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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

4.9. Otsіnka trivialostі robіt

Otsіnka trivialosti robіt including viznozhenneniya kіlkosti robochih perііdіv, yaka ymіvіrnіshe for everything to cherish for the completion of be-yako singing robots. I would like to tell you that the special group is in command of the project, which is clearly identified with a specific robot, who’s a mother of Vicon, I’m guilty of giving such an assessment, but I have to approve it once.

Estimation of the number of working periods, which are necessary for the completion of the robot, often the same time as the last hour, right now. The triviality of the project is irrelevant to the project, but it has been assessed with the help of other methods and concerns, I can take a look at it here, but more beautifully I see the result of scheduling the calendar plan.

1. Perelik Robіt. Perelik robіt is guilty of including all robots, so that they can work on the project.

2. Obmejennya. Obmezhennya - chesniki, scho obmeyutvat var_anti choice team manager in the project.

3. Approved. Admitted - price lists, as for planning purposes, as is true, but real visibility. It’s sound, allowed to include the world song and sound є the result of identification.

4. Vimogi to resources. Triviality is the greatest opportunity to lay down great resources, designated for the third time. For example, two individuals, almost at once, healthy to complete the work of the project two times more, more than once, having one skin, one at a time, and one person, almost half of the working hour, of course, I’ve had to spend more than two hours at a time. working day.

5. The utility of resources. Triviality with great peace to lay down for all kinds of human and material resources, learned for the fourth week. For example, as a matter of fact, two individuals are guilty of a working day over the weekend of singing greetings, then it will come to a halt for a while, but a better person has been able to spend less than an hour on this work, but less than a quarter.

6. Information from archives - here is information about imperial triviality of bugs, type of robots, but you can get them from one of these jerels:

Files for the project - information about the latest design results, with detailed details, so that you can help in evaluating the triviality of the work, such information can be collected one more time, the organization for the project. In some applied areas, such recordings can also be surrounded by members of the command.

Commercial data base with estimates of triviality - information from archives can often be accessed through commercial channels. So the base is especially corinthous, if it’s trivial to rob an independent view of a specific project.

Ован Informative members of the project team - the members of the project team can remember the actual results of the assessment. I want more information and more information about usability, but in the main it is not so much, as it is, it is documented.

Methods and ideas for evaluating triviality robot

1. Expert expert. . Often buvaє it is important to evaluate the robustness of the work, the sprinkles on them are greatє the number of officials is great (for example, the issue is the resource of the resource, the productivity of the resource). The expert’s sketch, who is primed for information from the archives, is guilty of vikoristovuvatisya skryz, de є on tse poglivlist. At the opposite time, evaluate the uninterestedness of the flock.

2. Assessment on the basis of analogs. Assessment on the basis of analogs, but assessment from top to bottom, meaning the actual factual triviality of the front analogous robots, like the evaluation of the triviality of Maybutnoy robots. Vaughn often vikoristovuetsya to evaluate the triviality of the project, as long as it is not a little detailed information (for example, on its early phases). Assessment on the basis of analogs є one of the three forms of expert expert.

Estimation on the basis of analogs of the most reliable, if the front design is similar not to the form, but to the individual, and if (b) the individual, who want to see the whole work, may have necessary access.

3. Model. The model includes a rozrakhunok great kіlkostі trivale with a singing set admission. Naybilsh vidomim є the Monte Carlo method, in a certain way the result is visible on the skin robot and the time for the development of the result on the project as a whole

Results of evaluation of triviality robitis

1. Assessment of triviality robitis. Evaluation of the trials of robots - all of the evaluations of the accuracy of the cycles that are necessary for the completion of the robot. Stink, wait for guilty inclusion of a hint on the range of possible results. For example:

• 2 days + - 2 days for a reservation, a robot will be engaged in minimum 8 days, ale not less than 12.

• 15-weekly rate of re-entry of the three-string line for entering a high-level line - 85 timescope - the robot will be occupied 3 times less.


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Nutrition for conversion knowledge:

  • What is the reason for the project principle of managing macroeconomic processes?
  • Describe the main approach to the development of sovereign investment programs.
  • Confusion, see that interconnection process of project management.
  • Describe the development plan for the Yak Business Process.
  • See that task plan.
  • Describe the importance of the project management system for the planning of public relations.
  • Zmіst major etapіv planuvannya project.
  • The main elements of the formulated project (concept).
  • Meta, tsilі zavdannya project. Ієrarhіya the project and the criteria for reaching the target.
  • Tsіlі ta zmіst planuvannya project. Decomposition of the project.
  • The main stage of the project is the project.
  • Describe the basic systems and automated project robot bath (CAD).
  • Zmіst business process management of the project.
  • Planning and assessment of project resources in the project.
  • The essence of the structure of the rozpodilu robit that the main etapi її prompt.
  • Neobkhіdnіst that order of visnozhenneniya last_novostі robіt.
  • Describe the main methodology of the most recent project robots.
  • Sutnost and methods of an estimation of triviality robіt.