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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

Will audition the project

Expertise of investment projects , which can be carried out after receiving a project about investing in a project, as a rule, there are two control systems:

  • will audit the project
  • Assessment of the project completion (post evaluation);

Investment project є non-traditional audit project. The large leather investor is guilty of mothers and I am in control of the system of auditing control over the effectiveness of the realizability of pre-investment investment decisions. The need for such a procedure is obvious: great contributions are invested in the project, independent of the fact that all the procedures are required for the project to be implemented by the participants, the process of realizing the need for continuous monitoring of the costs of the investor is necessary. Also, I name the postaudit investment projects .

The investment projects will be audited - as a whole , the system process will be revoked and assessed about efficient processes, including including (1) the factual results with planned ones; (2) an explanation of the reasons for the fulfillment of the requirements and the permissions to establish the actual requirements of the actual criteria.

Audits the following:

  • Thoroughly forecast. All the vіdkhilennya i potіm, spoiler, at the lower forecasts the stinks are mixed. Pooks of new methods of forecasting are being conducted, I will obviously need them. Vidomo, why people have a tendency to reduce everything, how to stink, including forecasting, just to know how much to control.
  • Thoroughly dyalnostі. Business is cursed by people, and it’s possible to smell like a big one and a low level of efficiency. If a group (Відділ) is robbing a prognosis of an investment, its members will risen their reputation. Yakshko vitrati predicted rivnya abo abo sales oath is lower than the future, so that they will be magnetized to shorten the results and bring them to the predicted rivie.

He is audited - he is satisfied with the folding process, while there may be a win-win conflict. Isnuє bagato factorіv, so you can think about the conflict. Nasampered, demanded that you respect the skin element of the forecast of a pennile flow without any significance. Take the fact that you need to consider if you need to evaluate the assessment of the effectiveness of the curriculum. Dalі, the results of the projects іnodі do not coincide with the reasons for being aware of the reasons, such as the position of control of the reasons, those reasons that cannot be transmitted. In addition, it’s important to see the results of one capital investment, which is quiet, especially attached systems.

In reality, often it’s important that you praise or criticize, because cursors, like blasphemy people for giving me the answer, for an hour I’ve rejected the results after the audit and I’ve forgotten a little more robots.

Vrakhovuychi tі difficult, deyakі fіrmi belittle the value of post-audit. Alya, sincerely for the most successful companies, to show you how much respect is due to the post-audit, that’s why I should look at it as the most important element of a good assessment system of social capital contribution.

Assessment of the project after completion (final assessment) - є warehouse part of the project. Meta such evaluations - analyze successes and shortcomings of the completed project for the completion of the completed project for the hour of realizing ongoing projects. Taku assessment of investor’s interest, as well as realizing great projects, investment projects, large commercial banks, international organizations, Bank of Russia.