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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

4.6. Plan for the project

The management of the project’s project is based mainly on the project’s resources, which are necessary for the project’s work. Protein, but the roszalutii also pouring design solutions into the product of the project product. For example, if the project is separated, the project can be changed to the project for the breech of transferring the dekrati vitrates to live. Such an extensive look at the project is often called the life cycle of the wartost.

Planning a project for the first time, maximize information and consume the most important project, so that you can control the project at high hours and at high hours. For example, the possibility of such purchases is possible to control in case of Uzhzhenzhenny, zamovlennі, postochannі chi dokumentovannі for the purposes of the region.

As a result of the project’s success, it’s a component of the winery system and the merit of life, it’s possible to have more control and uncontrollability, and the budget for them should be kept in order, then there will be a guarantee, and then the project will need to be renewed.

For some projects, especially small ones, planning resources, estimating the cost and budgeting, we can say that you can see one process (for example, you can see one thing for a short time). methods and practices for cutaneous treatment of them.

Planning resources including including resources (human resources, possessions, materials) and in the same period may be used for the project.

Estimation of the vartosti including the development of approximate (estimates) of the vartosti resources needed for the completion of the project.

As a matter of fact, the project will come to terms with the contract, the respect of the mother’s honor is limited by the majority of the policy and the valuable policy. Evaluation of the inclusion, including the rejection of evaluation of the results - the cost for the organization, the project, the development of a specific product and its services. The price policy is the most commercially available, the cost is higher, the organization is ready for the project, the product is available for the service; here there is Vikoristovє yak one of the unlucky officials and an estimate of wartost.

Estimation of vartosti including viznaznennya and a review of the other vartіnnyh alternatives. For example, in the most applied areas of the pre-robot robot, the extension phase of the development phase is widely widespread for short-range vitrates in the phase virobnitz. Otsіnuyuchi wart, look at each other, who can help bring in vitrati to design robots and by the way save the vitrat.

With the following data for the assessment of the Vartosti є:

1. Ієrarchіna structure robіt. The internal structure is robotic (WВS - structure), there is no need for ordering the evaluation of the card and for ensuring that the entire robot is evaluated.

2. Vimogi to resources - the description of how to identify resources and in what sizes are necessary for the skin element of the infrastructural structure is required.

3. Resource standards. Okrema is a person (a group of people), who is above the estimates, is guilty of nobility of the same norms (the weather salary for staff, the wage of the cubic yard materially) for the skin resource, in order to make the projected wartost. As a matter of fact normi nevidomy, then it is possible to evaluate the norm itself.

4. Otsіnka Trivalostі robіt. Evaluation of the triviality of the robotic mass account for evaluations of the vartosti in any project, in a budget including vitrati for financial robotic-capital investment.

5. Information from the archives. Інформація арх арх ву в нос нос в арт арт арт арт арт кат кат кат кат кат кат кат кат кат кат кат кат доступна ег доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна доступна.

• Files to the project - one more organization that was received prior to the project, can record notes about the latest project results, as well as detailed ones, so you can help in evaluating the results. In some applied areas, such recordings can also be surrounded by members of the command.

• Commercial data base with estimates of interest - information from the archive can often be accessed through commercial channels.

• Information about the members of the project team - the members of the project team can remember the actual results of the assessment. Although this information may be suitable for use, the main thing is that it is not so much, as it is, well documented.

6. Map of the region. The regional map will describe the code structure, which will be replaced by a vicarious organization for storing financial sound in the main books. Estimates of the project’s content may be indicated for the correct category.

Logical evaluation scheme for the project’s resources in the project

Fig 4.9. Logical evaluation scheme for the project’s resources in the project

Methods and ideas of assessment:

1. Evaluation on the basis of analogue. Assessment on the basis of analogs, but the assessment is “top to bottom”, meaning the future of actual wartost and the same of the same robot as the assessment of the work of Maybut robots. Vaughn often vikoristovuetsya to evaluate the irrelevant vartosti project, as long as it is not enough detailed information (for example, in its early phases).

Estimation on the basis of analogs is cheaper for the method. Vaughn naybіlsh nadіyna, if (a) the front design is similar not only to the form, but to the serpent, and if (individual) the group (osib group), who want to see the whole work, may be necessary.

2. Parametric modeling. Parametric modeling includes the inclusion of victories of power (parameters) of a mathematical model for forecasting the project’s progress. Models can be simple (with a living bucket a square meter of living space and a singing bag of pennies), or folding (one model of a new program for software protection is 13 winter holidays, 5 small ones).

Yak vartіst, so і accuracy of parametric models vary at the great boundaries. The most possible way to be, if you have information for archives, please be sure to develop the model, the pool is pretty accurate, (b) if you're in the model, you should be sure to know how to after a great project, so for a small one.

3. Otsіnka "from bottom to top." The method of evaluation in the evaluation of the elements of the element and the lower order for rejecting the result of the project.

Vartіst і accuracy of estimates зал from bottom to top ’to lie down іd rozmіru okremich elementіv robіt: chim dіbnіshі elementi robіt, tim vіshі vartіst і accuracy.

4. Programming. Such software is a problem, as a security program for managing projects and electronic tables, it is widely used to help in the evaluation of wards. It’s possible to stink to simplify the vikoristannya methods, describing the food, and in such a way to take a quicker look at the other alternatives.

The results of the assessment of vartosti є:

1. Kostoris. Koshtoris - all the value of the resources of the resources needed to complete the project. The stink can be presented but summarized in detail.

Vartosti mayuti buti otsіnenі for all resources, yakі vikoristovuvatimitsya in the project. Vartosti include (ale do not get rid of) the variability of labor resources, supplies, supplies and specialty see the news, as well as an adjustment for inflation and budget reserve.

Vart is completely rotated in penniless units (hryvnias, dollars, francs, rubles, etc.) in order to simplify the need for one project in general, so that there are less than one project. In principle, it’s like a human year, but a human day, but you can’t be victorious, and you can’t correctly evaluate the project if you don’t have to commit to it (for example, difficulties with the resources of the past). Inkoli for evaluation can be fully recognized as single-minded - for thorough control over the management.

Evaluation of the site can be clarified during the course of the project, in order to provide additional details. For deyakie applied spheres, the recommendations are fragmented, if and for all, with a degree of accuracy, we can look around again and again. For example, the AACE International company has made such a statement about five types of evaluations in alarm projects at the stage of engineering: order of magnitude, conceptual, preparation, control and control.

2. Additional details. Additional details for the assessment of the warranties include:

• Describes to robots, what to evaluate. Tse often get a glimpse of the auxiliary WBS structure.

• Documentation of the basics for evaluating, so as to get out of sight.

• Documentation of all assumptions.

• Assigned to the range of possible results, for example: $ 10,000 ± $ 1,000 in order to show how much the wart of the item was redeemed at a promo of $ 9,000 and $ 11,000. The value and type of pre-detailed information is varied fallow in the applied sphere. Zaberezhennya navit rough estimates that can be seen with valuable information for a short rozumіnny that, as an assessment is carried out.

3. Management plan. The management plan for the management of the business is described in order to better manage the retail business of the business (for example, different reactions based on a major other problem). The management plan for the organization can be formal and informal, more detailed and extensively understated, based on the needs of the project. Win є an additional element of the ignorant project plan.