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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

4.2 Meteorological thinking and impact on organism

Microclimate (type of Greek micros - mali) - especially the climate, the authorities will close the noticeable, insignificant minutes of the earth's surface (Lis, Valley, Galyavina, etc.).

Officials mikroklіmatu є є є н в н н темпера темпера,,,, в в в олог олог олог вид вид пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов пов.

Mikroklimat virobnichih primіshchen to lay down the nature of the technological process, rock, dooba hour, climatic-weather minds on the effectiveness of the need for normalization.

In the minds of virobnichtva, we are changing the environment of microclimate: the temperature is low, the temperature is low, the frequency is high, the frequency is low, and the time is low.

Subsequently, a certain component of microclimate transfer:

  • overwhelmingly with convection microclimate;
  • overwhelmingly with a radio microclimate;
  • With a prominent scholarship, one would have to go with a high temperament.

Repeat temperature є with one of the official officials, which means the microclimate of the virologic medium.

Ludina’s ability to regulate the life of the process and the physical functions beyond the significant temperature variations.

Heat processes of the organism are regulated by thermoregulation centers and the cerebral cortex. Shkir people have 250,000 cold and 30,000 thermal thermoreceptors in the form of any signals about winter temperature to be reached at the center of thermoregulation.

Thermoregulation is the process of securing heat exchange between the body and the middle and the middle one and saving the temperature at the next temperature, regardless of the temperature.

Style temperature (36.6 C) to keep warm in quiet incidents, if there is a small amount of heat, to assimilate in the body to reach the new level, to enter the warmth, to see what is human in the middle of the storehouse.

Sub'єktivnі warmly vіdchutty people іdtrimuyvayutsya with a hat іnvіnnovazhennya processes of chemical and physical thermoregulation.

Chemical temperature control - the whole body is equipped with intensive processes during the live process, the increased cost of heat and the need for increased heat.
The temperature control is additionally necessary to monitor the temperature for the convection, radiant and hot sweat.

Waste heat is transferred to private owners (25%) when transferring from water to steam boiler. Thermal output with a gentler's sweat є the size, so wait for my minus sign, so that lyudina viddaє teplovu energy for viparovuvannya sweat. Viparovuvannya sweat galmu бо but zovsіm pripinyaє far away nagrіvannya tіla. Chim vishcha temperature tim intensively vіdbuvaєatsya vіddacha heat later. In case of important physical needs, such as sweating, you won’t be able to stand up and down with specks. Such a mill орган shk_dlivim for organism, more water-salt balance will be destroyed, less water will be dehydrated, more water will be consumed in the second salt sodium, calories, calcium, phosphorus and a number of important for life mikroelementіv.

Waste of heat with a hat of radiation (45%) to take care of the glasses of the temperature and the temperature of human objects, I want to discourage them. Warmth of honor, a mother can have a positive, positive balance, anyway, a balanced balance, if people have more warmth, I’m more likely to decline anything.

Heat supply by means of convection as a whole to lay down in the middle of the temperature of the body, and also in the form of a shredder. At great temperature and low temperature, heat emission can be improved, which can result in overcooling. When the temperature is high and the temperature is different, the normal thermal mill will be protected. However, further away from the temperature of the rugged one (> 30 C) do not bring up the heat supply, but on the other hand, the heat and water will be heated and the body is overheated more often.

The health of the body at temperature changes at a temperature difference is between and the value of the heat balance.

Thermal balance is the main reason for the harmonious warmth of the organization, the regulation of thermostatic control and the loss of warmth of the physical temperature control.

The thermal balance of the body can be positive (overheating), better (overcooling) and null, moreover, better heat balance and unbalanced and not accumulated.

One and the same temperature is repeated when people are on the winter season.

Intensive heat transfer by an organism is to lay down a vidnostnogo vologostі repeat.

Volognost is repeated — all percent is repeated by water vapor at the moment of warning, which means that you are introduced to the highest absolute values.

What is the greatest deficit in vologost, Tim dry, and in general, so much water bets can be expelled and intensive heat by means of a sweater. To that temple and the temperature of the middle of the ludin is low, it is easier to tolerate if it is drier, and not the volog. The unpleasant infusion of dry repetition appears only at the extreme level of dryness (less than 20%). On mucous membranes, you can see trials, it’s easy to know, to bring to ignition processes.

From now on, it is fallowed by the temperature regime of the ruch of repeated masses of their positive and secondary sides. Great ruhomіt repeat for the low temperature of the wiklikє inappropriately in cold weather. Lack of ruggedness for the high temperature on the top of the fries (specs).

