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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

Organizing effective work in business

As a matter of fact, before the cob of work on the implementation of the project was successful, then it would be more efficient to work on the safe work of the project as a whole. Pardon in the process of being able to build all the front robots.

Significant role in the successful weekend work on the weekly work of the project manager is assigned to the project manager.

Effectively managing the work day means the preparation of work plans, bringing them to work, reworking the work plan, at all times, making plans.

For visualization of the clandestine order of the weekly work of the week, the plan of the daily work of the Uzhodzhuvati with the main calendar plan of the project is needed.

The main calendar plan for the project is a social graph, a kind of an image of a complete project plan, a business strategy, and the cost of setting up a plan for preparing project documentation.

Budivelna part of the Head calendar plan for the project is guilty of the city:

  1. scheduled activities;
  2. periodi zbіlshennya and zmenshhennya consume in working power;
  3. seasonally think, holy and voluntary;
  4. real lines of the cob of winter holidays and that you need to come in once a month;
  5. line completed okremikh chastin project from vіdpovіdnostі to vimog deputy.

On the main calendar plan you can see more detailed calendar plans (graphs) for monitoring work on the weekly maydanchik.

For regular weekly work schedules, regular periodic vibrations and regular orders. We can immediately see problems and productive practices, share labor and material resources and come in.

For presenting to the work of the weekly robots, they will be victorious with diagrams and indescribing the vivid image. In the diagrams of guilt, offensive factors appear:

  1. progress to the project;
  2. schotizhnevnaya and schomіsyatnі tempi; vikonannya robіt;
  3. the oath of completion of the robotic types;
  4. outwardness and vitrati work.

Coverage of weekly work of weekly work and control of the weekly work of the manager manager of work of health control of the vitrates in the process of work, and the control itself:

  1. control over the vikoristannyam materials, for the whole vikoristovuyut dany about the plans of the robbery and koshtorisu vitrat. The control of health by the gentry of the factual vitrats with the planned;
  2. control of vitrats for working strength, hello with a hat, give me kostoris, according to work and give me robust outfits, who will be obliged to pressure the work;
  3. Productivity control is guilty of being robbed by skin type, who can take revenge on the calendar plan, and if you want to stay productive, then the percentage of the project plan will be completed, this is what you see when you want to pay special respect.
  4. Sub-order control of vitrates. Regulyuvannaya vitrat can be better served as a clear sign for the complex of robots, control of winter services, giving the subcontractor help in the work of robots.
  5. control of reserves before the contract, fragments of contracts in contracts can be brought up to suttvih zbitkіv, it’s possible to stay out of reach with the permission of kerivnik vіdpovіdnogo rivnya. After the introduction of the required requirements, I need to analyze the situation in the first place and the lines to the project.

I want to respect, but I want to traditionally design a project and work out one day apart one time at a time, in practical practice, in many free time trips, the method of summing up realizing and working out projects. Yogo’s main goal is to overcome the need for changing the lines of the draft to the project, which is especially important for large international projects.

The interdependence between design and alarm robots can be set beyond the curve of the progress of design and alarm robots. Scheduled progress of 5 to 7% for engineering robots and 4 to 6% for work robots get involved in normal work.

The organization of working hours can be realized in three ways: by the state, by the first and third party.

In case of the state-owned way of working out with the powerful forces of the company (zapomnika) without the need for special special-purpose weekly installation and assembly organizations. At the moment, on weekly days, the weekly installation and installation hours are on (for example, on-duty, on-the-go on weekly basis), on the other hand, on the other hand, there is no need to reconnect during the week

In case of weekly work, we’ll be able to attend weekly work and assembly organizations for weekly work contracts, and they’ll be laid out by the assistant and the contractor.

With the best way to stay healthy, you will need to go to the main part of the festival to sing the part of the work organization.

The main participants in the awakening contract are the deputy and the contractor. Organizations that are in charge of investor’s decisions are delegated to the functions of deputy and that I’ll deny koshti to capital investment, to be called an abandonment.

Investors є sub'єkti іinvestitsіyno dіyalnostі, as well as accept the decision on the basis of capital contribution to the object of business. Mіzh investor and deputy assistant-ranger to settle the agreement on the implementation of the investment project.

The general contractor of the whistle-room is weekly, and the subcontractors may be specialized in specialty.

The deputy is a participant in the contract, the contractor, remember the storage of the contract, the acceptance of the robots and the development of the contractor. The deputy may be the investor, but for the second assignment of the physical and legal persons.

The main document, which regulates the engagement of the deputy and the general contractor, extending the whole period of the week, is the general agreement of the weekly order

The contract for weekly work is for the sake of pleasing, on the one hand there is one side (general contractor) who wants to take care of the rest of the third party and the singing complex of the weekly installation and work is indemnified, we reserve hand over the documentation to the project, accept that payment to the Viconan robot.

There are two types of contracts that are available - a sound contract and a contract at the capital office.

The sound worker's order in Budapest is closed for the repair, installation and maintenance work on the power worker's work and the materials of the assistant.

For a contract on a regular basis on a weekly basis, a governing house is ready to take care of the power of the house and I’m in setting the lines of the house to the governing house of the transfer plan, there’s a second-hand project call. I will confirm the design and cost of the documentation, ensure that you don’t have to worry about the financial problems, accept the financial statements and pay for the work.

