The economics of agrarian applications - Andriychuk V.G.



1.1. Місце і role of the Silesian state in the economics of the shaped silver mediocrity

At kozhnіy power, in be-soyu syspіlstіі sіl'ske gosodarstvo є zhittsevo neobhіdnoyu galuzzu of the people's state, окільки зачіпає інтереси literal кожної людини. Ajen ninі ponad 80% of the fund spozhivannya formuetsya for rahunok proizvodstva sylskogo gospodarstva. Tom vibrobnitsu її є nypershoyu umovoi іsnuvannya people.

However, for Ukraine, the yak became on the track of the Rink economy, the Silesian state, especially the great value of that, which is one of the most popular galluses of the people's government. A number of important macroeconomic parameters. The most important of them is the part of the Silesian statehood in the gross domestic product of the state (GDP). In the 1990's. Won it was 24.4%. For the fate of economic crises, the parachute effect is affected by the fall of 1993; Stockpiling 21.5%, in 1995 p. - 13.4, in 1999 - 12.8%. So Ignostnee znizhennya insert galuzi at goverment of GDP is explained in a very important way by the factor.

Відомо, що валова додана ватість по галузях визачається за поточними цінами звітного року. In the case of the Silesian cause, the state with viznachenny GDP falls into the nerves of the economy. Ace until 1994 p. The power administrativnymi vazhelami streamed zorstania tsin on product sylskogo gosdarstva, and in the oncoming rocks hoch vid such strimuvannya vidmovilasya, all the farther pidvistchennya tsin strimuvalosya low platosprokomnim popitom populated. One-hour prices for industrial products have become vivid from the very beginning of the transition to the Rink economy, and have grown at an alarmingly fast pace in the production of goods for the Sylpospodar product. Same for such "knife knives" part of the galleys of GDP і nіnі is simply understated.

Vislovlenu dumko pobedchno pidtverdzhuyut і такі дані. The osiag vibrobitntsva gross production sylskogo gospodarstva (beside zistavnih tsinakh) in 1995 p. Becoming povіvnyano z 1990 p. 67.7%, abo changed by 32.3 percentage points, then the segment of the GDP increased 1.8 times (24.4: 13.4). Zovsim інша situція have folded at промисловості. Обсяг виробництва продукції цієї галузі у 1995 р. Becoming up to the river 1990 р. More than 52%. Prote for this instinctive recession vibrobitvtva part of the promyslovost in GDP has not changed - 34.5% for 1990 p. To 31% of the 1995 p. Zrozumilo, the cause of this lack of information at the pace of zmіni vyrobnitvva vzrosljanutih galuzey ta-i podku u strenennya GDP nasampered є inadequate zrushennya in rivnyakh tsin on the production of tsikh galuzey.

About місце галузі в економіці країни засвідчує і том факт, що на початок 2001 р. Sylske population of Ukraine has become 15.8 million choloviks, abo 32% of the world's population. In the Silesian government, 4.9 million choloviks are hired, 23.0% of whom are hunted. Spozhivachi at any time vitrachayut perevazhnu a part of its income on the product of products in Kharkov and goods in a wide vzhitku, vidotovlikh із sіlskogospodarskoi sirovini.

Сільське господарство відіграє винятково важливу Role Yak catalyst in the development of the economy. Rinkova ekonomika is one of the most important sources of information in the world, wherever the middle of the people and the goods, the middle class, the pre-order order and the self-regulation of the work of the basic law-popita and pro-posits. In the newly established economy of Ukraine, a galusie, a doctor's office, a scale, can be visually important to the role of the manager of his special authorities:

1. Sіlske gosodarstvo і vysokokonkurentnoyu galuzzu, oskilki v nіy dіє bagato nezolezhnikh pіdpriєmstv, scho vibrobyayut it is very important tі sami com. Tell me how to say, in 2000 p. Nalichu-vallosya 6761 gospodarke comradeship, 3325 sylskogospodarski-vibropichih cooperative societies, 2901 privetne (privately-orendne) pidpriemstvo, 38.4 thousand. Country (farmer) gospodarstvov, ponad 11 million seljanskih osobistih gospodarstv. In the perspective of the agriculity of agricultural enterprises, the names can be changed for rajuns by changing some of the types in the нnshi (for example, the Sylsko-cooperative cooperatives in the private sector), but also by turning up the appearances of farmer states. For takoeї znacchnoi kіlostі pіdpriєmstv kozhne z them delivered to the market a small amount of a small piece of the free form of sylskogosospodarskoi products from a zagalnyi obyagu її sale. Tse і є тією першопричиною, що порожує високу конкуренність між sільськими товаровиробниками і water hour to put zaslіn be-yak monopoly in the agrarian sphere. As a result, the middle of the rinkovo ​​is created, and the rosettes are stimulated in other sectors of the economy.

2. Syl'sk State of Ukraine in the near future, may be one of the leading Dzherel eksportu. Цьому сприяють і великі ширина Sільськогосподарського земкористування і роючі землі. At the time of the Ukrainian people's proclamation of Ukraine, Ukraine is on a one-on-one basis for the agrarian potential. In the perspective of Ukraine, it is possible not to lose confidence in buying consumer goods in the sylvicultural products, but also to reduce the export potential. In this way, the country's sovereignty can be guilty of becoming a goluzzu, scho vidigravatim vinyatko important role in the process of entering Ukraine at the holy banks.