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The economy of agricultural enterprises - Andriychuk V.G.

1.4. Stan for the development of the statehood in the end of XX and the ear of the XXI table

To evaluate the present, I will begin to develop the statehood of Silesia, it is important to analyze in detail the skin of the forms, I will show agrarian crisis, the prostitution tendencies, the oath parameters and the structure of the city’s viral attitude, as well as their effectiveness.

Nasampered slіd mean, scho on the cob 2000 r. Agrarian enterprises of Mali vskray unfriendly structure of assets (advance capital). In the third foreign country, 84% became non-negotiable assets, including 75 percentage points fell on business and equipment, as it was overwhelmingly empty and there was an unplanned physical camp. Through the permanent increase of the working capital, the portion became 16%, of which for pennies, pottery and the most active assets fell by 3.4 percentage points (for the period, it is significant that in 1990, the share of pennies was 21% higher). Behind such a structure of assets, the part of the lane of agricultural enterprises has become too low, but this has accelerated the expansion of the problem of credit security. Constantly growing the trade in goods, in 1999 won became 15.4 billion UAH, re-distributing ix of their debts at 7 times. Through an important financial camp, the business community has been steadily lowering the wages paid by the public and non-paying people did not cry out for rock. The subsistence of pennies paid for the change in payments of pennies to natural.

One of the main forms I will show agrarian crisis, as it has already been stated, is the only underestimation of the oath of virobnitsva gross production of the state thanksgiving.

At 2000 p. Valova production has been changed since 1990 r. 1.9 times (UAH 25.9 billion versus UAH 48.6 billion). At an especially fast pace, the oath of the violated products has changed. For instances, the hour per hour the change became 2.4 times, negatively affecting the structure of a living cat.

About the pace of lower crop productivity, productivity of creatures and land area and thinness, you can judge with graphs 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5.

yield dynamics of the main Silkospodar crops

The dynamics of the area

For the remainder of ten years, there was a slight tendency towards lowering the productivity of all the main Silkospodar cultures. At the prevailing pace of crop production, grain yield and cereal buryak. During this time, the entire area was negatively affected by the negative process, including the area and area of ​​such important crops as grain and cereal buryaks. But when you are able to stand up for the growth of the land area of ​​the Sonashnik - one of the most cultivated cultures.

There is little thought to think about it, so in Ukraine you need to quickly get the area, because the fact that you can change the area can be seen as positive. It’s not a big deal, but it’s in our country that we’ve got a lot of rozororanno erosіnnogo lands, that’s why it’s impudent to have the right to have a very good turnover. In the case of a quick change of the area of ​​the building, it’s important for the rachunas not erosively non-secure areas of the rill, but a series of attachments for processing.

Negative pretense роз і і шир шир шир пос пос пос пос пос пло пло п п п п сон сон сон сон сон сон сон роз роз роз. The culture is even more visceral, and in the ten-year-old period it’s not my fault to take more than one field. Protea in bagatokh horsemanships on rented lands to scatter more grains and sonyashnik and ourselves to ruin a rosy ball ґrunt, it’s important to know that it’s important. Tomorrow, it’s important to adopt the law on land protection in an important way, so as to gain access to the territory of barbaric victorious people - more than high-tech industrial crops, lack of understanding of the rule of law, and more than 24 hours of practical training.

Dani rice 1.4 and 1.5 reconstruct, we will be more critical in the creation of criticism. There’s a huge drop in the productivity of the creatures and the populace. I especially wish the wiklik to those who are temperate to change their positions in 2000 p. Again 1999 p. stink boules udvichi vishchimi on the feast of the great horned thinness and 5 times the largest pigs. Negative insight є the lowering of the uterine and the indivisible feast, what is the basis for the growth of the virological perspective in the closest perspective.

About the dynamics of leanness and thinness, productivity can be judged from the following figure 1.4 and 1.5.

