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Tsini tsinova polіtika - Tormosa Yu.G.

3.3. Viznachennya profit in price

The order of vitrates is no less significant element ц income, which is a form of net income, which is a matter of realizable product sales and sales. Let’s take away the profit as the main incentive to be a form of business, which, in the minds of the market economy, aims to deny the maximum income. But you cannot guarantee that you’ve removed the money, the fragments of successful commercial activities, to lay down some sort of marketing bureaucrats, after which it’s important to transfer some important information. To this end, the result of dyalnosti can be but a little bit more, so a little bit more.

Depends on the order of the form of the price a little more than the normative or excess methods. The normative method is to stagger, if the products are regulated, the prices are fixed, but if the price is small, you can see the price for the new product. The first method is based on profitability standards for individual products. Such standards can be but rosrahunkovye or even borderline.

Rozrahunkovy standards of profitability are recognized as self-proprietary on the basis of the size of a margin, a kind of plan ри to be finished in the singing period (as a rule for the word). Necessity rozmіr a benefit for business is to be considered the needs of one's development and the need for sufficient care, as a minimum, the normal process of completion. To that, the magnitude of the approximate amount of time can be denoted through the sum of vitrates, such as the maximum amount of health for the first round.

It is acceptable, for example, on a regular basis, from the local authorities and the local legislation, a plan for the adoption of UAH 1.4 million in net profit, some directions for the development of virology, materially paid loans, and more on a regular basis. At the end of the war, it would be necessary to pay extra income for refusals. In order to visually increase the gross margin from the urachuvanny tax on new (PV), this formula can be used, by the way:

viznazhennya rozmіru gross margin with urahuvannyam tax

de ПЧ - ochkuvaniya net cleanup, UAH;

Joint venture - a surcharge on a margin,%.

At our application, the value of the gross surplus, for think of 30% of the rate of surcharge for new, become 2 million UAH:

gross margin

To the given sums of allowance, to their own interest, the most significant products are to be announced, rozrakhunkova profitability. For example, as a matter of fact, the interest of products is to become UAH 8 million, then the Rosraun’s standard of profitability is 25%:

gross margin

Boundary standards of profitability are stagnant in the form of regulated prices with the method of streaming ryhny zrostannya with a gut of obmezhenenya rivnya a little bit in price. The stench is reinstated, as a rule, by the organs of authority on the surface and see the products. By the way, such standards of profitability can be brought up, they can be stagnant when formulated prices and standards, but not the boundary. A joke, obsession with Rosemir’s business, I’m transferring between the two, get to the budget.

Rozrahunkovі і boundary standards of profitability zasosovyetsya yak іnstrument viznachlennya profit, which is insured in the price of a specific virobu:

Rozrahunkovі і boundary standards of profitability (3.3)

de PH - the standard of profitability,%.

For example, as a matter of fact, the principle of virobi is to become 108 UAH, then at 25% of the standard of profitability, the value of the gain in price of 27 UAH:

Marginal margins

Today, the price of ownership, such as the amount of rent and allowance, becomes 135 UAH (108 + 27).

The value of business (CSP) is possible by designation, without calculating the value of the increment in price. With the formula of Victorista’s formula:

Marginal margins (3.4)

Todi, for the orders of minds, the price of business is the following rank:

Marginal margins

With the formulated value of the income, a profit shall not be shared among them. For this reason, you can use the excess method, for example, as a result, as a sum of self-interest, commodity taxes and trade-and-middle allowances. You can use the effective method, if you have the right to make good sales of products at a high price for high-voltage windows.