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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

4.8. Last Post Robot

An hour є in one of the main obmezheny project, a kind of suttuvo poured on yogo efficiency. Managing the hour of the project, including the process, is necessary to ensure that the project is completed immediately, and itself:

1. Visualization of the activity - identification of singing robots, which can be used for the purpose of eliminating the results and the elements of the project.

2. The assignment of the last robot - the identification of the first document with the robots.

3. Otsіnka trivialosti robіt - viznenenniya kіlkosti robotic periods, necessary for completion okremich robіt.

4 Development of the calendar plan - analysis of the latest robots, their trials and resources, by adding the calendar plan to the project.

5. Control pretrimannya calendar plan - control of the benefits of the calendar plan project.

The installation of the last robot, including the value and the document, is activated by the robots. Robots may buty roztashovany in the exact order for the relaxation of the existing folding of the real calendar plan. You can ask for the last part with the help of another computer (for example, a victorious program and secure project management), but I don’t. The remaining option is more effective for small projects and in the early phases of great projects, since details are not so significant. Manual and computer technology can be victorious in the future.

Logic scheme preset last_workness

Figure 4.10. Logic scheme preset last_workness

Incoming dues for the most recent work in the project є upcoming dates:

1 Lane Robot. Perelik robіt is guilty of including all robots, so that they can work on the project. Win is guilty of a mess of disorder, as amended to WBS (to structure robotic-CPP), so that you can reconcile, but win and don’t turn on the robotic robot (pose with a project). Like WBS, the robot’s link is understood to be described as a skin robot, so that we’ll be able to get along, as members of the project’s team will be able to roam like a robot.

2. Description of the product. Described to the product - to document the characteristics of the product, its service, as a project, in order to welcome the viscount. By a zagal the product is described with more detailed information in the early phases and more detailed in the higher phases, in addition, the characteristics of the product must be specified in advance. The document described to the product is also a link between the product and the service, which can be adjusted.

3. Obov'yazkova deposits. Obov'yazkova fallow - the whole fallow, laid down in the daily work, scho to tinker with the program project. Often such a fallowment occurs in physical terms (for a weekly project it’s not possible to build up your life if you don’t have the foundation; the project has an electronic prototype for a little bit of zrobing, and even then you can test it). Obov'yazkovu deposits are called the same hard structure.

4. Obmejennya. Obmezhennya - chesniki, scho obmeyutvat var_anti choice team manager in the project.

5. Approved. Admitted - price lists, as for planning purposes, as is true, but real visibility. It’s sound, allowed to include the world song and sound є the result of identification.

The method and the task of establishing the last robot.

1. Advanced Diagram Method (PDM) - This is a method to get the latest diagrams of a project from a university to another site and to use it in order to communicate (deposits) between them. Tsey method may also be called "robot at the university (AON)." Win victorious in most of the current software projects project management. Crack with PDM diagrams by hand from an auxiliary computer.

The PDM diagram including the Chotiri Tipi Deposits and, for example, the reconfiguration:

• "finish-start" - the front of the robot is guilty of finish-up earlier, lower start-up is offensive,

• “finish-finish” - the front of the robot is guilty of finishuvati before the robot is attacked;

• "start-start" - the front of the robot is guilty of start-up before Tim, as a start-up is offensive;

• "start-fіnіsh" - the front of the robot is guilty of start-up before tim, as the robot is offensive.

At least PDM has a financial start and the most common type of logical business. “Start-Finish” company vikoristovuyut іdko і less than tіlki professional technology engineer. Involvement of start-start, financial-finance, or start-financial, or program-secured project management programs, you can bring up unrelated results.

Sitova logical diagram, prompted by the advanced diagram method

Figure 4.11. Sitova Logic Diagram, prompted by the Advanced Diagram Method (PDM)

2. METHOD OF LINEAR DIAGRAMS (ADM). The whole method is to encourage social projects for projects with visualization for visualization of sound between workstations and deposits between the rest. A friend named the method of Robotics (AOA). I want the ADM method to be less popular, including РДМ, and it is still stagnant in certain applied areas. The ADM method has a victorious “start-up” deposit, which is necessary for the operation of the active robots for the correct identification of all logical sounds. Crack with ADM diagrams is handed over to another computer.

3. The method of smart diagrams. The method of smart diagrams - the method of graphically evaluating the look and feel of the PERT and the method of model of the system dynamics - are quick for working without any kind of basic nature, such as cycles (for example, testing, as much as possible), as soon as possible if the inspection has appeared errors). Anі PDM, anі ADM do not allow a vikoristanny cycle_v a clever g_lok.

Sitova Diagram of Logical Sounds, prompted by the method of Strength Diagrams

Figure 4.12. Sitova Diagram of Logical Sounds, prompted by the Method of Small Diagrams (ADM)

4. Sіtovі templates. Standard measures can be made for easier preparation of a project for a project. The stench can turn on the whole project, but part of the yogi. Parts of a measure are often referred to as middle parts, or fragments of a measure. First of all, especially if the project includes a little identical and even identical robots, for example, laying out the logos in the top-of-the-box office, starting the next month with the pharmaceutical project, the program has been completed.

The result of the assignment of the latest robots є the development of the main city diagrams for the project is a schematic representation of the robot and the complex (higher education) project and logical deposits between them.