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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

4.7. Rozpodilu structure (decomposition) robіt (СРР)

Planuvannya уже it’s important for projects, project fragments, because of the goals, I’ve forgotten about the elements, since they didn’t come to terms with anyone. In addition, the planning phase includes a great number of processes. Ale tse does not mean that project management is tse in the main plan. An oath of oversight, who was vitriarchal for planing, was guilty of submitting to a healthy project for a healthy place.

The best way to establish a project, which is necessary for reaching a project, is to decompose the project into accessible parts for control and management. For the whole work structure of work (work breakdown structure) - the structure of decomposition of the work is project , docks the whole project will not be presented as if it were ok. The structure of the robot will help you to find out the subordinate and the term, the term of the skin robot by the best order, through the prompt of the graphical scheme. Take the oath of work for the project of the ropes for the top of the scheme and the potential for the lower level of the system. On the lowest level - the so-called robotic package is the number of simplest operations. Below is a robotic structure for viewing and distributing a booklet.

On the other hand, if you are ready to follow the structure structure scheme, on the basis of it it will be easy to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions needed for the whole resource of the cat.

Rozpodilu structure (decomposition) robit (WorkBreakdownStructure - WBS) - the structure is rozpodilu to the project on pidproekti, packages of a robotic retail, packages of detailed robots. СРР є an ambition for a project management system, which allows you to solve problems of working with an organization, providing an opportunity, evaluating variability, building a system of ratings so much.

The basis of decomposition CPP can be but:

  • components of the product (services, directional activities), which will be implemented as a result of the project’s implementation;
  • process and functional elements of organization, real project design;
  • stage the life cycle of the project, the main phase;
  • organizational structure;
  • geographical distribution.

The main steps are to encourage the work of the Republic of Poland and the government of Ukraine:

1) rozpodіl that klasifіkatsіya robіt project on pіdstavі task assignment criteria. A robot in a project plan is designed to achieve concrete results (specific products of the lower region). The moment the robot ends means the fact that the product was won (the result of the robot). Robots є basic understandings and the basis for organizing tasks in project management systems. In practice, in order to get to the detailed level of work, the terminology is often a problem. There are two terms знач synonyms in the zagal.

2) with the help of automation of CPP, the skin element of decomposition is given the name of the code;

3) for skin robots, postochalki, viconavtsi, trivialism robots, oaths, budget, vitrati, possession, materially;

4) the incentive matrix;

  • conversion of correctness of decomposition with a slam of critical analysis with the Vikonavtsy robіt.

Rozrobka CPP can be seen either up to the bottom, on the other hand, or on the contrary, two steps. For the gathering of necessary information, we can use the “brainstorming” methodology to see how many members of the team and representatives of the project’s representatives are still missing.

Naybilsh typical breakdowns of the structuring project є offensive:

  • skipping the stage of structuralization and transition without delay until the completion of operational problems for the project;
  • vikoristannya for the structuring of kintsev products and resources, which will be for the project only functions, phases, or organizational processes;
  • repeated elements of the structure;
  • integration of the structure of the project with the system of maintaining accounting accounting and the system of design and documentary documentation;
  • above the abo lack of detail;
  • the impossibility of computer processing of results of structurization through formal cleavages (the leather element is guilty of the best possible code).

Without delay, encourage SRP and MTR to designate the main project. Віха - podiya abo date in progress to the project. Віха використується for відображення I will become completed robot. In the context of the project, the managers have the greatest success in order to identify important important results, which can be achieved in the process of realizing the project. The result of the appointment, by the manager, is often called the plan for achievement . There are no signaled trivialities on the vidmina vid vihi, for the assessment they will only have to say “viconano” or “not viconano” criterion. Dates reach vіdpovіdnih vіkh to approve the calendar plan for vіkhakh.