mass information and posting). Anar є an associate partner of Ammerіtі Purіs Lіntas, all kinds of advertising and communication. The list of Anar keys includes such small keys as Lіntas, such as Johnson & Johnson, Unіlever, as well as such musical keys, as Brіtіsh Aіrways, F.Hoffman La-Rouche і Xerox.

Management and staffing

A strong side of the company is talented creative team of creative team and team of team management team. Creative work of the creative robot for new ideas - unique opportunities for developing projects. An unfortunate butt of the whole buva fashion show for advertisements of the new copy center, it showed a large number of products for the help of models.

The accounting team will be able to report to their work. People who want to be there, glance at the great dovroyu side klіntiv.

However, the upper echelon of ceruvannya is characterized by negative business relations before winter. The company is in great difficulty because of the flow of information, so people are ringing to the bash of low commune. It’s a sounding phrase, said in the company: “Tse Ugorschina, you won’t pass here either”. Acting young people, for example, the assistant of the Keruych, who recklessly spent time at an o'clock, especially in Bulgaria, having seen the demotivation of such an introduction.

The style of ceruvannya in the company also may be described as “command and control”. The balance of ownership is greatly threatened by management through the current economic situation in Ukraine. This type of ceruvannya, it seems, is really good and not the same for the company. However, you can don’t miss the idea of ​​sacrifice to the people who are suffering from a lack of investment, who are reluctant to take the lead and learn to take the work for themselves to work.

The management of the company is expected to be characterized by a shortage of requirements for short-term lines. Zokrem, won the house with his own economy on the client for gaining more short-term income. I’ll look at the forecasts of bagatokh analytics about those that are advertising industry in the Ugorshchina in the remaining ten races are cramped up to rapid growth, and then mothers of those perishable. The company is more visible for everything that’s more functional, moreover, you’ll be able to stay on the road with customers, set up for business, not business, and have practical results.

Kviten, 2001 Rik

Stop come in

Over the remaining quarter, the plurality of staff saved 33%, often through the team’s and control methods, to stash at the company. Pratsivniki, they’ve gotten enough money, include two, which last year’s boulders were mostly ringed on the fences. The company also has people who are actively joking about the robot.

In a home situation, a stream of information has been touted for the help of a special press release for an open newspaper and a magazine. All public relations, thanks for another reader of the English language, who won the first place, they won a positive role at the established company, and you need to come to the conclusion that you need to communicate

Business Plan

For the first time, the company has sought to progress in the business plan, concentrating on the correct distribution of information. Particularly progressed after having reached the new business path, as part of a plan. Toddly, the company was spontaneously contacted on weekly contacts and won new calls in the middle of the country, at the same time jumped to the next time you won the event. The company entered the membership of the American Chamber of Commerce and at the same time I represent representatives abroad.

Lipen, 2001 Rik

Stop come in

Regardless of the fact that the company recently recognized, having lost 33% of its shares, as well as looking at the recommendations, information from the foreign consulting company, the company has shown that the signs are closed. By the butt of the whole bullet, I asked for all the special offers at the restaurant. Although they wanted to cherish, they didn’t miss each other’s entrance at one o’clock, all of which was positively positive.

Independently do business in order to develop a wider information system, more important companies are still characterized by the absence of so-called vertical walls and difficulties in access to accurate and reliable information. Bulo bagato vipadkіv, as long as people who were playing games over important projects, simply went to the middle through the impossibility of gaining information. Due to the situation, it’s even more important, because often it’s more accurate given the wheels, which simply doesn’t want to give it up.

Meeting room

  1. How can you respect, can the staff of the organization be able to win, come to know your kind of work? If you can have a mother, if it’s dumb?

2. How do you need to set up one-in-one microclimate in a team of such one-time visits, what is the request for all the necessary information for a restaurant? How could you see what kind of business could you need to know if the effect of such visits?

3. How do you respect, who cares about the department / function or functions, about which they said in the case, on such discipline and microclimate bi, could they especially aggravate negative influences? Yakі tse viddili?