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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

10.5. Admin_strativne zakrittya project

The project has a phase, since it’s a kind of a project for reaching your goals, but for some reason, for some reason, close. Administratively close up for warehousing and documenting the result of the project through the method of formalizing the product to the project by the investor, the client or the client. Administrative closing including bagato recording in the project, which will show the final description of the project, analysis of the success and effectiveness of the project, as well as archival information for the May victorious.

Robots with administrative closure do not obey trivati ​​until the project is completed. The skin phase of the project may immediately be closed properly, so that the tongue will be reverted, but the important corisina information is not ruined.

Logical scheme of administrative closed project

Fig. 10. 4. Logic scheme of administrative closure to the project

With the following data for the administrative closed project є:

1. Documentation of the control of the vicon. The documentation has been thoroughly scrutinized and the results of the project were completed, including the planning documents, as well as the basis for the monitoring of the project, and the time available for review during the administrative hour closed.

2. Product documentation for the project. Documents that are fragmented to describe the product project (plan, specific specifications, technical documentation, documentation, electronic files, etc. - terminology is always available in the field of application), it may also be accessible for review at a given hour.

3. The recording of the project.

The results of administrative closed є:

1. Archive to the project. All bezlich recordings on the project have been prepared for transmission to archivists. Be-design-or-design, or software-and-deposit base, may be but coordinated.

2. More formal Documentation has been prepared, for such a client or sponsor we accept the product for the project (phase of the project).

Z. Lessons learned - documenting the issues of meeting, the most important and the most typical lessons in such a way, the stench has become a part of the basis for all of these projects, so I’ll get to know this organ.