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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.



1.1. Місце і role of the Sіlsky state thanks to the economical power and the form of the market middleware

At the leather state, in a certain state of affairs, there is a statehood уз living with a necessary galaxy of national statehood, fragments of a zachіpє interest are literally skin people. Adje Nini ponad 80% of the fund will be able to form for a mahogany of productive state sponsorship. Tom virobnitstvo її є naipershoy umuyu іnnuvannya humanity.

However, for Ukraine, the yak has become on the hats of the market economy, strong statehood is especially significant for the fact that it is only one of the largest gallows of national statehood. For the sake of compiling a number of important macroeconomic parameters. The most important ones are the part of the state gratitude from the gross domestic product of the state (GDP). At 1990 p. won became 24.4%. For the fates of economic crisis of inclinations, the parameter of the basis for lowering and even for 1993 r. having stockpiled 21.5%, in 1995 - 13.4, in 1999 p. - 12.8%. Also, there is an underestimation of the appearance of the galaxy at the gross domestic product of GDP explained by an overwhelmingly important factor.

Vidomo, scho valova dodana vartіst on gallows signify for the precise values ​​of rock music. For the reason of the statehood, when the GDP is determined, it falls into the nerves of the economy with the lowest gadgets of the economy. Adje until 1994 p. The power of administrative importance was striving to increase the price of the products of the city’s gratitude, and in offensive rock I wanted to see such a stream of money, all the same, I was far away from the low price of the low-paying population. Immediately, prices for industrial products became viable at the ear of the transition to a market economy and grew at significantly higher rates, with higher prices for higher prices. For such “scissors” itself, there is often a gallop of GDP є more and more underestimated.

Wislovlen thinks how to piddverzhuyut і takі danі. The oath of virobnitstva gross product of the state gratitude (at the constant prices) in 1995 p. Beginning since 1990 p. 67.7%, while having decreased by 32.3 percentage points, as a rule, a part of the galluzi of GDP was 1.8 times faster (24.4: 13.4). Zovsіm іnsha situatsіya stowed at promislovostі. The oath of virobnitstva products is galvanized in 1995 p. becoming before the 1990 1990 r. less than 52%. The protest for such a slight decline in virobitnitsa frequent promyslovost in GDP did not change much - 34.5% in 1990 p. up to 31% in 1995 Zrozumіlo, because of the reason for such lack of visibility at the pace of the oversight of virobnostva roznuyutih galuzey and their appearance at the GDP growth in front of the є inadequate violation at rivine prices on the production of these galoshes.

About a small galaxy in the economy of the country, the fact that it’s on the cob of 2001 p. The population of Ukraine has become 15.8 million people, and 32% of the total population. 4.9 million people were employed in the state thanks to the state, 23.0% of the total state loan were employed. At the same time, I will turn over a portion of my income to a profitable product and a wide range of goods, purchase and sale of syrovini.

Sіlske gospodarstvo vіdіgraє vinyatkovo important role as a catalyst for the development of market economy. Rinkova economy is one of the most visible benefits of civilian civilization, natural means of humanity and intermodal goods, middleware, a certain tune of singing and self-regulation of the main laws. In the established market economy of Ukraine, there is a big deal, a lot of money, maybe more (and even more often than not), I exceptionally important the role of being dependent on my specific power:

1. Сільське state thanks є to a highly competitive golzu, fragments in a new bagato of independent enterprises, which means that they’re very important. To tell a story, scho in 2000 r. nalichu-valosya 6761 gospodars'ke partnership, 3325 sylskogospodarsky virological cooperatives, 2901 private (private-rented) business, 38.4 thousand. selyansky (farmersky) state grants, ponad 11 million selyansky special state thanks. In prospect, there are a large number of agricultural enterprises for the named species that you can pay for by the screen of the re-establishment of some types in the country (for example, public and private cooperatives in private enterprises), as well as state farms. For such a significant number of food products, we supply them with a small part of the singing appearance of the sale of goods from abroad. For the sake of competition, it’s important to compete with the smallest commodity merchants and to spend the water hour monitored in the agrarian sphere. As a result, the middleware, which stimulates the development of drugs in the lower sectors of the economy, is also getting better.

2. Сільське statehood of Ukraine in the near future may be one of the top dzherel and export. Whole spriyayut і great scale sіlskogospodarskogo land cultivation and family land. At the end of the praxis of the Ukrainian people, we have to lead Ukraine on one of the most important agrarian potentials. In the future, Ukraine can benefit from the need to ensure that it is safe to consume power products in the city, and that it is strictly necessary to export the potential. In this way, thanks to the government, it’s possible to confess a galaxy, and I’m very important to play a significant role in the process of entering Ukraine in the old market.