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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.


The process of getting the market economy in Ukraine nabuv nevorotny character. Restrukturizatsіya Collective sіlskogospodarskih of companies i stvorennya on їh osnovі novih agroformuvan rinkovogo type - Selyanske (fermerskih) Gospodarstwa, gospodarskih tovaristv, privacy of companies, virobnichih sіlskogospodarskih kooperativіv, stimulyuvannya powers pіdpriєmnitskoї dіyalnostі, of acceptance of the new Land Code that іnshih vazhlivih normative aktіv aimed at zaprovadzhennya bіlsh doskonalih of economic importance, regulation of economy, development of integrated economy of Ukraine at the market set up a safe rinkove environment for the development of virobility in all areas of the economy, including in the agro-industrial complex. As a whole, we have a significant number of special training courses for specialists in the field of agriculture - economists, agrarians, as well as large-scale professional hospitals. Virіshennyu tsієї problems and singing world in the presence of Daniam pidruchnik. Primarily methane Yogo - rozshiriti Znannya studentіv schodo dії rinkovogo mehanіzmu in agrarnіy sferі Economy, navchiti їh CREATIVE pіdhoditi to rozv'yazannya rіznomanіtnih zavdan (nasampered on rіvnі of companies) prischepiti vmіnnya ovolodіvati novimi spetsіalnimi knowledge, spriyati formuvannyu ekonomіchnogo mislennya, adaptovanogo to vimog rinkovoї Economy .

The important aspects of the economy of agricultural enterprises are important. In addition to the managers of the economy and the state є the necessary official to take them into account in the minds of the competition and the global market. Zokrema, chіlne Location zaymaє rozglyad such vazhlivih problems yak popit i propozitsіya on sіlskogospodarsku produktsіyu i vpliv zmіni Tsikh faktorіv on ekonomіku agrarian of companies, ekonomіchnі Ambush їh funktsіonuvannya that zovnіshnє seredovische їh dіyalnostі, zamіna zhivoї pratsі kapіtalom, formuvannya vitrat in rinkovіy ekonomіtsі, viznachennya th assessment of the advance and lucrative capital of agricultural enterprises, the formation of the intensive type of development, the assessment of the risk of the market, the risk of the development of the problem urentospromozhnostі sіlskogospodarskoї produktsії, vimіryuvannya power that analіzu efektivnostі sіlskogospodarskogo virobnitstva vіdpovіdno to vimog novih standartіv buhgalterskogo oblіku in Ukraїnі toscho.

The structure of the handicap is ordered by the need for the last and logical development by reading the most common problems of the agrarian economy. Vikladannya materіalu repaired from the overseas, it seems like a good food discipline, progress and end with these problems, like starting on the earliest aspects of the economy. Vidіlyayutsya, secrecy, chotiri chastini pіdruchnika. Persha Chastina - “Entry”, there is a clear view of the role and the role in the economy of the country, a subject and a methodology of science and access to food and publicity products; friend - “Agrarian enterprises, their virology vitrati and end results dyalnosti; the third - “Resources of agricultural enterprises”; the fourth part - “The effectiveness of the agricultural activities and economic importance of the development of the country”.

When the material is insured, the laws of Ukraine are governed by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers and instruct the President to develop the agro-industrial complex and the establishment of the market economy in Ukraine.

In the minds of stable economy, ale for the most efficient development of inflation, pointing at the handheld, digital material may not be able to show the absolute values ​​of the economic parameters, they can be formed. But there is no sign of the irregular nature of laws and tendencies in developing the agricultural economy, which is not lost on the handler, is not necessarily pouring on the bows and recommendations, which are presented in leather.

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