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Tsini tsinova polіtika - Tormosa Yu.G.

7.2. The influence of the sovereign regulation of price and economic processes

In the minds of the market price of zdeb_lshogo signify in the process of great trading between seller and buyer. Such is the price for brain drain for drinking and proposing to be called important. Ale in deykoy vipadok to the whole process of switching the power, establish the residual value of the price on the main river.

As far as the price is close to equal importance, then such an admission will only be stable and price is not limited to the current and the current position. If you’re an independent organization, you will free yourself of freedom of expression by streaming your income (for example, in the minds of inflated people), but in addition to introducing more expensive payments, then in most cases you will be able to sell them for a long time. Підвищення цін.

Let’s take a look at the economy of such basic energies as a result of the empowerment in the process of substantial price:

  • Establishment fіksovanih abo border prices;
  • Improved merchandise tax;
  • Piddrimka price and income with a whim zastosuvannya subsidized virobniki products and a subsidy її to my friends.

Naybilsh hard method of new regulation є the establishment of faksovanogo or borderline prices. In this case, you can be buti installed on the river, but I’ll overwrite the price of the river, even lower than. The first one has a winery є a surplus of products, and in another - a deficit (Fig. 7.1).

Inserted introduction fіksovanih price

Fig. 7.1. Inserted introduction fіksovanih price

In the picture, a peretin línit poit (D) and a proposition (S) show і в ц нов нов ц ((() в в нов Ц (об та) and р нов нов об об об об об об ((()). It is permissible that the power, pidtrimuyuchi virobnika, has established the production of fiksovana price (C2) on the territory, and I will re-establish the most important. For the most part there is a desire for products to go up to K4, and drinks on it to go down to K1, which leads to an excess of products in the K1 - K4 stand alone.

In practice, the situation can be protected, as long as a state with the help of a zastiv, I immediately establish a price (Ts1), I’m the lowest for rivnovazhnu. The whole sale has a reduced price to sell food to the K3 bond, and the offer, on the spot, shifts to K2, so that there is a shortage of money for the market, a kind of flat-square K2SEK3. It can be seen from the graph, in both viaducts the oaths of virobility will be lower than important. As a matter of fact, in the first variant, the oath of realization is becoming K1, then in another - K2 is one. In this way, one-sided piddrimvuannoy price to eat, but to bring the proposition of the dead to bring up to suspension gates.

The prices are fixed , so that they can re-emphasize, are closed by the okrugs of the country at the foreseeable prices for high-quality products. So much the price, from one side, to capture the interests of farmers, guaranteeing the minimum income from realizing their own products for the market. Aly from the side, the power of the government for the purchase and purchase of superfluous products from the budget. In addition, the power cannot be realized on the domestic market, since it has madly led to a lower price. Until such time, you can bring the first export of price products, a piece of wine to zoom in on the private export of products from the country.

With the help of the speeding up of the surplus virological products, the department can store the same administrative supplies as if you are sharing the land with the farmers, setting up the premium for the speedy running of the roof. And if so, come on in to see the need for the promotion of a special management unit, the growth of the sovereign vitrats for the first time, the appearance of the cards for the payment of your first and only rewards. At zvyazku z tim significant part of foreign fakhivtsiv in the first half of the year to the economic dotsіlnіst established by the state fiksovanih price, as well as reprimand the price rivnovagi.

The report is more clear on the situation, as it is tied with commodity deficiency (Fig. 7.2).

It is permissible that a detachment establish a fixed price for goods on a general financial statement, a small menus of equal importance (CR), and an oath of virobnitstva (sale) for such a price for civil property. Deficiency of products in the KF - K3 rozmiry, zumovleniyu to the knowledge of the fixed price, zmushuє virobnika to sell their goods for the enviable price. Oskіlki ofitsіyno such a way of giving zaboroneniy, win pragne realizuvati svіy goods for the most high price on the "black market".

Washable, schirobnik is fit to discourage “black market” products in the liability of K1 for the price of Ts1. The result of a prospective loan is position S1, as a result of line S, when there is a state regulation of prices. Vertical vertical line S і S1 means the fee for freezing, which means selling the goods to the illegal market, and showing the highest administrative costs for the violation of discipline.

