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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

Stage 5. Project management

Project management - the process of zv'yazku theory (plan) and practice (visits to the plan).

Managing the transfer projectє Adopted a number of solutions:

• Yak zdіysnyuvati monitoring of the project for the subject of promotion to the target.

• How to reach indicators in the project, even more accurate indicators with planned ones.

• How to get involved in the project, so that you can manage it, bring it with your plan.

Project Monitoring

The project’s kerivnik is committed to providing power to the project, which will be monitored during the implementation of the project.

Oskіlki head goals for the project є yakіst, vitrati і hour, then the indicators і will be in the first place in the house.

For example, control of the warranties is maintained on (a) manifested officials, which is used on the basis of the warranties, to guarantee that they are safe, (b) those are recognized, which are governed winnings. Vartosti control including:

• Vіdstezhennya vartіsnogo vikonannya viyadlennya vіdhilen vіd plan.

• Guarantee of the fact that all of the required services are exactly the same as those found on the basis.

• Zapobіgannya is included at vartіsnu basis of the wrong, nevidpov_dnih ao nezatverdzhenikh zmin.

• іnformuvannya vіdpovіdnih zatsіkavlenih osіb about shutter


Control of the vartosti, including the vidpoviday’s chat for feeding “who”, as well as positive and negative vidhilen. Win the integration of integrations with our control processes (control over the winter schedule, control over the winter calendar, control over the last types of control, as discussed in code 4.3). For example, wrong reactions to video hardship can cause problems due to the calendar plan, but it’s unacceptable to go public at the stage of the project.

Assessment of the project

The project’s culprit is to blame the mother at any moment to evaluate the indicators of the project, which should be monitored, so that the community can progress the project as a whole. I speak again about Vitrati, love and hour. In practice, more than anything else, the effort of the vitrats is to be estimated on the vitrats and the hour. The problems of brightness, in the residual bag, appear through the problems of vitrate and hour.

Indicators, what is needed, and what is the impact on the whole project

Index, schо відслідковується

I’m throwing yak

Vitrati Redefine Budget


Deficit of obvious cases


Зміна ціни postachalnik


Zmіni in tasks of the project

Yakіst, hour, vitrati

Low technical indicators

Yakіst, hour, vitrati

Diving control

Yakіst, hour, vitrati

Pomilkova information

Yakіst, hour, vitrati

Blurring from the postchaannyam resources

Hour, Wart

Zmіna pіdryadnik termіn zdachі

Hour, Wart

Zapіznennya with a cob robіt


Sorry, the broken work


When launching the project, song robots can be repaired, a large part of them will be to check the list forwards. The more robotic is completed, the more robust is to be remembered. In the remaining p_sumku incomplete get lost less kіlka robіt. Such is the structure of the large cob, behind such an attack, accelerated and consolidated shortfalls, which is typical for large projects. To this very reason, the curve is vitrat maє S-shaped, as shown in the picture, look at the curves of the shape of the robot. For the most part, I will rely on the basis of the graph of robots, univocally real vitrati.

Actual and theoretical Vitrati for the project

Figure 4.8. Actual and theoretical Vitrati for the project

Z malyunka viplivaє, scho vitrati according to the project of re-enlightenment of planes of the river.

Project Corruption

Yakshcho indicators vakostі, vartostі abo hours іdhilyayut іd planned, then kerіvnik to the project of acceptance of a rishhennya about a trickster. As a rule, come-in-the-go rozroblyuyutsya for the widespread participation of all registered parties.