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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

Support plan for the project as the basis for monitoring the project

The basis for Wimir’s work is the supporting plan for the project - a specific document-goiter'yazannya, for which it’s planned, the wartiness and the terms of the wiki, the work of the roster, and the wisdom of the fact and the actual term. Win also may be the basis for the development of the flow of premium and premium bills. Dropping the support to the project plan - ce nevid'mna part of the zagalny process of planning. Supporting plan - the part of information about the wart / graph system is important.

The basic plan of the Koshtorino Wartosti Robot (BCWS) is the total sum of the rachunkiv vitrat, and the skin of the vitrat is the whole sumrat vitrat kit (packet) rob, which should be entered at the center of the rachun. The basic plan includes three tipi vitrati - vitrati for praciu, vitrati for installation and vitrati for material. Vitrati, who want to crawl robots over the project (LOE) at the place of interest in mortgaging the direct invoice Vitrati for the project. LOE includes such operations, as administrative control, computer control, legal operations, and PR. It stinks for a package of robots, a segment for a project, a trial for a project, and is a direct design overhead Vitrati. It’s soundly to enrich vitré LOE vid vitrat on praciu, materials, setting and virah for them okremі colivan. Packets of robotic LOEs to store a small part of the project vitrates (from 1% to 10%).

Rules for writing off vitrates in the reference plan

The main reason for the demolition of the support plan is the need for monitoring the progress of the robot and the region of the runtime. From now on, it is necessary to revise the support plan and the system of work with the system. Vitraty will grow up by the hour, more than once before the forecast of the Holy Week. In practice, integration with the rest of the country was quietly ruled by assigning a vitrat to a basic plan, which is for working together. Three rules are given below, which are often found to be more practical. Persh two are stashed for lowering overhead vitrats for zbir reporting information.

  1. Rule 100% deducted Vitrat. Behind this rule, I’m trying to write off the vikonanikh robots, as long as the robots are complete. Ozhe, 100% koshtorisu mastered, if the oath of robots with a chain of achievements. As a rule, victorious for working with a short trial.

2. Rule 50/50. Tsey pіdkhіd permission to write off 50% vartosti koshtorisu robіt, if the robot is distributed, і 50% - upon completion. As a rule, victorious one hundred percent to set up short trials and small igneous vitrates.

3. The rule of the Wikimedia Commons. Its method is often found to be more cherished in practice. For this rule, we shorten the method of writing off the vitrate in the support plan є performing frequent transitions by extending the maximum period of operation and setting the completion of the completed completion in penniless units. For example, completed ones can be used for the designation of the main vitrates, for example, for the future work. With the help of single ones, you can fill the armchair, the cubic meter poured into concrete, the model and so on. Such pidkhid doda "ob'єktivnіst" to often vikoristovuvanih pіdhodіv "sub'єktivnyh thoughts". When vimotok vikonannya at the stage of control of the project, call on vidototok vikonannya 80% of the bunker, while the robot package will not be 100% complete.

4. One more rule, we put it into practice, є the rule of control points . It’s only possible to get victorious for recruiting with great trial, de є посл к к,, посл, last-minute etapi, and п п д в им vimiru. When there is a skin lesion, it’s possible to scatter too late. The rule of control points is Vicorist’s principle, which is the rule of the vikotory (okremі, which will be evaluated by the robot), because we won’t have to report to them.

The rules are open for an integrated plan of the main koshtoris with the procedure for controlling the progress of the project to be completed.

Monitoring the progress of the project to the project for the additional method of graphical analysis . Basically, the method of the vimiru of the stage of completeness of the interventions on two key estimates:

  1. Portions of the given wartost are given for the count of the wart.
  2. Portions of the cited wartosts with actual vitrates.

Estimation of the current status of a project in the United Kingdom is given to the wartost / graph system vimag three elements of a Danish - BCWS, BCWP and ACWP. Based on these results, SV and CV are shown in the dictionary (SV = BCWP –BCWS; CV = BCWP – ACWP). Positively vidhilennya vkazє on bazhanov camp, negatively - to talk about problems.

The main meta of the move is to work in a way that, in the meantime, you must have a negative view of the plan and respect for the business.

In Fig. 6.2. The article shows the actual factual presentation of the project for the basis of the base, the yak is laid in the support plan.

Graph koshtorisnoї vartostі robіt

Vidhilennya grafika yes є I am going to cover the assessment of all the types of work for the project on a fixed date. It’s important that we mean something, but in SV a lot of information about critical ways. Graph vidkhilenny vid scheduled schedules show the display in Russian financial streams, but not in hours.

One simple method, allowing you to designate the right time to work on the project - the whole schedule is planned for the project with the actual schedule, for example, how to get the project in time (Fig. 6.2).

Fig. 6.2 - the option is to encourage the graph of the cost-effective online business to the sound period. To earn respect, graph focus on respect for one who needs to be reached, and for any kind of tidy and unpleasant tendencies. Otsіnka “sjogodnі” assigning the date to the star (evaluation 25) and showing, at the stage of the project there is a project at the moment. In addition, the system, which has a separate system, and more graphs, can be used for separate management. Verkhnyaya Lіnіya Poznacha Actual Vitrati (ACWP) for the work on the project for Denmark. The middle line is the starting point of the support plan (BCWS) and the end time is scheduled for the project’s trivial graph (45). The bottom line will indicate the value of the actual de facto robots for a specific date, for today (BCWP) I will give the number. The dotted line, which will sell the actual number of actual dates to the new forecasted dates, is a glance at the numbers of actual actual numbers; tobto dodatkova information allowance, scho vitrati when completed the project will be vidrіznyatsya vid plan . To reap respect, triviality to the draft bullet’s draft and vidhilennya when completed (VAC) negative (BAC - EAC).

In the International Interpretation of the given graph, the newsletter is open. For example, period 25 behind the plan, guilty of Bulo Buti Wikonan 75% of the work, but actually, for example, period 25 Wikonan is less than 50%. The actual warton of the Viconano robots for Denmark at the moment of storage is $ 340, 85% of the total amount of money to the project. You can see in the graph that it is possible to predict that the project can overturn the wart by 12% and 5 by one in the whole world. I will show the current status of the project, I’ll show the Vartosti (CV), I will transfer the costoris to $ 140 (BCWP - ACWP = 200 - 340 = -140). View the graph of terminology (SV) є in the form of $ 100 (BCWP - BCWS = 200 - 300 = - 100), talk about the presentation of the project in terms of terminology.