Obmezhennya cіni that "black rinok"

Fig. 7.2. Obmezhennya cіni that "black rinok"

Thus, on the “black market”, the price of the goods was established on Rivny Ts2, which I’m transferring like I’ve fixed, so I’m reevaluating the price. The trouble is the sale of K2 products as a whole, ії кількості, yak bula is sold on the legal market for a fixed price, less than important (KR). Otzhe, obmezhennya price of goods from the side of the state called up to negative possession. The goods are directly smuggled into an illegal market, de tsina has risen to navigate the kitchen, so that it would have stowed away without the sovereign handicap.

The main negative factor is the establishment of fixed, as well as upper, lower prices and lower productivity (Fig. 7.3).

The figure shows the standard situation of the market rivovagi at the point Р з аж нов нов нов нов нов нов нов Р Р Р і і нов нов нов нов нов нов нов нов (((sale) goods KR. As a rule, if you enter a product on your product, it’s free to border the price of the financial center, then the product will be defective in the K1 — K2 rozmiri.

In these minds, the virobnik doesn’t be afraid to spend more time shopping, but to wait for the best products, but with the very vitrats themselves, I can give you the opportunity to get the most out of them. The result of the line of proposition S is to be right-handed to S1, and for the present hour you can make it possible for the seller to take an oath for a regulated price. In order to ensure that you have a lower level of output, you can change and change the loan D1. Peretin lіnіy іnpit і proposition іn іnvnі іn lowered fіksovіvannyh prices іncіd about those who shozhivach іmіdіm the very kіlkіst products, whіch і for the minds іnnі іlnіcіvorennіya, аlle lower.

Directional price and lower product quality

Fig. 7.3. Directional price and lower product quality

Thus, the knowledge of the fabulous and borderline values ​​reduces the effectiveness of the viral abilities of suspension. When the price is set on the same level, I’m shifting the most important, the power to buy vitality on the extra products, and the introduction of lower prices on the other hand, you need to know more about the same thing.

One of the interlocking strains is to boost the power for the process of securing є the introduction of tax, which are straightforward and indirect. Direct surcharges are tightened immediately without income from income tax payers (surcharges for income, surrenders for sale and so on), and indirectly come in to the warehouse price and are paid together when they buy goods (surcharges for sale, excise tax, excise tax).

Let’s see the reason for pouring on the equal price of such indirect taxes as the excise tax and the tax on the wart, payers of such products (sellers) (Fig. 7.4).

On the graph before the introduction of the contribution, the line paid the position D, the line of offer - S, the main price became the Central Bank, and the equal oversight of the apartment was allocated to the Kyrgyz Republic. It’s permissible that a department sell a donation to a product for hryvnias per hryvnia per unit of product, which means a price for a virohobnik for a product. At the result of the line of offer, move uphill by the amount of P hryvnia and loan position S1, and the level of the loan should be paid to point B.

Infusion on the price of indirect price

Fig. 7.4. Infusion on the price of indirect price

Nova rivnazhnazhnaya price †‹вЂ‹ dignified С1, and the oath of sale for the most part sold in price is reduced to K1. The price, I will repay the buyer (Ts1), I will become the main goal of the cob (CR), and the price without the surcharge, I will deny virtually the seller the price of paying the surcharge (CR), be less than the cob. Porvnyannya rozmіru virusok virochniki before the introduction of the tax (the area of ​​the rectangles OTSSRKR) with virus, yaku vin otrimaє pіslya ryta (the area of ​​the rectokutnik OTs2AK1), showing that the indirect introduction of the virus of the zvenchus zmenchu. I don’t have such and such contributions and I can live without them. I don’t have to pay more for the goods at a lower price. The sum of the surcharge is up to the mark, as it is, the budget is lower, the higher the surcharge (P) for the oath sale (K1) and the more expensive flat-roof area Ts2TS1VA. Yogo partina, the yak is located lower than the line of the central control system (square of the rectokutnik Ts2TSRLA), showing the loss of the virodnik vid identification of the surcharge, and the head (square of the rectum square TsRTS1BL) - three times the purchase. In this way, they don’t care about those who pay the whole sum of money to the budget, while the part of the “tax-paying tractor” lies on the shoulders of the buyer.

Strength in the indirect indirect income tax for sale and sale of the entire income tax for the companion and the buyer to stay in the form of eligibility and proposition for the rest of the comrade. It is more obvious that there is a drop in income for an elastic and non-elastic drink for the product, so that an elastic proposition is taken for granted (Fig. 7.5).

