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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

1.3. I will show the reasons for the agrarian crisis in the 90s of the twentieth century rock and form

Crisis appearances in the state thanks to Ukraine began to finish manifesting themselves reliably in the minds of a planned-centralized economy, it was important in the form of stagnation. On the cob of the transition period (1991 p.), If the evil of the old organisation-economical mechanism was controlled, the centralized economy and the boulevard were tested at the right time. For the fate of the crisis, the nation’s statehood of the country suffered a great loss, the material well-being of the population was somewhat weaker, the demographic situation became acute. The reasons for this vitrat may be more active, so it’s sub-active.

There are reasons to scream at the storage facilities of the transition period from centrally planned to market economy. A systematic transformation, which is being conducted in the country, due to its scale and a large number of historical analogues, has been brought up to date by a larger complex of problems, due to the prevailing state of Ukraine’s rooted state alcohol goods. The water hour came to add the official office and the official approval and economic independence of our country to the side of the metropolitan area. By the official, the first circumstance, which is the financial commitment to Ukraine’s reforms on the side of the IMF, the international financial institutions, was overtly charged with clearly unreasonable and irregular charges. Conducted at all times if you’d enter a block of our state’s power when you enter a high-tech market with high-tech products (for example, with an AN-70). Foreign investments are not to be directly linked to the development of priority spheres of technology and the most advanced technologies and new technologies and possessions.

Ofizno business (div. Extra charge, speech of the President of Ukraine at the science conference 16 listopad 2000 r. // Uriadovy kur'єr. - 2000. - 18 listop.) processes. Zokrema, zaznachaєtsya scho emphasis Bulo zrobleno on rinkovu transformatsіyu, todі yak small zdіysnyuvatisya systemic transformation suspіlstva, tobto vazhlivo Bulo zabezpechiti Povny zbalansovanіst complex chinnikіv suspіlnih peretvoren, Sereda yakih, krіm rinkovih, chіlne Location little bootie vіdvedeno neekonomіchnim chinnikam - sotsіalnim, polіtichnim, suspіlnіy svіdomostі, culture, moral and psychological values. This environment is not insured, which can be more efficient, if they don’t stumble on the institute’s officials, they are so conservative as they are, but not at all.

Vidomo, whichever is the most significant of gates, Ukraine has recognized in the first place the reforms, the frauds of no theoretical theory and function, the importance of the functions, the complexity of the process, and the important problems of the future. As a result of the reforms, health problems were haphazard, on a daily basis by the method of probation and clemency for sale on December decile. It was not right that the restructuring of the great sovereign banks and the rebuilding of them at the commerce was realized. For the daily necessary legislative base, large capital, additional legal entities and the population with such banks, large and small state assets in significant amounts. Arranging private banks for gaining overpayments, depending on the interest rate for loans of the loan process and the flow of interest, spilled the overflow of loans to the bank structures. In the case of success, everything gave rise to inflation and hyperinflation (1993 p.), A 25% reduction in GDP over 1994, structural imbalance in the economy, and a slight decline in the development of the economy. Social health expenditures have been spent, embracing the fate of a happy state, and the principle of social justice has not become fundamental in the course of healthy reforms. There is a complete decline in the mainstream population of the differentiation beyond the level of material good. Income purchases (10%) of the largest population of Ukraine for official dues to redistribute the income of the largest versts in the population at most 10 times (without more than one income), but more than two times the indicator of the last posts. Tse lead to a significant increase in social strengths in suspension. The cost of reform is not social, the reform is undergoing reform, a couple of them have already begun to appear in 2000. (paid off bargained pensions and paid wages, paid pension and minimum paid wages to pay). At the time of drafting the necessary regulatory and legal acts on the seizure of interests of other owners: shareholders, owners of land and land shares, corporate rights. It’s important to introduce the function of certified privatization, since I didn’t bring any cinnamon to the people, but it was converted into a tight official of the economy and called, again, to the small amount of suspension.

Rinkova transformation i on the cob 2002 r. I haven’t scored a generous initial innovation. Significantly faster funding of fundamental and applied science, in exporting, transferring the highest resources.

Vikladeni ob'ktivnі that sub'ktivnі reasons for the economic crisis zoomed I crisis of the state thanks. The proto-galus fell into a significantly torsion camp through a series of senior officials in macro-destabilizing. One of the most important of these officials is the disparity in prices for high-quality products and promisional comrades, who are most likely to live with high-quality goods and loyalists. The problem of disparity is addressed in detail in topic 17. Here, it is only significant that the agricultural enterprises sold in 1999 were sold. taku itself kіlkіst sіlskogospodarskoi foodstuffs, sho і in 1990 r., available bully buy now industrial products may be lower than 6 times, lower than before.

