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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

9.4. Personnel management team

Nowadays, the concept of personnel management is a project for the project, in the role of the individual, in the need for the co-ordination of motivating installations, and in the direct management of the project. The main tasks of the system are managing the project team, in the minds of today є:

  • viznazhennya zagalna strategic form of command of the project;
  • recruitment plan;
  • vіdbіr and assessment staff;
  • half-time training and retraining for project team personnel;
  • management of car'єroy;
  • the organization is robust, the protection of the minds of the social minds;
  • managing the salary and staff fees.

Thanks to investor, to invest effectively in managing the project team, the main factor in the success of the project implementation.

The main meta is the personnel management of the project in the secure implementation of the effective project.

One of the most important functions of personnel management is the project є pidbіr and assessment staff.

Jerela to the project staff

Fig. 9.4. Jerela to the project staff

Methods for assessing staff on:

  • prognostic;
  • practical;
  • імітаційний.

A prognostic method of examinations on vikoristannі questionnaire tributes, characteristics, recommendations, vrahuvannі dumka member_to the team, the most manager.

A practical method of transferring a transfer to a particular worker on a specific working place, allowing you to evaluate the results of your duty. For the realization of the full method, trial testing is recommended.

The method of assessment is an expert assessment of the characteristics and specific features based on the development of tasks.

You can see two approaches to the staff of the project on the side of the deputy investor:

  • Yak Vitrati staff;
  • staff as a resource.

Table 9.2. Characteristics of the main approaches to the staff .

Staff Yak Vitrati

Staff Yak Resource

Zarobіtna payment lower than the middle rivnya

Premium and formal

Practically available daily social networks

The principle of “indispensable is not”

Do not go ahead

The set of “ready-made specialties”

Zarobіtna pay the mid-range

Recruitment of incentive awards

The system of social social networks is rooted

Uninterrupted quarter-rate

The nabіr of "talents"

The hour of organizing the personnel of the team will need to be careful about the specifics of human resources:

  • in managing people, priority is given to psychological factors, motivation and stimulation of duty;
  • reaction of people to management rіshennya emotsіyn;
  • human resources are healthy until post-graduate development;
  • the process of interaction between an organization and a human resource є two-way;
  • people will need motivation, price and self-realization;
  • the effectiveness of human resources in the case of improper organization is lower than the lower efficiency of the last resources;
  • investing in a human resource giving a greater effect is lower than investing in a resource.

The system of team management will not be effective, but the model of motivation will not be fragmented. Positive approach to the motivation of the project team є offensive:

  • Installed a set of indivisible factors of motivation.
  • Positive climate in the team.
  • The power of realizing creative potential.
  • Read the value of the robot.
  • Vinogorod for contributing to the result.
  • The same ability to develop a car'єri.