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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

10.3. Plan for informational sound

Plan for information, including the need for information and communication, as well as the need for information: if you need information, it’s worth it. The project requires the transmission of design information, the need for information and the method of widespread use. Visiting requirements for information in information and communication methods є є є is an important official for a successful project.

For larger projects, a significant part of the plan is to comunicate in the very early phases of the project. Proteus, the results of this process of guilt regularly look at each other and are correct at times, in order to guarantee uninterrupted state of congregation.

Planning an informational call is often quieter with the organization plans (described in code 9.1), the fragments of the organization structure significantly contribute to the project’s communal project.

Logical scheme of the plan for the informational sound

Figure 10.2. Logical scheme of the plan for informational sound

As an input for the plan of informational communication і:

1. Vimozhi to komunіkatsіy - it is irrelevant for the information and consumer needs of the project. Vimogs are recognized as a type and an oath of necessary information in accordance with the latest price. The resources of the project are guilty of turning to the transfer of information such as information, in order to achieve success, and the remaining activity can be brought to failure. For the design of the project vimog to the communal need for information from such power:

• Design organization and interchange of general requirements.

• Directly dyalnosti, viddili or specialties, which are included in the project.

• Logic solution about those, which staff are needed for the project completion, and the first arrangement.

• Foreign information and communications (for example, due to obstructions of mass information).

2. Technology of transmission and information. Consider the ways in which you can be victorious for informing you about the elements of the project, can be variably varied: see the short notes before the extension, see the simple documents before the quickly available calendar plans and databases. Officials of technology transfer and information, which can be integrated into the project project:

• There is no need for information in the project - have a good idea about the project to stay there, often how often the information is available at the time of running, what is the purpose of the project?

• Accessibility of technology - what is the vistacha systems, as well as the last, but can be the same as the future?

• Personnel staff - who needs to know how to communicate with the system and how to access and know the project participants, but can we take it a bit further?

• Trivial to the project - who needs to take advantage of the new technology before the completed project?

3. Obmezhenennya - the goal of the project is to mix the vibration command of the project manager. For example, if you procure yourself to consider important resources for the project, then you can carefully review the project design information under the contract.

As a matter of fact, the project will come to grips with the contract, understand the singing of the contractual understanding, and soak up the plan for the communication.

4. Admitted - the price lists, for the purposes of planning, I look like they are real, but they are real visibility. Allowed to soundly introduce the song world of music.

For the planning of information, the word of honor is coming off the offensive method.

1. Analysis of consumer requirements. Consume information in order to save more information, in order to get a more methodical and logical look, you need information in order to satisfy the rest. An analysis of the transferож Also, an overview of the attachments for the given method and technology, which, in some cases, is necessary for information. Uniqueness of zavich vitrates for non-information technology and nevidpovіdnu technology.

The results of the planning of the informational sound:

1 . Management plan for communal services is a document, as follows:

The structure of the zbor and the information and information methodology - a more detailed description of what methods of vikoristovuvatimsya for the zbor and the information and information types. The procedure of guilty as well as the transfer of information and more extensively agreed upon material.

Extensive structure - a detailed description of the person to whom the information is addressed (read about the page, date, calendar, technical documentation, etc.) and how it will be done in the future (letters, please, etc.). For the sake of structure, it’s possible to begin with an independent and sound project, described in the organizational schedule of the project.

• A description of the widespread information, including the oath, serpent, property details and victorious visitor identification.

• Virological calendar plans, in some kind of information, if some kind of sound is needed.

• Methods of access to information, which are planned channels.

• The method of correcting and improving the plan for managing the information sound in the process of developing and developing the project.

The management plan for communal services can be formal and informal, detailed and extensively understated, but wait for the project to meet needs. Vin є a final element of the project’s ignorant plan (described in code 4.1).