Price POA viznachaєtsya zamovnikom i pіdryadnikom-General for participation of companies PROJECT Shlyakhov pryamoї domovlenostі abo the results of tender deposits torgіv i od warehouse vitrat of urahuvannyam chinnih normative dokumentіv, information The vartіst ranіshe zbudovanih ob'єktіv, rozrahunkіv koshtorisnoї vartostі project toscho that vklyuchaє koshtorisnu vartіst budіvelnih і assembly monitors, limitation and in-vitrati.

For the weekend robotic contractor I will hold design and documentation documentation. її development of the house is very well designed; the company is a designer.

I’m planning to start the task of running the project in operation, the price of work can be set on the first date and the terms of the contract for the order of the day of work.

Agreements for the weekend of wake-up and installation work in Ukraine can be solid and dynamic.

Firm (residual) agreements є indefinitely for the entire oath of the work (restoration, repair) and the period of the whole weekend with the settlement of the possible price. If you have established firm contractual prices, they can turn on insurance insurance, so you must keep the main participants of the contract in the contract and have a reliable and reliable remittance of their work.

Dynamical (inadequate, negative) agreements may be fixed, as a rule, the inviolable part of the vitrat is the basis for the basic part of the contract, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that there is no need to forget that dіyu ekonomіchnykh important regulyuvannya vartіshnyh indicators.

The main virobnitsvom for the first organizations є robots iz zvedennya, reconstruction, expansion, overhaul and repair, as well as the installation of the possession, so that such a call for installation and installation work (gave).

Wake up robots to lay the line of the weekend to the trivial robots. The area of ​​consecutive weekly installation and assembly work is hereby agreed upon.

Obov'yazkoy pidryadnika є the compilation of all the documentation on the job, which is transmitted by the same rules and rules. The deputy is the right to revise the correctness of the knowledge.

The task-acceptance of the object in operation shall be formalized by an act, the signature shall be signed at the moment of transfer of the object to the deputy governor.

Rozrahunki health on the side written by the deputy assistant about the wickedness of the robots and vitrats .

The act of accepting regular work orders is stored for the next day of working order work and carrying out work for work on a regular basis.

Act skladaєtsya obov'yazkovo schomіsyachno fahіvtsyami budіvelnogo pіdpriєmstva (Square od FORMS vlasnostі tsogo pіdpriєmstva) Yakscho pіdpriєmstvom in zvіtnomu perіodі vikonuvalis budіvelnі i montazhnі robots, of the one-line repair kapіtalnogo budіvel i sporud that INSHI pіdryadnі robot іz zaluchennyam budgetary koshtіv abo koshtіv of companies, Establishment of that organization of the sovereign form of power.

Vitrati on weekdays (direct, overhead and innshchy) vnaznachaetsya for the elements vitrata zdіdno zniny with the state sovereign alarm rules of Ukraine (DBN).

Dodatkі Vitrati during the weekend of wiring and installation work in the winter period I can see for the environment and transfer only for the winter season and the plan is also planned.

Fee, pick up, payment, without being insured by the storage of business cards and payable on the basis of regular robots, may be expressly governed by the applicable law.

Acts of tasking robots draw up razrakhunki for vikonanі buіvelnі robots for okremim constructive elements.

In addition to contracts for weekly installation and assembly, which are included in the role of general contractor, they may have the right to enter their own name and the right to arrange a new loan for subcontracts of special orders. The whole agreement on the general contractor is paid for the observance of the deputy commander, and on the subcontractor - the contractor contract. The subcontractors shall bear the responsibility before the general contractor for the weekend of all types and complex operations for obedience and for the lines indicated in the contracts. At his own house, the general contractor vidpovіdaє for the robots in front of the deputy. Subcontracting to see the surroundings see the special working hours:

• robots of a zero cycle (earthworks, clogging, laying of foundations);

• drilling and vibrating robots;

• robots for installation of concrete and metal constructions;

• robots for the installation of technological, energy, mechanical, plumbing and electrical possessions;

• robots with full power and cable power transmission and electrical installation robots.

The contract for subcontracting is completed by the calendar plan of health and transfer schedule of subcontractor armchair and technical documentation.

Robots, vicar for a subcontract agreement, acceptance of a general contractor in the presence of the deputy representative at the front of the folded subcontractor of the dovidka. Appearance of deliberately filled out supplements for the established form є obov'yazkovoy umovoy for a healthy rozrahunkіv for vicon robots.

The specialty of the entertainment products є the pre-selection of the products is the same as the hour of the production of the most important products of the production of products.

In particular, before the Law of Ukraine “On the provision of additional income”, a pre-contract agreement reads a separate agreement for the installation, maintenance, installation of material values, such as the fund is included in the warehouse due to such pre-installation, installation, installation and installation (service to the type of engineering, science and development and development work), remember, I don’t plan such a contract to finish early in 9 months from the moment of the first transfer of expenses, but cancel the advance payment (overpayment).

The date of the winnings of the patrimonial goiter'yazan viconautia for pre-contractual contracts is the date of the gross revenue of the pre-contracted contract.

Dokhid vikonavtsіv at the period of interest is signaled as a source of the contractually negotiated price of the pre-contractual contract for the evaluation of the contract for the completion of the pre-contract contract.

Estimated number of times shall be calculated more than once before the Law of Ukraine “On the codification of a profit of business” and shall be designated as the sum of actual sums of the required period of time shall be agreed upon.

From now on, the amount of patrimonial goiters from the PDV and the date of the winding up is the amount of the actual value of the income (due to the surcharge on the income) of the gross income and date of the winnings.