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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

2.2.1 Management system for public protection

Managing the environmental protection policy for the “people-and-people” system, which is the whole range of elements in which people can be repaired.

The subject of management of public health services is the provision of functional services and structural services for the protection of careless and healthy minds at working places and at large sites.

Managing the protection of the whole territory as a whole on the basis of health, robotics, their assistant, the chief specialty and the core business and the structural elements.

Obov'yaz z za bury pratsі, scho pledge on ker_vnik_v p_dpriєmstv

Kerivniki (robotodavods) pіdpriєmstvo goiter'yazanі zabezpechatu:

  • Health and safety. Practice on working days, pre-trial standards, rules and regulations for the protection of children and children;
  • to designate persons for organization and the camp for the protection of the skin in structural structural pyrosis;
  • set up a service for the protection of the public and for the provision of non-repetitive service;
  • regularly revise the camp for the protection of those who are in the city and on their homes, and for analyzing the needs of viral warheads and collective gatherings;
  • to ensure the passportization of the sanitary and technical camp, the preparation and the completion of comprehensive plans for the protection of the public;
  • shutting down in the established order of instruction for the protection of human rights;
  • to be safe about the current situation and the situation of the extraordinary vacations to the most important places.

Obov'yaz z z bury the prazі golovyh head special_alistov

The main special needs of your business is to protect your rights to comply with all applicable laws, penalties, orders of the highest authorities and employees, as well as to protect the camps at the gates.

The main goal of special care is to protect your health and safety, to be safe, to comply with your rules, to protect your work, to ensure that you are always on duty,

Stink of goiter'yazanі:

  • to scrutinize that vikonuvati a comprehensive plan of visits with protection;
  • in the implementation of new technologies, add mechanization and automation, access to science in the field of public protection;
  • to pick up the rocot at the time of the win, obviously threaten to live for people who would be healthy, to prevent the operation of the car and its possession before operation;
  • Organize your daily voyage and technical inspection of cars and machinery and technical technical incidents, as well as periodically review this;
  • control and conduct all the installation instructions;
  • Take a look at the instructions for the protection of children in orderly galuzzi, brothers, without any fate, in the search for the most dangerous vipadkiv that іn.

Krіm perelіchenih obov'yazkіv bunt іnzhener, napriklad, ocholyuє komіsії of perevіrki tehnіchnogo will tehnologіchnogo obladnannya, Yogo tehnіchne viprobuvannya, pozhezhnu tehnіchnu komіsіyu and takozh kontrolyuє nayavnіst on robochem mіstsyah іnstruktsіy of tehnіki BEZPEKA, vikonuє INSHI spetsifіchnі for the Branch svoєї obov'yazki of receptionists pracі.

On the front side of the land, visit and protect the people on the skin, on the right, you can clearly see the terms and conditions of all the head special services in these areas.

Obov'yazki kerіvnikіv structural pіdrozdіlіv

Curvatures of structural pidrozdіlіv (dіlnits) all the work for the protection of the right to complete the legislation and the normative documents, as well as the punishment and the order of the special order.

It’s okay to take a look at the security of the camp for the protection of the prats at the ordering of the dіlnitsy і zobov'yazanі:

  • direct your robot to the care of healthy and careless minds;
  • take the plight of the rozrobtsі coming in the pollsheniya umov pracі that zapobіgnanny avarіyam, pozhezh and virobnichimy injuries;
  • the appearance of the order of the sovereign bodies in sight, the core of the enterprise and the head special services;
  • take part in the passportization of the sanitary-technical camp, I will work for my vigilant and technical look around the machines and the industrial technological possession;
  • pidtrimuvati necessary sanitary-gіgі умnіchnі umov think on working hours, control the passage of prazivniki medoglyadiv;
  • carry out instructive instructions on working hours, apply for approvals for robots, ensure that there are clear and clear instructions on working hours, protect rules, ensure that you have good documentary information, standard information, and standard
  • take the plight of the rozslіduvannі extraordinary vіpadkіv і dіyati tsomu vіdpovіdno until the official "Provision"!

At the methodological management of the environmental protection of the public, for the help of the two men and women, and the subsequent work of the robot - a) analysis of the minds; b) Development of the most probable results of the analysis for the purpose of scouring the most important types of potential potential customers.

Organizationally-methodical work with the management of public protection, preparation of administrative decisions and control of the realization of public health protection services, as a rule of thumb.

Kozhen pratsyuyuchy - a sign of a special clergyman and an ordinary prince — a lot of nobility and viconiousness of their surroundings at the right to bury.