The shortened oath of virobnitsa products was created into a macroeconomic official, the fragments called for defective products and the prices for the same as they were before. Tse was able to overcome the inflationary processes, hit harder, ahead of us, according to the most faithful people, such products became simply inaccessible for the price.

dinamika pogolіvya tvarin in ukraine

You can judge about the extent of the change in the oath of virobnosti sylskogospodarsky products from these tables. 1.1.

Table 1.1


Type of product


Dani 2000 r.% Before Dan 1985-1990 rr.













Tsukrovі buryaks




























M'yaso (in zabіynіy vazі)














Eggs (billion pcs.)







Vovna, yew. t







Changing the oath of virobnitstva, absence from 2000 r. an organized market for products, especially for households, for a significant part of the barter market, the presence of middle structures, often buying products without a higher price, including higher prices, the doorway of groshih koshtіv sіlskogospodarskimi merchandiser. The reasons given, the order from which they were previously discerned, were magnified by the fact that they were underestimated by the effectiveness of virology, of which zbitkіst. The price of Figure 1.6.

It can be seen from Fig. 1.6, the state thanks for the rocky crisis from the sideway galaxy overcame at Zbitkov. At the same time, the emphasis is on the need for 1990 rubles, since the current profitability has become close to 40%. Visoka profitability in 1991-1995 pp. the bula is not zoomed in by the economical economy and the high level of state donation, but by the strong development of the inflation and the financial gap, the real loss of life is possible. In 1996, with the transition to a solid currency and consolidation, for whatever reason, the form of the inflated shift was turned off, the current profitability of baggage gates was increased by 6-18%. Tobto z usih goluzeys of the people's statehood Sіlske gospodarstvo little finansovy camp, which is an anomalous apparition for the economy of the state. In Fig. 1.6, there is also a clear tendency to decline to the decline of such an important economical indicator, which characterizes the effectiveness of virology, as well as the productivity of pracis. Рї івень having gone down in 1999 r. since 1990 2.3 times. For the fate of the agrarian crisis of the bullet fade of investment dyalnost.

dynamics of profitable profitability of virobnospodar

At 2000 p. in the economy of the country as a whole, including in the state thanks, winnings of a couple of ruline crisis shreds, which have been torn by the age of ten. The real gross domestic product has been broken since 1999. by 6%, and gross industrial output by 12.9%. The most popular temperament of virobility is equally widespread in front rock in products, the products are of the same kind as the internal market and the pleasure consume the living, - simple, light, wooden. There has been a tendency toward the consolidation of innovative activities, and ahead of the direct improvement of products and the conduction of new technologies. The nabula of the farthest stronger tendency is to increase the total investment in the main capital. The stability of the hryvnia has been reached, the export of reliable foreign currency has grown, and foreign investment has grown. At 2000 p. ahead of the remaining 10 rokiv, the virobnitstvo of the products of the powerful statehood grew by 7.6% versus 1999 p., and the productivity of the country by 4.9%.

Further reform of the economy , health at 2000 p. global social and economic resettlement in the village - targeting at the base of the number of KSP enterprises of the market type, as well as the completion of the land reform process - the privatization of land gave rise to the positive contribution. So, in 2001 p. The gross domestic product of the State Power Company is 2000 rubles. by 9.0%, and the rate of growth is one of the most attractive middle of the country in Europe. The gross output of the state thanks to the state was 9.9%, including 19.9% ​​in the agricultural enterprises. We are most important because they have 39.7 million tons of grain delivered to our company, but 70% more against the front rock. It’s good, it’s become more and more tvarinnitsvo. The gross production of galaxy has grown by 9%. It became a pol_psuvatis social medium in the village. Vdvichich zaborosheniya zaborіstnost on zarobіtnіy paid villagers, matured zakh zarobitki. At 2001 p. 2 billion hryvnias of rent were paid out to the owners of land and land shares, but at least 25% more than at the last month. Revenues in the special peasant statehoods have grown 1.6 times.

This is a positive affair - moreover, a few more pairs of economic growth, as well as a little more privacy and understanding for your farther development and the development of non-profit tendencies.