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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

7.2. Sponsored Riziku and Dohidu

Rizik can be divided into two categories: after equal time and after hour hourly.

Riznі іinvestitsії to secure a separate Різний івень дохіду. Yakshcho right chіlkom singing, it is important to stay on the temple dohіdi. Ale yakshcho to understand the power of pennies at the nenadiyu abo rizikova right, so that the whole group of lawfully vimagati high income. Tobto, investory mayuvatyvat compensation for rizik.

Maliy Rizik povazyazaniya with low profits, great - with great. Interdependence of rhizic (X) and dohid (U) is indicated for the offensive malunky.

Interdependence to income and income

If risik viddsutnі, investori hold Dokhid Y1, for rizik X1 investori hold Dokhid Y2, for risik X2 - Yhid Y3. Tobto in the great minds of dyalnosti low rizik transmission є low vіddachu. In the minds of a high rhizic, dohidi will be evil.

We’re willing to keep in touch with those who have good business with the well-developed galaxy of care.

You can see the significance of the riziku by the way of increasing the number of contributions I can make to that. For example, it’s a good idea that mothers will be able to do business with certain companies, in some ways they can do it, but if they have good business, I’ve mastered the galaxy and I don’t have to worry about the business. Chance to turn investment, invest in more companies, significantly more, less invest in non-company. It is much easier to forecast more profitable business changes (business), more hassle-free work, busy business opportunities, and business opportunities that couldn’t help them. Thus, the price of income (discount rate) is lower than the higher reference, investment reference of the higher price for the compensation.

The factor of one hour is also significantly infused to the rivets. Gotovka for the investor is more important, lower than the maybutnym. If the investor has a contribution to the singer’s business, he / she wants to come back, but he / she will not be able to, but he / she will have a profit from the Maybut. First of all, the most important contribution, the best time, the most free time function. That the investor’s empathy is separated from you by your own penny, you need to be filled with music and you’ll want to compensate for good compensation. The investor is guilty of gaining the winery for those who have taken the hour at their disposal.

As long as it is guaranteed that you don’t be jealous of investment, they’ll invest in a short period of time, they call them careless.

Thus, the rizen of risen can be signaled for the extra interest-free rate and the premium for risen, so you can keep the factor of the hour.

Bezpechennaya rate - the whole interest rate, which is to be reckoned with for risk-free activities, but that may be guaranteed by dohid. There’s a criterion for evaluating the number of assets.

Bonus for rizik - the price is not necessary. The standard is to pay the non-custodial income to capital. As a practical rule, a bonus for rizik on a traditional porch with a baggage term ix paid off wait for a premium on a prized porch, so let me go on a pic.

Special methods for analyzing the practice of polygon in the category of statistics and statistical analysis. So welcome the analysis of the standards for the standards.

Rizik can be assessed; Yakshcho vіlivlіst visoka it is important to accurately transfer the yakim to be appropriate (dokhdi, aide). Yakshcho іnlivіst ochіkuvanih dokhіdіv is insignificant and not worse than the average, the results of investing are easier to transfer.

From now on, the rivals ’sacrifice is stocked up at an unlimited interest rate and premiums for a concession, which means that you’ll be recognized as a sacrifice’ in advance and an indefinite interest rate.

In literature, we often see two approaches to the design of projects, which are as follows:

  1. analysis of sensitivity and project scenarios;
  2. Estimation of rizikіv for additional rіznyh statistical and thatіmіvіrnіsnih methods.