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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

Prediction of residual wartosti project

First-hand meals, why should I ask a clerk to get a break for the project є: “How can you get the most out of your project?”, “How small should the project remain?” upon completion ( EAC) , it is already stated earlier, in order to estimate the residual vitrates of such projects. However, the project is great, it’s the numbers that were rejected as a result of the pre-prediction forecast, because they cannot be won, but they cannot be won. However, I have adopted one method, which is due to me for my accuracy and accuracy and forecasting of the remaining design vitrates. The win is primed on the indicator of the cumulative wartost of the weekend robots on the date indicated - CPI (CPI = BCWP / ACWP). The Wartosti Robot Completed Forecasting Model (FAC) may be described below:



ETC - ornated on completion upon completion (robot);

CPI - cumulative index of the visibility of the robot on a designated date;

BCWP - cumulative koshtorisna vartіst robіt, completed to a specific point;

ACWP - cumulative actual wartiness, completed to a specific point;

YOU - the main thing is ignoring the support of the supporting plan;

FAC - predicted the mainstream robots із completed.

For example, if it’s acceptable for us to show offensive information, it’s predicted that when completed (FAC) it’s possible to roam in such a way:

Zagalny Main Kostoris (BAC) project $ 5000

Cumulatively cited Wart (BCWP) at Denmark moment 1600

Cumulative factual wartiness (ACWP) at Denmark moment 2000

Forecast of residual profitability to the project $ 6,250. Let me show you the best of great projects, see more than 20% less, thanks to the good quality model, and give 10% less. Looking at the model, Much Buti of Victoria for rakhunk_v vitrat set_v rob_t, which is stalled for forecasting Maybutnіh and igneous vitrates. It’s important that the model needs to know how to remember that the base of knowledge, BCWP and ACWP are cumulative, and on the previous run, we can judge about Maybut. The forecast is прогноз using the Garnim method, a kind of management can be used for further forecasts and sub-active dummies.