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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

10.7. Model System

Functional-structural diagram of the Project Expert including the main units:

  1. Koristuvacha Interface
  2. Block of Generation of Financial Documents
  3. Block analizu
  4. Sound generator

The Koristuvach interface including offensive modules:

  1. The module described macroeconomic otochennya:
  2. allowing you to set the currency vibrations for razrahunkіv on the internal and external markets, forecast exchange rate exchange currencies;
  3. Pidbіr optimal scheme of the need for credit and repayment;
  4. Model of the drop-in mode;
  5. a model of scenarios of inflation according to the latest articles, the need for and project payment.
  6. The module is described company, scho realizuє project including:
  7. a model of a flow mill I will become a company, a form of asset and a passive;
  8. form for the transfer of products and services;
  9. a description of the organization - structural scheme of the company.
  10. The module form for the investment plan of the project permit:
  11. buduvati sіtoviy grafik project, calendar plan robіt;
  12. establish the interchange between the stages of the project;
  13. establish the lane and oath of the necessary resources;
  14. familiarize yourself with vitrati and remember to pay for resources;
  15. form new activity
  16. Module for modeling the operating plan of a company including:
  17. formulating a plan for a zbutu, describing the minds of realizing products and services, modeling a sales process;
  18. formulating the plan for production, plan for the oath of products, drain of stocks of products;
  19. a model of direct virological vitrates, brain dressings, and zberigannya materials, syrovini, components, minds, pay a normal pay;
  20. model the plan for personnel, drain of wages and labor resources;
  21. form of articles vitrat i umov pokritty postіynykh vitrat;
  22. model the process of financing the project, dzherel groshovih koshtіv umov zauchennya kapitalu;
  23. The model process is the Victorian company’s grocery koshtіv company.

Block of Generation of Financial Documents

This block will be secured automatically by the upcoming standard forecast financial forms:

  1. Zvitu about rukh groshihih koshtіv (Cash Flow);
  2. Zvitu about profits and zbitki;
  3. To balance.

All documents are rewritten in accordance with the international GAAP standard and the basis for the implementation of the main indicators of the project’s efficiency, as well as automatically for the following program block:

- indicators of efficiency and investment (NPV, PI, IRR, PBP, DPBP);

- financial co-financing.

Block analizu

Dosvolyaє zdіysnyuvati analysis of income for products and products. At the same time, it is possible to describe not only a company, as a complete complex, but also an internal structure. As a result, there’s a possibility to analyze the effectiveness of the robot okremich pidrozdіlіv.

Analysis block a module analysis sensitivity, a kind of permissibility, a rank of the main factors in the financial result of the project.

The analysis of sensitivity was carried out according to the requirements before the latest parameters:

  1. NPV = F (Sales) - the accumulation of NPV is the total sales volume;
  2. NPV = F (Price) - the NPV deposit is the average price for the products and services;
  3. NPV = F (Direct Costs) - the accumulation of NPV vid vivna vitrat on direct virobnich vitrat;
  4. NPV = F (Fixed Costs) - NPV accumulation in the middle of the permanent (overhead) vitrate;
  5. NPV = F (Discount Rate) - the accumulation of NPV discount rates.

The module for analyzing options for our experts is possible to create a different project, to get inspired by different scenarios, how to design, how to realize more and more (more and more)

The block analysis is also allowed to perform analysis according to the Monte Carlo method. Vin permissions otrimati:

-quality indicators of effectiveness in the project;

- accuracy, with which sign indicators;

- statistical significance of the effectiveness.

The analysis unit can also be used as a module, allowing you to evaluate the effectiveness of investing in leather by participating in a project, to make an analysis of the project without any excitement.

Sound generator

The generator is a sound module - a redaction module and a business plan for permission allowing you to draw up a document without any design, included in all of the necessary text blocks, table and graph. Win permissions regularly formulate and conduct an analysis, the results of which are taken as a basis in the process of managing the project.

The module prompt graphs and the permission chart to present the results to the project in a graphical view.

Remaining versions of the permissions program that will allow you to technicalize the project through the Internet and exchange the sound to the Internet.