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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

Indicators vikonannya robіt

Існує чотири indicators of efficiency виконання Robіt. The first indicator is vimіruє the effectiveness of the vartosti robots, vikonanoї vnaznachenii moment:

1) Vartosti Vikonannya indicator (CPI) = BCWP / ACWP

For example, a CPI show of $ 1.47 is shown, and on the fixed date, a robotic plan of $ 1.47 for leather $ 1 was planned, and the actual situation is really tidy. CPI is an indicator that some people often stiffen. Yoga accuracy, stability and stability over the hour. Another indicator is an assessment of the plan for a specific date:

2) The indicator of the vision of the plan (SPI) = BCWP / BCWS

For example, an indicator of the vicon plan = $ 1.27, a win showing, on the date of completion, the robotic plan of $ 1.27 for leather $ 1 per graph / term is scheduled.

Nowadays, indicators show the results of the move for the Danish moment із with the final obedience of the robot. If you want to rely on respect, know how not to change your mind, just come in for a break and not to lose your time, information in the database is:

3) The indicator of the cost of completion of the project = BCWP / BAC

For example, say the indicator dorіvnyuє 0.34. Let’s talk about those who have a Viconan of the robot 34% of the total value of the total amount (YOU) in pennies on a fixed date. To regain respect, but the fact-sheet does not include actual vitrati. That’s why there’s practically no need to guarantee robust progress, so that the indicator is victorious for the most recent projects, if the high level is up to the first digits.

The fourth indicator of the vision of the visions of the hundred and fifty years is actually actually spent on the weekend robots of sums of money and actually summed up sums for the completion of the whole oath of robits (EAC):

4) Indicator of actual completion of the project = ACWP / EAC

Acting managers to overstate the whole indicator, so that they can take the actual and look at the numbers, they will include new, more information.

There are two points of view for the visions of the Vidotok. About the thought of the vidnostno of the “real” Vikonan. On practical management obedience vikoristovuvati all dzherela іnformatsії, so that the whole team of control of design work.