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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

7. Assessment and insurance of the project

7.1. Ponyattya and see design risikіv

The need for analysis of the investment project of the project is based on the fact that investment projects are based on the principle of transferring the cost of the current products, the cost of the sale of the products, which are available. Independently of all kinds of gifts, transferring money, maybach development, is ambiguous, the practice of planning capital investments, including the importance of unimportant aspects of it.

In the investment and financial management, most often, there is a lot of peace in the business of gaining access to investment. Rizik wait for the manifest in the market economy.

While it is more specific to enter into a rizik for project management, then a rizik to a project is the whole world of non-achievement in the achieved amount of success in realizing a given project.

By the method of analysis of design risings є:

a) an assessment of all types of projects in the project;

b) the value of the stage of dotsіlnosti realizatsіі project for the implicit rivnya rziziku that way yogo znizhizhnya.

c) the viznazhennya mayzhlivyh nobility znizhennya rizikіv.

See design rizikіv:

Design rizitsy buvut zovnіshnі that internal.

Zovnіshnі rziziki, at their own place, are fond of non-transfer and transfer.

Zovnіshnі neperebachuvanі riziki zumovlenі:

  1. in the current political situation and the unsubstantiated sovereign visits of the regulation in the areas of land cultivation, subsiding, price-fixing, export-import, protection of military property, etc .;
  2. natural disasters (estates, earthbreakers, climatic winter, etc.);
  3. zlochin that impenetrable environmental and social influx;
  4. with visions at the target of necessary infrastructure, bankruptcies, closures at the finances, pardons at the signified projects.

Zovnіshnі neperebachuvanі rhiziki vrahuvati practical impotent.

Zovnіshnі peredbachuvanі riziki with analizі project can vrahuvati. Before such rizik_vnosnatsya:

  1. market rizik through the opportunity breakdown, the gain of syrovini, the promotion of some price, the winter of product sales, the stronger competition;
  2. Operational rizik, commitments with a lead-in and lead-in to a project and non-repayment of project management;
  3. rizik shkіlivogo ecologicheskogo infusion;
  4. Risik negative social naslіdkіv;
  5. rizik currency exchange rates;
  6. unpredictable інфляції;
  7. Rizik of a patchy vise.

Internal programs are based on planned and financial resources, related plans and technical requirements, technical processes, related projects, technical projects, and other projects

Design riziki zomovlenі features of the life cycle of the project. For evaluating the process of vibrating investment, it is possible to evaluate the method of expert evaluation of the phase of the project.