Rospodil surcharge with an elastic (a) and non-elastic (b) drink

a ) b )

Fig. 7.5. Rospodil surcharge with an elastic (a) and non-elastic (b) drink

In the graph, it can be seen that in the case of an elastichny drink, the main part of the appendage of the seizure is to the virobnik, and in the case of the nonelastic, it is overwhelming for the living. Besides, the absolute value of patronage is necessary for non-elastic drinkings. The very same power is opodatkovaє excise duty at the top of the house chergu comrade, drank on yak є inelastic (tyutyunovi virobi, alcoholic drinks).

In fig. 7.5 shaded tricklets show an oath of products, yak bula b viroblena and dowry, as a rule the power did not introduce a tributary. Three times as much for suspension є by direct purchase installment of a tax and a stink will be more large, so that you can buy food for the goods.

One of the subsidiary instruments of the intermingled power of the power on the market price є the last mito. Let us look at the economic benefits of introducing them for thinking that the offer of imported goods will be absolutely elastic (Fig. 7.6).

Peretin lіnіy to the consumer and the presentation of the show і нов ну нов нов ((((та та та) (Р) and that oath sale ()), as a result of which were added to the market at the time of import and export products. Appearance to the market of inward goods for the lower, lower rivals, prices and umov absolutely absolute elitism is presented on the graph of line S1. Universality of access to the market for such cheap products will be consumed by goods moving up to K4, the position of consumer goods can be reduced to K1, and the cost of buying and selling (K4 - K1) is more expensive.

Inserted introduction

Fig. 7.6. Inserted introduction

It is permissible that the state, through the method of making the trace of the viral violinist, has delivered import mito in the amount of M hryvnia to a single product. As a whole, I will line S1 by the amount of M in the loan position S2. The result of this price is up to C2, which is why you need to zoom in on a clear call to K2 and change your oath to K3.

A rozmir mita , a little over budget, more expensive HELR rectokutnik, and a third of the power, I’ve introduced a mite, vidovimatum sum trickutnik VEN і RLС. The area of ​​the first tricycle vidpovіdaє three times, we infer the lower effective efficiency of the viral viagra, and the other - by piece-walled intercourse of the given goods.

The order of the notable orders may be regulated by the order established by the subsidiaries for the production of products (subsidized subsidies) as well as subsidies for sales and service. Grants - as a result of securing the sovereign budget to cover the low cost of the population, as a result of the realization of their own products for sovereign prices, they do not cover the vitality of food production. The Yak instrument of the sovereign regulation is won by the future in addition. Confirmation of the introduction of commodity subsidies, so that you can stand at prices to the price of the product, but in absolute absolute terms for a single product, shown in Fig. 7.7.

Infusion on the competitive price of subsidized subsidies

Fig. 7.7. Infusion on the competitive price of subsidized subsidies

Lines of favor and position were taken by position, D і S, trivial price of the property, and the important liabilities of the virology (sale) - KR. It is permissible that the unit should be provided with a budget for the budget for the given product in the amount of UAH for one unit of production. As soon as the first years of sale are available for the Kyrgyz Republic to sell one product at a price, then now they’ll want to buy such a product for less than the previous price. The result of the offer line is to go down and borrow S1, the sale price is down to K1, and the price for the buyer to go down to C1. Tsina, yaku actually deny the virobnik, move to Ts2. Zagalniy rozmir subsidies, so as to be better from the budget, more expensive flat-roof area Ts1TS2AV. Do not be ignorant of those who want to abolish the virobic products, part of the wigraša is to go and live. Vigrash virobnika vіdpovіdaє square TsRTS2AS, and vigrash living with - square Ts1TSRSV. The areas of the ICA tricot are showing clean vitrati of suspension, as well as being able to learn more about subsidiaries. Oskіlki subsidies can be seen as if the excise tax is limited, then how much less will you eat, and the greater the portion of subsidies that we can deny.

By the method of social persecution of less secure families, the population of the state can add subsidies up to the price and tariffs for the comrade and servant of the first need (Fig. 7.8).

Inflow of subsidies to the market

Fig. 7.8. Inflow of subsidies to the market

From the figure it is clear that the subsidies to the right to receive the right part of the line from position D to D1. The result will be spawned, although the price for such products and the services to move from the Central Development Center to Ts1. When tsomu drinks to stay in this part of the population, as a result of buying goods for really low prices.

In this way, indirect power flow to the market through donations and subsidies, as well as directives for the establishment, in most cases there is a lower efficiency of the economy. But there’s no opportunity to find the right tools and tools to reach the singing social goals.