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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

Monitoring Sovereign Budivnitsva

Monitoring of the sovereign trustworthy and trustworthy creditor banks. Credit borrowed funds by financial banks and tellers are governed by NBU regulations and executed by a loan agreement, we shall issue a loan up to the recommendations of the NBU Pro Credit Regulation.

Clergymen of guilty care and the opportunity to pay free time for those who have signed a loan agreement and the terms and conditions.

For the destruction of the minds of the loan agreement, banks are allowed to terminate the loan to the following sanctions:

- there are several budgetary positions for which there is no credit agreement, the bank is in favor of credit, the right to renew the loan and information on the price of the deputy, the Ministry of Finance and the state budget are available;

- at times that the planned line of the credit line will be broken, it will be promoted to the actual introduction of a fixed interest rate into the project;

- for stitched payments, a payment in amount of 0.07% of the total sum of bargaining for a leather day of a stitched payment is reduced.

Koshti posichalnikiv, which banks need to get over the budget by the budget (60%), reinsurance to the sovereign budget at a rate of 60%, and at a time of redeeming penalties - 70% of the total sum, resolved to be redeemed by the bank.

For more information, please refer to the following information about the budget, the budget, the budget, the monthly budget, and the state budget. sanction.

The control over the main lines up to the Derbudget budget was mostly visible on the credit and government, the Ministry of Finance, and the control over the contents of the project lines on the weekly basis (the central office of the government).


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Nutrition for conversion of knowledge:

  1. Yakі robots zdіsnyuyutsya іd hour spent running forward expertise designіv?
  2. Describe the sutility and the main stage of the ongoing expertise of the projects.
  3. What is the reason for the post-audit of the project?
  4. Identify postaudit.
  5. What factors do you think about winding up difficulties in post-audit?
  6. What kind of overhaul did we have? The scheme for conducting an expert examination of the state-owned investment projects, has been monitored by the Bank of Ukraine?
  7. Describe the day-to-day control system and evaluation of the workability of the project "wart / graph".
  8. What is the rank for the rozrakhunok vіdkhilen actual move robіt vіd scheduled graphiku in the system "vartіst / graphik"?
  9. Describe the sutility and the main elements of the support plan for the project.
  10. What are the rules for writing off vitrates to be stalled to control the support plan?
  11. In any way, the method of a granular analysis in the form of permissions is required to monitor the project?
  12. Describe the algorithm for the run-up indicator in the work of Robot.
  13. Describe the model for the forecast residual wartosti project.
  14. What documents are being used to plan and monitor the investment process?
  15. What is monitoring?
  16. Yakı see monitoring Do you know?
  17. Describe see monitoring?
  18. Що жіійсню буд monitoring of the sovereign Budivnitsva?
  19. On what budget poses?
  20. What sanctions are imposed for the destruction of the minds of the loan agreement?

Start-up for self-contained and individual robots

1. I will control the project for the remaining period (5) by showing:

- Actual Vitrati for period 5 become 550 thousand UAH;

- planned koshtoris for period 5 before shifting vitrati in rozmіr 350 350 thousand UAH;

- Peregranyut Rivne Vitrat at the time of completion of the project (EAC) to become 9000 thousand UAH;

- The amount of the given project to the project at the time (5) of the road в 400 thousand UAH;

- the incumbent cob of koshtorys to the project (BAC) becoming 7000 tys.grn .;

Necessarily rozrahuvati:

a) yak vidkhilennya project vid planned schedule by camp at period (5)?

b) yake vіdhilennya vartostі project camp at period (5)?

c) what will the project do with the project before the graph and the project?