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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

Expertise of the state investment programs

In general, we’ve taken into account the main methods and principles of organizing work and expertise, as well as investment projects, as well as recommended recommendations for the development of public institutions and their budget. In this video message about the industry and industry, in fact, they can be fully informed. Prior to such projects, it is possible to bring all the projects, except for defense, security and social sphere.

In a normally functional economy, by way of some, I’ll take away a profit as a result of my own activities, and I’m not guilty of financing for the budget of the sovereign budget. The task of securing financial support is fundamentally not necessary to protect the virology of food and drink, but it is important that you have a good time. The role of the state, at the time of the success of the project, which is of great importance to the state, is guilty of being realized through an incentive incentive, as well as through safeguards to the guaranteeing investors.

Ale, in practice, there is a great deal of the sovereign budget of Ukraine to be victorious as a direct sovereign investor, and that is why the task of securing a rational state budget for budgetary needs is to be up to date.

In the overseas review process of the expert investment programs, copyrights by the Svitovym Bank, we can provide you with the latest present procedures:

  • methodically secure;
  • examination of the business plan;
  • expert judgment for the sake of;
  • control over the implementation of the project.

Methodically, care is provided, including the development of criteria, for which projects will be conducted. When tsomu guilty buti, the significance of dermal criterion was acclaimed as a gentler of dermal dermis among them pet food. Potential applicants for budgetary financing of a limited amount of knowledge of the business plan for the project and methodical recommendations. Це is necessary for that. The applicants were able to cover the head of the project to the project - the availability of information on all nutrition, such as expert evaluation.

Examination of the business plan. The business plan of the project is guilty of the submission to the experts at the latest not less than one month before the first look at the Expert Radi. With all the expert guilty mothers, I might be able to turn around at any time before I’ve got a draft for clarification. The reason for seeing the project is looking at the project, we recommend the standard business plan. If you have a business plan for meeting the criteria, then the expert is guilty of clipping the lines to take a look at the project and prepare before you send the Expert Radi.

For the sake of expert sake. Present the project is guilty of the curriculum of business, so the curriculum itself is responsible for the success of the project and in the process of the report, the guilty party is to demonstrate the competency. Of course, the very competence of the core competitor is the role in the process of taking the decision about financial support. In order to give a constructive character to the constructive character, the word for negotiation can be given to more experts, as well as to give a special thought to the project. For the umpteenth time є the sense of the expert’s loud voice, you can probably get into the decision.

Monitoring the implementation of the project. To control the implementation of the project, a curator should be appointed, who will ask you about the fact that the actual course of the work is in progress to the approved plan, as well as representing the current position in the work plan. The body that controls the process of public budgeting, reviewing the information of the curator of the project, and accepting the decision about adding the plan to the work plan about the project.

The scheme of organizing robots of permissions to the administrative bodies of the most important tasks has been spread out:

  • reduction of the budgetary budget proposition to the single standards, as well as the international standards;
  • vidovlyatsya vid projects, authorization of how to navigate not in the winter correctly; in order to prepare a competent business plan; therefore, if not in the winter, they will rationally dispose of the cats;
  • Particularly design behind a unified scale, as I want to save all the keys to the aspect of effectiveness from the point of view of sovereign interests. When this is important, it’s important that you participate in the process and exclude all participants in the process of corroboration and non-performance;
  • Wikimedia Commons, because of the widespread misfortune of rip-off pennies of the sovereign budget by the small groups, so that the public will take part in the integral indicator of the effectiveness of the project. Відмова від фінансування is guilty of the argumentTim, that our design rejected a higher rating of experts;
  • The effectiveness of the robots of experts, therefore, in the first place, the establishment of standard procedures will significantly shorten the time for review and analysis of the project. In a different way, the simplicity of the experts, which is why they are too skinny for them to write a letter for the purpose of the accepted decision. At the same time, most of the experts have been insufficiently qualified and insufficiently thoroughly trained before the examination, it will be evident that this evaluation cannot be reduced by evaluations of the most experienced experts.