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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

7.3. Analysis of sensitivity to the project

A meta-analysis of the sensitivity of the pitch in the long run of environmental factors in the investment project for the main indicator of the project, for example, for the internal rate of return.

The last performed analysis of sensitivity:

  1. The vibration of the main indicator of efficiency and investment, for example, the internal rate of return (IRR) is clear, but the current rate is NPV.
  2. Vibration factors (indicators) are rather ambiguous, for example: capital goods, price for goods, sales oath, components of personal products.
  3. The restoration of nominal (for the project), and boundary (maximum and minimum) significance of ambiguous factors. The boundary value can be but a decile, for example + 5% that + 10% of the nominal value (total, for the whole application, chotiri).
  4. The rosary of the main indicator for all the boundary values ​​of the ambiguous factors.
  5. Pobudov’s graph of sensitivity for all ambiguous factors.

Sensitivity to the project on introducing up to underestimated factors

Fig. 7.2. Sensitivity to the project on introducing up to underestimated factors

Tsey grafik allowing you to test the business about the most critical factors of the investment project by monitoring them in the process of realizing the investment project. For example, it’s a critical factor, it’s necessary, in the fake, to curb respect for the marketing program and the availability of goods. As a matter of fact, the project ут is sensitive to the issue of viral commitment, then it requires more respect to come to more internal management and increased productivity. As a critical factor є material vitrati, then thoroughly bring respect to the members with the post-scholars.