Through inflation and hyperinflation, as well as through a disparity in the price of agricultural enterprises, they spent their money on the issue, and why not update for the jerel funnel you couldn’t bother with it. All the more than one negative economic official, who has called for before the agrarian crisis to die, is unavailable for credit and credit products, without any, it’s already been appreciated, thank you can’t normally develop. The main reason for this inaccessibility has become supernaturally high loan rates and short term credit rates. From the side, from the view of the credit to the goods and services. All of them are zigzagged by the greater number of agricultural enterprises, and from them they have the necessary number of lane May I have to pay the first capital turnover, a great deal of bargaining. It’s been said that average 1996 credit rates of commercial banks became in 1996. 80%, 1997 p. - 49%, 1998 p. - 55%, 1999 p. - 55%, at sichnі 2000 r. - 56%. As long as there was a risk of inflation in these hourly hours, 40%, 10%, 20%, 19% and 5% were deposited, then the loan rate for virahuvanny was oversized by a high of 40, 35%, 35%.

The problem of credit for the city government has significantly accelerated due to the fact that, by the way, the price of retail banking is greatly increased. Therefore, the credit rate for agricultural enterprises is set to be the same as in Latvia for industrial enterprises. Yakshcho, say, by the birch 2000 p. the interest rates on loans of commercial banks for the weekly industry became 35.3%, the trading rate and the huge amount of food - 36.3%, the interest rate - 38.7%, then for the state gratitude - 44.6%. There are high interest rates, higher and lower interest rates for the agricultural sector of the economy, due to the impossibility of gaining the land of the land, and due to the fact that you are unable to afford it, you are unable to pershochergovost rozrahunkіv. Adje vіdpovіdno up to іх vimog producії could not have been done to satisfy the needs of creditors;

From now on, in agrarian agri-business of obsolete bills and non-availability of credit resources, they called before blocking the process of building the main interests of the banknote and the material wereworthy interests. Industrial property is not a little bit worse than the need for engine and tractor fleet, to add the necessary number of mineral add-ons, spare parts, emergency supplies, firing, building for other reproductive conditions, burning materiel. The result of agrarian commodity merchandisers has moved on to an intensive type of development, which is why I need to deindustrial and voluntary acquisitions at the large scale of manual pricing. The people didn’t boil over - the rik at the rik hastened the oath of the Sіlskogospodarsky virobnitst and the oath the sale of Sіlskogospodarsky products, and the пет loop ’of the agrarian crisis formed (see Fig. 1.1).

"Loop" agrarian crisis

Fig. 1.1. "Loop" agrarian crisis

In fig. 1.1 MD - for macroeconomic destabilization, I - inflation and hyperinflation, DC - disparity of prices, NKR - unavailability of credit resources, FOC - a shortage of major goods and services, for which there is a small share - Extensive type of development, SOV - shortened oath of virobnosti sіlskogospodarskogo products, SOP - shorted obedyu sale of sіlskogospodarskogo products, ZGN - change of sum of groshinovy ​​nadhodhen.

Zrozumіlo, shcho zi horny oath virobnitstva and obyazhenie sale is changing pennies nadhodzhennya, and later, pidprimstva not to have the ability to іvdvoriti virobnichі resources for the normal funktsiononuvannya virobnostva. So, you can formulate the essence of the loops of agrarian crisis, as many people are enchanted, if you don’t have any money to buy the necessary resources, you need to be able to keep your product in good shape, water hours є nadto the road through the significant part of the permanent vitrats at private products.

For agrarian crisis, the nature of such a form will manifest:

  • a loss of cash registers;
  • recession of the oversight of viral products of the Kostroma region, reasons for lower crop yields and productivity, as well as changes in livestock area and thinness;
  • There isn’t any shortage of the average per capita living of the main products in harchuvannya;
  • lower efficiency of virobility and that of zbitkіst;
  • lower productivity of payment;
  • attenuation of investment and ruinization of the main capital;
  • crisis of non-payment and barterization of exchange.

It’s bachimo, the crisis of the statehood of God’s Bula is all-consuming, systemic. In total, we took a complex of cardinal visits to macro- and micro-markets, directions to stabilizing the high-tech viral and income-generating agricultural sector, and acquiring social welfare for the rural population. Zvyazhayuchi on vinyatkova important importance problems, more than once we will be covered up to her in the upcoming distributions of this handheld.