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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

9.3. Organizational effectiveness of the team

Існує декілька типів спільнї діляності in the team:

The cut-off type is the type of characterization characterized by the participation of the skin member of the team in the development of various tasks. Intensiveness is approximately the same for all, specialties are recognized as a core, the effectiveness of regularity is to lay down all of the team members. For individuals, such as in teams in this type of team, they are characterized by team spirit, group morale, and authority of the leader.

Spilno - іndivіdualniy type - він characterized by a minimal interaction between the participants in the process. Kozhen Vikonavets zdіysnyuє his work that represents the result of lofty labor. Member of the team ob'єdnuє tіlki the subject of work, a kind of leather from them is exposed to a special rank. For participants in the type of dyalnosti character visoka іnіtsіativnіst, orіntatsіya on the result of that іndivіdualnіy dosyagnennya. Thus, the foremost leaders must respect their own power and self-discipline to scrutinize the way to achieve goals in the minds of internal competition.

It’s a creatively creative type , in a kind of leather, with a member of the team є we are equal to the creator of a new product and its services. When I have a skin, the specialist is to be informed about the professionalism for the share of participation in collective practice. Participants of the whole type of organizational activities are required to take care of professional development, may be preferred until specialties with special services from the main areas of activity. The main value for them is the attainment of new knowledge, the development of minds for individual development, an authority on the skin member of the collective.

The characteristic of how I take control is the decision in the organization (team) to be called the control form.

Characteristic of the method of realizing management decisions is called the management factor .

I understand the form of management:

  • Collective - transferring to a single-person community will take the lead as a leader to the collective, and team members will be able to accept the rumors of the Vikings. For such a form is characteristic є family type vzamovidnosin. The main driver of management under the authority of the authority of the core. Yakshcho dії kerivnika vidpovidayut traditions of the collective, yogo norms, then you can see yourself as an effective chervnik.
  • Rinkova management form - transmission є take the decision from business to business. The main contributor to the staff є groshі. Kerivnik will be spriimatyak as strong, effective, as it may be, you can protect the winners of a winery, better winners, lower and lower winners. The management is in the form of cultural organization.
  • Democratic governance form is bound by law to the law, as the main factor of governance. In such teams, they can be professional professionals, orients for achievable results (for the recognition of new knowledge) and that professional development.
  • The dialogue management form is characterized by different functions of management, which can be effectively effective for the minds of active participation in all sub-areas of management.

Table 9.1. The Sound of Organizational Cultures, Control Forms and Types of Specialty

Type of dіyalnostі

Management form

Important management






Democratic, Dialogue



Law, knowledge

Integrated characteristic team є орган орган орган орган орган і і organization culture.

  • Organizational culture including:
  • rozumіnnya svyogo mіsyatsya in the team;
  • values ​​and norms of behavior;
  • komunіkatsіynu system and culture spіlkuvannya;
  • criteria and rules, respect for the status and status;
  • informal rules;
  • нуюsnuyuchi in command izvichki that tradition;
  • labor and business ethics.

Butt of the official oznak of the organizational culture of the command

  • All partners will try to dress in the uniform of “office style”. I’m not supposed to talk on Friday, because traditionally all this day I’ll go for it all.
  • At all the same, the road handles the same company;
  • The principle: “Praciuцsh on a healthy way of life - do not fall”.
  • Company Day is holy at the collective.
  • As a matter of fact, the volunteers will be obscured by robots - they will take pleasure in obidas for the festivals of companies.
  • A premium has been awarded for leather reprimands.
  • All zvertsyvayutsya on the "tee" - tse nastanov.
  • Niyakogo I’ll write down to the president - the first door, wait for vіdkritі.