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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

1.2. Special features of the state gratitude

Silskoye gospodarstvo as a galaxy of material virobnitztva a number of features that can be assigned to its functions in the minds of the market economy. The naypersha is tied to them with an introductory resource, yak є bar'єrom on a hat overpowered ix (except for labor resources) from the state thanks to the promulgation of that galaxy. But it means, that a galaxy is given, do not take care of the uninterrupted participation in the formulated average norms for a little extra between galises. Theoretically, it is possible to show that when there is a significant increase in income from the state, as well as a mother in business, through lower prices and higher prices, the farmers are able to get more value for money. As a result, the offer of high-quality products is reduced to be consumed, the same, to grow prices on it, and with them - to get more and better goods, even higher incomes from the latest galleys.

Proteas in real life of such a redistribution of resources are not to be foreseen, for a vignette of the true history of the population in the industry and the sphere of services, most of which are in great numbers of lands. The reason for this is that people in the village want to pace, ale land dilyans, Yakimi stinks are free, but Yakiyi stinks, they were not hairy ones, they could go on sale to stay in Silkogospodar region. On them і dalі viroblyaєtsya sіlskogospodarska products, scho vimagaє іd goods іnobirobnikіv dostatnііkі kіlkostі main and circulating capital. All the way to the first transfer to the in-house gallery. Moreover, in order to ensure the effectiveness of virology in the minds of competitors ’goods, those who are guilty of investment and the actual scale of land cultivation. In the whole world and the resources of the state gratitude. Regularly, as well as at the same time at virobnitstvo the reach of the NTP proposition of the Sіlskogospodarsky products zrostatime. It’s logical for us to agree that in such minds the price for high-quality products and the high-level products should reach the bottom line. Talking about the problem of special attention, I will turn around.

On the other hand, there are not three, but three resources — the main circulating funds, living land and land, and the land in the big city, but only . Yak is the main settlement of the virobility land of the world on a broad basis, which will create a number of specific problems, which are associated with the protection of the family and the community.

Agrarian enterprises praciate in the minds of rhizicism and unintentionality. For one reason, those that are in the state thanks to the most economical process are intertwined with the natural (biological) processes. Sіlskogospodarska products viroblyaєatsya for the help of living organisms (roslin, tvarin, mikroorganizmіv), as well as often function like picking virobnitzva. Fragments of living organisms are followed by biological laws, then digital and social processes are based on the process of developing natural resources, which, in their own right, have all kinds of scientific knowledge.

Strongly acknowledged viola- tions are recognized in high-level and climatic minds — good, middle and bad, which can be inferred from the results of state-funded projects without any prior notice. Pіdpriimstva, scho pratsyuyut at vidnoshno girshih natural minds, less competitiveness, may be looking for more viral bankruptcy. In the minds of the market, the factor of importance cannot be considered an important factor, since it would be safe to see such good things and improve the risk of bankruptcy. There is a need for the need for the state power of such powerful gifts for the other important economic reasons.

At the city government, a working period (an hour of uninterrupted live and fixed praise) is not required to be kept on a regular basis (an hour to go to the cob for a ready-made product). The result of such a lack of winnings is the seasonal prevalence of yak, ya viyavlyaetsya in irregular, redistributable victorious power and the need for viral, in irregularly needed products and income. As a whole, we’ll go into seasonally and seasonally with a special factor when we take special measures. In addition, such stagnation of the natural minds of the wiklik needs to be done at the agricultural enterprises, significant insurance reserves are available, I don’t give food for the wake, due to force majeure - it’s necessary, of course.

Silsk statehood - a whole loan, a yak cannot normally be developed without borrowing from the other parties (banks, previous credit institutions) of additional financial resources, in addition to short-term payable payments, for healthy payment. Adje to the state thanks, as I have already indicated, is the great seasonal gap between the contributions to the working capital and the return of income. To that agrarian prydpriemstva of a guilty mother mean sum of clothes for a cover of seasonal vitrats. Trimati specifically for such tsilі vlasnі koshti trivaly hour economically unjustified. Significantly effective minimum reserves and stocks are in the form of roses for the shape of a necklace of hairy dzherel, and ponad tsogo for posichkovyh, so for the size of credit.

Silskoye gospodarstvo є mensh іnvestitsіyno loyal to a private galuzi rivnano from a number of the last galluses of national statehood. All of this is due to the trivial period of the virobnosti industry, which is more productively more distinct and characterized by the progressive growth of the contribution to the cob of the most variably ready products. Potential investor direct investment is available to you in the first place, you can get a quick circle of clothes, and later, you can choose to give in and out investment. For the characteristic, as bachimo, statehood є mensch a pliable galuzzy. Yakscho take to uwagi slit th іsnuvannya pіdvischenogo riziku nedooderzhannya gotovoї produktsії in ochіkuvanomu obsyazі through nezalezhnі od virobnika obstavini - nespriyatlivі natural klіmatichnі minds that staє zrozumіlim, chomu tsya osoblivіst sіlskogo Gospodarstwa not Yea timchasovoyu and organіchno pritamanna Yomou i proyavlyaєtsya lishe of rіznoyu іntensivnіstyu I’ll fall into the future development of the galuziy okremikh of agricultural enterprises and the economy on the investment market.

In the state thanks to the last galluses, the process of managing the radio system will significantly accelerate. This is due to offensive reasons:

  • Necessity of development in agricultural enterprises, decile of commodity galleys, as well as technology and organization of virology;
  • There are large numbers of landowners in terms of territory, large area, thousands of hectares of land, and folding for the sake of the need to take operational time out of time;
  • the accessibility of the territory of agricultural enterprises and those of the gosudarstvennyh objects to third-party persons and the necessary reports of additional donations for organizing the conservation of the lush and rented lane;
  • I will need the need for seasonal work in order to periodically save the robust and difficult labor and manage it in a warehouse of hourly office supplies, so that I can easily get through such low prices;
  • the need for up-dating the working day of the majority of agricultural enterprises with the method of hourly completing them with important technological operations in the case of (optimal) agricultural lines that are required to be carefully specified.

Spetsifіchnoyu osoblivіstyu sіlskogo Gospodarstwa Je іsnuvannya vzaєmozalezhnostі i vzaєmodopovnyuvanostі okremih Galuzo scho vimagaє vsebіchnogo obґruntuvannya galuzevoї structuring pіdpriєmstva. Viyavi special features з, secrema, that furnishings, which is often a part of the production of given data are not filled in goods, but rather become victorious in the upcoming cycles of creation.