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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

6. Controlling the project

Peredrednya that is not independent examination of projects

Expertise of the project is being invested in the different phases of the life cycle of the project and forwarding with the whole project. At the front end of the life cycle of the project, the expert review is reviewed and analyzed and the investment proposal is approved by the project on financial support to the project.

The process of processing and analysis of investment propositions of incentives for the bagator circuitry, including switching on the offset:

  • anterior examination;
  • expert examination;
  • Take the rishennya about financialsuvannya.

Fore examination. Conducted by an analytical company - a potential investor. Tsey etap carried out expert examination guilty vіdpovіdati offensive vimogam:

  • bagocriterion;
  • minimal labor;
  • Minimal Vitrati hour for the examination;
  • the possibility of acquiring December experts of independent experts;
  • the possibility of rejecting the integral indicator of the effectiveness of the projects for the results of the analysis conducted by the other experts, to allow you to choose the project between yourself.

As a rule, an analytical service of different types is presented in the form of a submitted project, like there is a change in nutrition, which characterize the main significant criteria. Dermatological criterion is designated pet kofitsіnt, in the deposits of the first vagi.

Analysis of projects is expected to be repaired on the basis of higher education, and on the other hand, on analysis of realizable products and services for the market. Traditsyno ahead of the examination of industrial projects to follow the offensive scheme:

  • Analysis aspects, which characterize the product, is guilty of assessment:
  • product concept;
  • Functionality and power to the product, its design is more competitive with the product;
  • the sum of the product with the best possible international standards;
  • step of product severity in realizable, supreme goods.
  • Analysis aspects, which characterize the market, is guilty of assessment:
  • potential and scale of the market: international, state, regional, local;
  • competitive pricing;
  • competitiveness of the market;
  • channels for product distribution;
  • trend of food;
  • need for advertising;
  • an hour, what is needed to reach the plan of obedience to zbutu;
  • trivial life cycle of the product.
  • Analysis aspects, which characterize virobnitstvo, is guilty of assessment:
  • technology product;
  • the complexity of the preparation of virobnitstva;
  • technological possession;
  • revelation of syrovini, materials, power for cob of gray virobnitz;
  • the availability of virological cooperation;
  • vіdpovіdnіst kvalіfіkatsіі personnel vimog project;
  • Necessity of servicing servicing.
  • Analysis of legal aspects, guilty of such power:
  • What is the product and technology of current and prospective legislation?
  • Riven patent-licensed zahistu;
  • compliance with safety standards and environmental standards.
  • Analysis of financial aspects including:
  • Estimated consumption in investment;
  • Estimation of the benefit of the project;
  • estimate the payback line of the project.

As a result of the expert examination, an integrated indicator of the effectiveness of the position and, in the first place, to break the bag about accepting an entire project is needed. An expert examination permits 80% to 90% of the proposal, so that you can concentrate on the decile projects, so that you can be transmitted before the on-going examination - an independent expert examination.

An expert examination is also carried out by an analogous view of the investor, including the performance of offensive operations:

1) financial and economic analysis of the project (expert review and financial part of the investment project);

2) technological expertise (analysis of the TEO project);

3) assessment of social and economic effectiveness of the project;

4) assessment of commercial effectiveness of the project;

Financial and economic analysis of the transfer project є estimate:

  • Interpretations of correctness of the Danish tribute;
  • the need for an oath of investment from the point of view of the budget;
  • contribution to the financial institution, representing the project;
  • the opportunity to finance the investment of investors;
  • Guarantor to investors.

Technological expertise of transferring and analyzing the structure of the territory of the current and the winter vitamins of the same facilities, the estimation of the effectiveness of the formulations of the reserves, the estimation of the control of the potential

Assessment of social and economic efficiency of the project, including analysis of the project:

  • problem problems in the region;
  • rosette galuzі;
  • rozvitok new rinkіv zbutu products;
  • Development of virology, not directly related to the project;
  • development of social infrastructure of the region;
  • regional vikoristannya resources_v;
  • ecologic situation in the region;
  • rozmіr patronage nadhodzhen in mіstsevy and sovereign budget.

Assessment of commercial effectiveness of the project including assessment:

  • project performance criteria (PI, IRR, NPV, PBP, DPBP);
  • Estimation of indicators of liquidity and platform capacity in the process of realizing the project.

- Evaluation of the project.

The results of the independent expertise are passed on to the company’s company for taking up the residual decision about financing.