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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

2.4.3 Gromadsky control of protection

Huge control for the protection of the public health, professional proficiency, and the viconaut of some professional trade union. The right of committees of professional control over the next day of adminstration of the rules for the protection of rights is secured by the law “On protection of rights” and in the Provision on the rights of professional rules.

One of the most recent acts of the trade union committee is the enormous amount of control over the administrative admissions legislation on praci, rules and regulations on the protection of praci. The stinks control the protection of the preoccupied hardships of the indivisible zahist, special wards, special clothing and that.

At times you threaten to pratsyuyuchim, trade union may have the right to vimagati vid robotovodtsya pripinennya robіt to usunennya price zagrozi.

Professionals take part in the “Protection of the law” form of the collective agreement, with a whip of the most important social rights and guarantee rights in the sphere of labor legal rights. It’s possible for the stink to carry out an independent examination of the minds of people on objects, to be drafted, to work, and to operate on legal regulations for the protection of people.

Professionals (in particular of the enormous inspector) may right:

  • to live up to the work of the state of mind of a normative act;
  • take part in the development of a comprehensive plan for the protection of the minds of the public and legislative acts;
  • make an administrative proposal about being attracted to the administrative regulations, who violated the rules and the rules of protection, and also about the morality of the principle, actively practicing healthy ones;

Professionals take a part in the distribution of extraordinary hardships and keep track of their unfolded acts of the N-I and control the weekend of visits, directing the consolidation of the causes of the extraordinary hardships.

Professionals may want to capture the interests of the public in any situations, where you can relieve food, protect the public, have access to information about coming in, you can get used to your business profile.

2.4.4. Functions for food; Protect the public at home

The most popular form of enormous control over the content of the drafted legislation is to protect members of the trade union committees, who will look around in professional groups.

Compliance with the protection of the public is organized more than once before the Law “On the protection of the public” and the Model Regulations. I am going to commemorate the trade union committee for the period that is more important to help the trade union committee in carrying out the enormous control of the protection of the princes.
Commissions for the protection of the law are reflected in the legislative documents of the review and analysis:

  • camp protect bratsіy on working days, vimaga vіd admіnіstratsії building healthy and unspecified minds pratsі on virobnitsvy;
  • the correctness of the vitrat koshtiv on entering from the protection of the pratsі;
  • Causes of viral fever injuries and occupational injury and endlessly take care of the rozslіduvannі extraordinary vipadkiv;
  • I’ve carried out instructive and preventive work, admission and outfits - admission to the right to work robustly.

Front fee vimagaє od admіnіstratsії Venue of zahodіv, spryamovanih on usunennya shkіdlivoї dії people virobnichih chinnikіv, kontrolyuє zabezpechenіst pratsyuyuchih spetsodyagom that іnshimi zasobami іndivіdualnogo sunset, profіlaktichnim harchuvannyam, nayavnіst i pravilnіst Keeping pasportіv sanіtarno-tehnіchnogo will drain pratsі on virobnitstvі that іn.

Be-yakі rіshennya komіsії one hundred percent nutrition Protect prazі mayuyut tіlki recommendations character.