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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

Meta, see and monitor monitoring

Planning and monitoring of the investment process for a specific object of the sub-project for the following documents:

- dialed on a weekly basis;

- design-koshtorisna documentation;

- The project of the organization of budding;

- a program for introducing an object into operation;

- the plan of production of products (phase of exploitation);

- the plan of financial services.

All documents are completed on the business plan of the investment project.

The mechanism of conducting a full view and control over the process of mastering the investment is called monitoring of the investment projects.

Overseas monitoring of the project, health and safety investor (deputy), as well as any kind of directorate, I will be. Such monitoring over the land with an investor can be realized by a company-developer.

As a rule, you can see 3 monitoring :

- financial;

- marketing;

- technical.

Marketing monitoring is carried out with the help of securing our daily deliveries to Budova of material and technical resources and their participants, to certain terms and conditions of contracts for material and technical security of business.

Financial monitoring is carried out by the investor, deputy, company developer for the first assignment, as well as by the participants in the project for the first stage of development and investment (project of the week and investment). Під postійне спостереження підпапалаюет Elementi Virnichy Vitrat, rent of a purchase of land land. Monitoring of health at the time of dzherel finansuvannya: the most famous, the best, but the best.

Technical monitoring , apart from investor and representative, healthy general project manager, general project switcher - in the framework of the author’s look. The Danish type of monitoring was carried out with the help of secured views of a lot of planning and constructive solutions, technical minds.

After the introduction of the operation (launch complex) into the operation of the investor, the investor is selling the financial monitoring. On the whole, this is the initiative to restore the product, to see how to realize the grocery pot at the purse. I’ll turn around to investor, and I can fix the issue of vikoristovuvati on vidshkoduvannya investitіynyh vitrat, on repayment of the bargained creditors, as well as on the payment of dividends for making capital.

For a quick glimpse of the investment program for the implementation of the investment process, the monthly plans for the actual obligations, the investment, the installation and installation work, and the provision for ownership. Analyze the number of vacations in the capital, the number of available ones, the number of available, the need for mobility resources and the latest financial resources.

On the whole, in the process of financial monitoring, it is possible to robustly evaluate efficient indicators of efficiency, invest in dynamic standards and improve efficiency and internal number of indicators.