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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

2.4.5 Home and administrative control over the camp

On the scale of one administration, administrative control over the camp of protection is important:

  • Kerivnik enterprises;
  • Head specialty;
  • Інші individuals, as a result of the robotic instruction over administrative administrations more important.

Vidomichy control over the subsidiary legislation on the law, as well as the rules and regulations for the protection of the public health services, the protection of the local public authorities, as well as for their special services. I am sure that, until the established order, I will begin to protect the people of Belarus in their attitudes, to respect and promote good health and to be safe, especially for people with special needs.

For the first hour of healthy monitoring, we’re reviewing the calendar of the robots to protect the public, the public to be protected, the general design of the services and the public health services.

The rules of the transition will become the protection of the Pracis in the lower reaches of the islands to become a whore during operational monitoring.

Metoyu operational control of Je polіpshennya organіzatsії robot receptionists of pratsі, posilennya uwagi to BEZPEKA pratsі s side kerіvnika pіdpriєmstva, headache spetsіalіstіv, kerіvnikіv structural pіdrozdіlіv i profspіlkovih organіzatsіy, pіdvischennya їh osobistoї vіdpovіdalnostі for virіshennya more precisely the one promising power receptionists pratsі on pіdpriєmstvі.

Regulations on operational control are stored in song stages - control levels. Leather steps to control specific animals individually up to the latest Regulation:

  • The first step of operational control is to carry out a structural warbler (meister, foreman) at once with a huge inspector, most often in front of the cob of winter service and an hour of robot work. About the admitted violation, to try to record with a special magazine and to admit to another clerk;
  • Another step is the operational control of the main specialties, the managers of the department at once with the representative of the professional committee every 7-10 days. Note the shortcomings in the journal of another level;
  • Operational control of the third stage once a month to carry out a commission, to the warehouse of a certain type enter a customer’s office, the head of a professional office, an engineer for protection, and special services. The results of the re-training will become a defense of the third stage of prazi form a protocol;
  • Operational control of the fourth stage is carried out on the backbone of which there is a great deal of effort to reinforce the appearance of short notice with the help of injury-related injuries and occupational injuries.