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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

10.8. System for monitoring the process of realizing a project

As a result of the fact that we have given some results to the project, we’ll actually formulate a call about the fact that the actual indicators in the project will be cobbled up.

Up to the number of parameters, it’s necessary to control the offensive.

In the investment phase of the project:

  1. vіdpovіdnіst planned and actual plan robіt;
  2. vіdpovіdnіst planned and actually vicarious oath robіt;
  3. vіdpovіdnіst scheduled and actual vitrats for the weekend robіt.

In the operational phase of the project:

  1. vіdpovіdnіst planned and actual sales oath;
  2. vіdpovіdnіst planned and actually vicarious oath robіt;
  3. vіdpovіdnіst scheduled and actual vitrati on postіnі vitrati;
  4. vіdpovіdnіst planned and actually surrendered surplus;
  5. vіdpovіdnі grafiku zuchenennya shareholder capital;
  6. vіdpovіdnіst graphіkіv the repayment and repayment of loans;
  7. vіdpovіdnіst scheduled and actually rallying dividends;
  8. vіdpovіdnіst sums of planned and de facto patronage of nadhodhen.

The control procedure is obligated. The curator of the project doesn’t need to lower than once every month, more than one time and no plan for one month.

Control and project management of the following scheme:

The control scheme and project management

Figure 10.5. The control scheme and project management

On the front of the sound, formed as a result of the control, project management is implemented. The best management principle is to take right now a decision about a business plan for a blueprint, but even if the project is full of complex problems, it’s impossible to skip. The power of the timely operational control allows you to abolish the curvature of the project with sufficient oath of information so that you can take it into consideration. Kerivnik to the project of the ready recommendations on the introduction of the pay-as-you-go plan to the business plan to the draft and pay-as-you-go project, but to the body who will accept the decision on the permanent loan.

Transfer program є Procedures for optimizing the budget and setting the priorities. The ranking of projects is important for both financial and economic performance indicators of a project, and so on for maximum analysis, such as social factors, including social factors.

One of the urgent tasks of the current year is the task of managing a group of projects. For managing a group of projects, special management systems are in place, by means of some effective planning, investment, monitoring and managing of the project, as well as the completion of the project.

Project Expert Integrator allows you to complete your tasks:

  1. bring technical and economic standards to the project to the single international standards;
  2. preparation of a business plan for a Ukrainian and English project for presentation to foreign investors;
  3. Zdіsnyuvati precise control of weekend plans for realizatsії projects;
  4. the need to be able to get the most effective and efficient management;
  5. permitting the development of a general strategic plan for an investment company;
  6. assessment of financial and economic efficiency in the skin project;
  7. permitting to develop a strategy for financial projects;
  8. zrobiti analysis riszіv;
  9. zrobiti forecast budget p_dpriemstva on p_dstavі offensive nadhodzhen that vitrat;
  10. formulate sound documents about a skin care project and consumer care in general.

The system for managing investment projects has been automated:

  1. The design system for projects is designed to be installed in the winter regions and on the other side, so that the robots of the project can be visited without any delay. The task of the system is to develop an mathematical model of an investment project; Development of business plan; Scenarios for the development of the project; Visually consume from the financial project; analiz riziku; performance indicator; precise control and project management; form zvіtіv; secure information exchange with a central integrator.
  2. Central Integrator of Investment Projects - the system of integrated projects in the consolidated budget, so as to become part of the central office of the organization, which will organize the monitoring of the investment program. Vin zabezpechuє exchange information with local pidssistemy modelulyuannya projectіv. The Central Integrator will secure a rational distribution of resources between the projects at the initial level and prior projects.


  1. Mazur I.I., Shapiro V.D. Project management. - M.: Higher School, 2001.

Nutrition for conversion knowledge:

  1. Describe the participant and the participant of the information exchange in the project.
  2. Zrobіt klassifіkatsіy dokumentіv in the project and describe іх obov'yazkovі requisites
  3. What is the rank of health plan for the information sound of the project?
  4. Characterize the methods and make a note about the project.
  5. How can I adminstrate close the project?
  6. Indulge in the characteristics of the software product Project Expert .
  7. What tasks do you need to do? Virіshuvati interface koristuvacha software product Project Expert .
  8. What tasks do you need for Project Expert Integrator?
  9. What does the automated project management system include?