Meteorological parameters also include a barometric grip, which is the case with professional professionals, with two basic forms: lowered and diminished.

By the way, working on a 3000 m long trip without a sour load, we can bring up wines and festoons, which can be manifested at the sight of claustrophobia, tedium, and nosebleeds. On the 7000 m without a sour butt I’m looking for hypoxia to develop 20hv. Use the symptoms to understand, as if to lower the people by decreasing the chi date of the second cleanliness with pure sourness.

With the minds of a half-clutched vise of ludin, they stick in vikonanny robots with water in the mines. Robots in such minds are divided into three periods: the period of compresion, as long as the steps are taken to increase the grip of the atmosphere; period of robots for the minds of a vise; period of decompression - the introduction of a business zone from a busy vise.

The hour of the compres- sion of robots in the course of special pathological changes in the body cannot be spared. We do not worry about the period of decompression, fragments during the rapid transition of people in a vise to normal minds, we can vinikati kesonna twig. Nitrogen, which can be seen from the shelter of the boisterous assimilation of bulbs, can plug the judges and bring them to gas embolism.

From now on, the health of the organisation wants to keep up with the meteorological minds, but the reaction of the organism to the heat is not irrelevant to that, but the cold can be brought to a pathological camp.

So rіzke overheating organizmu can cause thermal or sleep shock. Symptoms of a є weakness, headache, abnormal color scheme, nausea, increased temperature. The temperature is high once again, and organism and the weakened lack of water have been impaired due to the deterioration of the water-salt balance. In severe forms of heat shock, the temperature can be increased up to +42 C, from which the death of people can come.

Pіd dі температурyu low temperatures present cold discomfort, which can lead to severe cooling. At a temperature of +24 Immediate death.

In the minds of low temperatures, you can go deeper than ever, but overcooling, but you can help catch colds. Sensible shkiri are reduced for such minds, there is a swollen old swollen iz with a bluish vidtink ..

Otzhe, trivial dyya heat chi cold can lead to a pathological destruction of the functional camp of the organism of any systems.

The optimal microclimatic minds are such that, in case of a trivial infusion on people, a normal thermal mill should be secured for organism without the need for thermoregulation.

Acceptable microclimatic minds є such parameters as microclimate, so that when trivial dyii bring to the heat of the winter I will become an organism with a sleeve for thermoregulation.

Optimal and permissible meteorological considerations in the work area are normal for fall-in categories of rock, rock (it’s cold and warm) and look like with little or no significant excess heat.

The optimal presentation of the vologist from SDN becomes 40-60%. Allowed up to 75%. Normalization of the parameters for meeting the needs of the complex of services, including the sanitary-technical, organizational and technological processes and the protection of the public.

Come in normally normalized heating microclimate include:

  • zapobіgannya vidіlennya u primіshchennya overworldly heat and і vologi abo restraining pratsyuyuchy posture in the zone of unsightly mikroklimatu;
  • low temperature and repeat intensity of industrial heating at hot shops;
  • normalization of the heat balance to the organism with a whip of shvidkogo vidnovlennya impaired processes of thermoregulation.

Vazhlivim profіlaktichnim entering the Minds nagrіvayuchogo mіkroklіmatu Je mehanіzatsіya vazhkih robіt, distantsіyne upravlіnnya, automation tehnologіchnih protsesіv, lokalіzatsіya that іzolyatsіya teplovidіlen Shlyakhov vlovlyuvannya abo vіdvedennya їh of mіsts utvorennya, germetichnіst obladnannya, zakrittya tehnologіchnih otvorіv, vlashtuvannya water zavіs, aeratsіya, povіtryane dushuvannya i іn.

In the minds of a cooling microcircuit, gateways, vestibules, partitions, repeaters, etc. are covered.

Of the organization’s visits on a daily basis, the most important mode of operation is that of a fixed operation at a certain unacceptable temperature behind the orders of the administrative authorities.

Significant peace positively feeds with a hat of a rational rational food supply to that regimen and secure a healthy rational overalls.

Each year, in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova, as a rule in the minds of high temperatures, may pass and periodically medical medoglyad not less than once every two fateful days.

Sanitary legislation for the transfer of prototypes for the robot in the minds of an unscheduled microclimate. Prototypes for robots in the minds of overheating є seizure of the heart-forensic system, tuberculosis of the legins, very short form of seizure of the nervous system, etc.