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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

10.6 The main characteristic of the programs Project Expert

Not all methods of automated development projects, investment projects, as well as the possibility of self-determination are possible in the minds of Ukraine. For example, the UNIDO Methodology (Organization for the Industrial Development of the United Nations), which is a widely recognized practical tool for developing a business plan for an investment project, makes it possible to work in Ukraine. The main reason for this is that the method is fragmented for the “third suite”, and the middle ground of the Ukraine is completely separate.

The principles of the UNIDO methodology for developing a special software product COMFAR (computer model for feasibility analysis and reporting), the first version of the product was launched in 1982. However, the program didn’t know a wide variety of reasons because of its small size and lack of adaptation to specific minds of the transition economy of the USSR (for example, they didn’t fall off the system).

We’ll find the best middleware products for development and project management є Project Expert . With a rosier of the whole product є company "ProInvestConsulting" (Moscow). Project Expert allows you to present the results of the plans for the finished plans for the business plan. Remaining version software - Project Expert 6 Holding.

Project Expert program mak є decіlka rіvnіv:

Pershіy Rіven Project Expert Appointments for Drafting Strategic Plan for Developing Business. Win including the procedure, I will describe the business, balance sheet, plans for business and finance, financial and other services.

Another rіven - Project Expert Professional permissionsє not only Zdіysnyuvati financial plan of the company for the project, ale y control of the plan. In addition, if you have permission, please note that the financial plan and the control of the group of projects. For the whole, the Project Integrator add-on module is included in the program complex, which allows you to expand the bank account for a group of projects and to cover external criteria of effectiveness.

Third Rivne - Project Expert Holding of Appointments for Financial Planning and Control of Corporate Activities of Large Corporations.